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on 4 September 2010
This is the first book in the Evernight series and again it's one I've had for a while. I am not a fan of the fairly typical vampire books where girl meets strange/unearthly beautiful boy who she can't resist, turns out he's a centuries old vampire, they can't stay apart etc. And despite good recs for this one, I wasn't convinced I wasn't about to wade in to another of those. Turns out, I was really wrong. The twist to this book, this series, was awesome and it took me a ridiculous amount of time to figure it out. I had ideas of what the secrets were, they changed and altered as I was reading it, but right up to the reveal I hadn't figured out half of it. It's carefully hidden until it's needed and I was really impressed with the impact it left for me. It made earlier moments make a whole lot more sense, even though at the time they hadn't seemed strange at all, or only very slightly odd, but easily brushed off.

Bianca actually won me over within just a couple of pages. She's attempting to run away before her first day at Evernight begins, and running through the woods she spots a guy. She recognizes the danger instantly and runs. Without screaming. She's smart enough to know no one was around to hear her so she just ran, saving the energy/breath required for screaming and putting it to far better use running.

I was hooked from the start and found it pretty hard to put down. Bianca is smart, if a little naive (but hey, she's 16, it's allowed), and easy to like and relate to. Lucas was more of a mystery, but I had a lot of fun trying to figure him out. I liked him from the start, he's got the 'you should stay away from me for your own good' attitude that is seen in plenty of those pretty boy vampires that are seen in YA novels (and adult ones for that matter), but rather than being dark and brooding, he's fun. He's doesn't battle himself like a lot of those typical characters, or not in that sense anyway. He's a trouble maker, he likes to disagree, but he does genuinely care about Bianca as well. Very, very hard not to love him. He won me over very quickly with his first appearance in the book as well.

There are many, many secrets being hidden by most of the characters in this book, and trying to figure them out wasn't easy. Well, okay some were, and once certain things were revealed, others were guessable as well. But then the tension of not knowing was replaced by the feeling 'oh hell...s/he's gonna find out that s/he is ...' and that suspense was equally enthralling. But wherever the tension was coming from, it was there all the way through.

And while romance does play a big part of this book, Bianca doesn't spend all of her time thinking only of Lucas. There are some other things going on as well for her, and that's another reason I really liked this book. If the girl is only obsessed with the guy and nothing else is going on, I tend to lose interest, very quickly, but the secrets and those other aspects meant I only wanted to keep reading. While we don't get to know many of the characters very well (those darn secrets again) it's easy to see there is a lot more to most of them than we see. And the ones we do get to know better, are well rounded and you care about them.

The ending isn't a cliff hanger, but it certainly left me wanting much more, and right then. I've already ordered books 2 and 3 (Stargazer and Hourglass) and I'm even looking forward to book 4, Afterlife (out March 2011). That's how much I loved this book. Yes it's a YA vampire love story, but it's got great characters and a really awesome twist to it. I loved it, and I'm very excited to see where this series goes.
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on 8 September 2009
Absolutely brilliant, better than the Twilight saga especially the second book of the series Stargazer. The series isn't yet complete - Hourglass will be released March 2010 and the last book Afterlife maybe at the end of 2010? I can't wait until they are released. These books will most definately appeal to young teenagers and adults alike. A lovely romantic story - forbidden love so to speak - Bianca is the main character who is half vampire and Lucas is a vampire hunter but both fall in love before they know what each other are! The story continues with a battle to keep their love alive. You will not want to put these books down that's for sure - all we need now is a movie! If you like Twilight you will most certainly like this book series. Enjoy!
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Evernight Academy is a secluded boarding school, tucked away in the woods where its secrets will not be uncovered. Its secrets are prolific, lasting since its founding centuries ago. While it may seem like simply an elite boarding school, Evernight is much more than that, serving as a haven for some of the world's most hated and hunted. Vampires.

