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4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 8 January 2014
God i love the Walker brothers!
This book is so much more than just a love story, Ethan and Beau fought prejudice, there past, and for each other and it blew me away.

This book has mainly Beau and Ethan's POV but we do get some parts told from Ethan's brothers and his father at time which just gives you so much more story.

Ethan's story is just brimming with emotion and the male/male aspect is wonderful. The sex scenes for Beau and Ethan are beautiful and well described and down right sexy, these guys are HOT!

Ethan has been the guy in the background in previous book so now to get his story is wonderful.
We find out why Ethan keeps himself isolated and apart from others even with his brothers, that is until Beau decides he wants Ethan and nothing and no one is going to stop him. Beau is such a beautiful gentle giant of a man hes good for Ethan.

I love the way Beau brings out the best in Ethan, they are both seeking the courage to be open and honest about themselves and their lovers with family and friends, striving for love and acceptance.
The story pulls you in and its one of those you dont put down until its finished.
Nicole has written with some fantastic detail and tackled all the sensitive issues in Ethan with such sensitivity and grace, showing how still in 2014, people can be evil and less understanding about other peoples life choices.

Another truly wonderful piece of writing and a corker of a sexy story cannot wait for my next sexy Walker brother fix.
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on 10 January 2014
For me ETHAN has to be one of Nicole's most emotional, captivating and sexually charged book to date. I have loved each and every one of her books, and each one is very special in its own way, but ETHAN has just reigned supreme in my heart! ETHAN tells the story of Ethan Walker and his journey into finding himself as he tries to come to terms with a traumatic and devastating time in his past; a past that he cannot let go of, and is there with him every waking moment. Ethan is not interested in having emotional relationships with anyone; sex is on his agenda with no strings attached! He is practically a recluse who shies away from the world and he is happy that way; this way he doesn't get hurt and his family are protected too. That is all well and good until Beau Bennett enters his life! Until now, he has been able to maintain his seclusion, but Beau is bringing out feelings and emotions that Ethan has so far been able to keep locked away inside him. Ethan's head is laced in confusion; his head is telling him to keep his distance from Beau emotionally and all this is, is sex. His heart wants something more entirely, and he is finding himself craving this man with everything he has. The chemistry between this pair is unbelievable; my heart was in my mouth for most of this book. I truly wanted them to find that peace that they both yearned for, as these two are an absolute match made in heaven and deserved their HEA!

Again, in this book, like all the other books in the ALLURING INDULGENCE series, the Walker brothers make their appearance. 7 brothers and each one of them as sexy as the next. Holy hotness is all I will say.!!! They are such amazing men, and each and every one of them is there for each other on a daily basis; no one messes with their family and it is in this book you get to see the unity of this family at its best! There are a lot of teary moments too and I have to say Curtis Walker and his lovely wife are the most amazing parents to these boys; in ETHAN they show just how much family means to them, and how they will go to any lengths to protect them physically as well as emotionally!!

The way in which Nicole handled the issues within this book was just amazing and beautiful; she shares this story with such sensitivity and love, and it was incredibly heartfelt!! It cannot have been an easy book to write in that way, but as usual Nicole nailed it. There is alot of dept to Ethan's story and I would highly recommend it. It really left its mark on me and is a book that really stole my heart.
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on 8 January 2014
It's taken me a while to put into words exactly how I feel about this book. I was blown away. It moved me emotionally and I flicked that final page with the feeling that I know both Ethan, Beau and the Walker family far more than I did before (and this is with 3 brothers to go!).

I have to confess I was a little apprehensive. Purely because I have never read a M/M book. I've read M/M/F and 'Travis' was an amazing journey in that genre, so I was certain that Nicole Edwards should be the author to introduce me to my first M/M experience.

She's nailed it. She's taken this series to new heights and if you have any doubts, don't. I completely adored both Ethan and Beau and their journey is beautifully written; its intimate, heartfelt, passionate and erotic whilst handling the all but too real prejudices that they face with sensitivity and feeling.

I loved these men in a unique way. I wanted to protect them, hug them, help them through their pain and celebrate their joys with them. Nicole Edwards summed it up perfectly in her dedication. "Love is Love". It's as simple as that and I can't wait to see what treats future books bring.
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on 1 June 2014
The last in the Nicole Edwards's Alluring Indulgence series is the best.  But don't expect High Art.  These are switch the brain off books for those seeking mild entertainment and sexual titivation.

Ethan is the only one of the Walker sons who doesn't want to sleep with women, although the others seem quite happy to have sex with men as long as it's secondary to women.  As far as the other books in the series are concerned, polyamorous relationships are the norm and they're synonymous with bisexuality.

As far as plot and character is concerned, think of American soap opera.  Don't look for depth or realism.  When it comes to conflict between characters, the morality is that of the Wild West.  At least that's how it appears to this European reader.

But for a light read with plenty of hot sex, give it a go.
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on 1 February 2014
Oh. just oh. for now. full review to follow but awesome!!!

now I've come down. My review! can I give it 6, 7 ten out of 5 stars???

this is Ethan and Beau's story. they have been simmering and smouldering for the last 3 books and I knew that when it went off, it was gonna go BIG and HOT and WICKED and Nicole Edwards DID NOT disappoint!!

Ethan has been keeping his sexuality from his family and friends, or rather he thought he had. Mum and Dad are all seeing and all knowing! Beau had been with girls, BUT only when Zane with is the threesome, and after his encounter with Zane in his book, he knew he had found his true self.

However, Ethan has been fighting his attraction to Beau and Beau aint backing down. Ethan has a boyfriend as such, but once they have split, Ethan decides enough is enough, and....well, you can imagine!

Ethan just needs to go with it, and see what happens, but there are others