Bianca is none too happy when her parents become teachers at Evernight and enroll her in the spooky school. There is something strange about the other students; they are all too poised, too confident, and too beautiful to be real. Bianca knows that she will find no true friends in that crowd, and she resigns herself to a lonely year spent with her books.

When she meets Lucas, a fellow student who defies the mainstream, Bianca knows that she has found a rare friend. Lucas is gallant, courageous, and friendly. Soon, the two grow close, and Bianca can see herself falling head-over-heels for Lucas, with nothing she can do about it. Mostly, their relationship is tender and caring, but the occasional spat foreshadows a danger lurking in their future. Lucas and Bianca are no ordinary students, and both are hiding secrets from the other. When their differences surface, their love appears doomed. The forces conspiring against them are far more powerful than Bianca and Lucas could ever imagine.

Lies upon lies abound, and Bianca does not know who to turn to as she finds herself caught between a life she has always known and a chance for love. Who can she trust? One rash decision could change her life and the lives of those she loves forever.

Claudia Gray spins a gripping Gothic romance, weaving in threads of the supernatural and the modern. Bianca is a complex character, juggling her responsibilities to her family while trying to follow her heart. Those who enjoy vampire tales will be thrilled with EVERNIGHT for painting a comprehensive picture of vampires, showing vampire life from Bianca's unique perspective and not relegating vampires to a strictly villainous position. Gray does not stereotype her characters or pigeonhole them into traditional roles, letting the reader decide for themselves what it means to be "good" and "evil."

EVERNIGHT is an excellent drama that will leave readers longing for more, but some secrets may never be revealed.

Reviewed by: Amber Gibson
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on 9 April 2012
I saw this book in my local supermarket - along with most of my other books. I read the blurb in the store and decided to buy the book. On my way home I read the prologue and couldn't wait to get started on the book. This book is really good and caught my attention from the go which for me is something I love in a book. If it doesn't pull me in by the end of Chapter One I give up reading the book unless I have nothing else to read. Even though after reading the prologue I thought I had an idea of what I though the book was about bits of it were different and it surprised me. You get those books where you think its going to be great but not many 'live up to it' well Evernight does. Evernight is one of the best books i've read this year so far. Claudia Gray makes it look like she has written dozens of books, even thought Evernight was her first.

The book is about a teenage girl Bianca who's parents get a job teaching at Evernight Academy. Bianca doesnt want to be their, so she decideds to run away - she runs as more of a statement than anything - but she ends up bumping into Lucas another student who has just arrived at the school. They hit it off right away and exchange there running away stories. Bianca is pulled into a love story with a twist. After talking with Bianca a while Lucas convinces her to go back to Evernight and when she returns her parents are still asleep and never noticed she had gone anywhere.

I think the main characters are interesting. You will fall for bad boy Lucas who has an attitude but not in the way that will make you hate him - although you may hate him a little at some point in the book because I no I did - And you will feel sorry for Bianca throughout the book.

Lucas will shock you so be prepared!!!

I cant wait to read the next book in this series.

All in all I enjoyed the book and recommend I to anyone who loves a good vampire and teen romance book.

You will be hooked from the prologue on. :)
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I'm not by any means an expert on the plethora of vampire books flooding out from publishers but, of those I've read, this is one of the better ones. Aimed at teens, it combines a `girl meets boy' romance with a much darker and emotional Romeo & Juliet plot that touches on pertinent issues of prejudice and tolerance.

This is nicely written with some great humour (the vampire who was made in the C7th and so can't understand that spirits don't animate ipods!) and the bitchy, rich girls turn out to have a bit more depth than some of these books (e.g. Blue Bloods).

There are a couple of great plot twists that change everything that's gone before (especially the first one mid-way through the book), and our hero and heroine, Bianca and Lucas, are nicely-drawn with more to them than is often the case.

I don't think I'll be rushing to read the next in the series but if you like teenage vampire fiction then this is one not to miss.
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on 9 April 2009
I loved this book, its so addictive that i ended up finishing it in one day! For twilight fans out there, this book is a great read, the the relationship between bianca and lucas is just as engaging as the one between edward and bella. It is slightly different though, but in a good way, there's a real sense of mystery, and there's a definite shock in store halfway throughout the novel, you totally don't see it coming!Both Lucas and Bianca hide secrets, and you can't help but warm towards Lucas, especially given that he still loves bianca when her secret is revelaed. I'm looking forward to reading stargazer, the next book, which i have just ordered!
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VINE VOICEon 24 April 2010
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the age of 12 and up, whilst it is probably for a younger age group than twilight, it is also a good read for us older people, the main charachter is a half vampire (like renesmee) and this is probably what her teenage years would be if the saga continued, it would keep any teenager happy and for us older vampire fans there is enough of a story to keep you reading and like me order the next two volumes. alright its a easy holiday read but i love vamps and if you like an eclectic mix of reading and like a rest from the clasics and seriously engaging reads then like me you will enjoy this as well.
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on 11 December 2009
Ive read a few vampire books (since we are in a bit of a vampire craze at the moment) and i think this is the probiby the first one ive read and not fell in love with. Overall the book is ok as a teen read, but as im a little older than "teens" i got a little bored, dont get me wrong ive read quite a few teen reads and really enjoyed them but this one just didnt do it for me. For one up until half way through there was no mentions of vampires then suddenly everything was vampire this vampire that, the twist about who was a vamp was good as i definatley didnt see who it actually was coming. Overall i thought the book lack substance and never really took off.
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VINE VOICEon 27 March 2010
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to the series.
I really enjoyed this. I love paranormal books anyway but since Twilight became so big it seems there are more and more books coming out for teens in this genre.
Its a great way to get teenagers to start reading again.
This was a very good, a great start to the Evernight series.
I honestly didnt expect the twist half way through about her, wasnt expecting it at all, which I liked, and was interesting to read how she felt about it and how her and Lucas want to be together anyway. It was yet another take on vampires, good ones and bad ones, and is good to read how different authors have different takes on what vampires are like etc. I look forward to reading how these characters develop in the next book.

I think all teenagers and women will enjoy this book, especially if they enjoyed the Twilight books.
I will definately be reading the next one.
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on 6 May 2010
I like a good plot, like everyone else. I also like a book that grabs you and that you can't put down. That's all I ask... not so much right? If you are like me, move on! This book was a total waste of my time.

The story centres around a young and painfully shy girl who starts a new school. Something strange is going on at that school, but nothing you can put your finger on. Except if you read the review, it tells you exactly why it is such a strange school so any surprises are ruined. The main character, Bianca, is very insecure. She feels she doesn't fit in and can't make friends. This is actually quite refreshing as it makes her more believable and real. We all know someone like her. But this causes her to come across as quite pathetic and desperate at times. She falls in love with a boy instantly and there is no run-up or excitement to it. There aren't any 'wow' moments and even the love between the leading characters is plain and boring. You lose respect for her quickly and she seems to be a tad useless.

The scene in which the story takes place also doesn't make sense. For example she has her parents living at the school but doesn't stay in their house with them. She is sent to a dorm room instead. She isn't even really allowed to visit them in their house, which just doesn't add up. It seems as though they were thrown into the story to serve a specific purpose, and then the writer was looking for excuses to keep them out of the story line the rest of the time without having to kill them off. There are various other things that I can't mention without giving things away. What I'm trying to say is that it is badly written. I'm not a harsh critic and I enjoy easy and relaxing reads. Anything goes as long as the story is good, really. This doesn't meet the basic requirements.

I think that this book might be enjoyed by a 12 or 13 year old, but even they wouldn't find it to be anything special. It just doesn't compare to what is out there already, especially now that Twilight has been such a big hit. This book is very slow and has very little to offer in terms of 'eventfulness'. It feels as if no imagination was needed to write this. I still wanted to know how it all ends in case I miss anything special, so I read the plots for the following books on Wikipedia. Even that seemed a little dull.
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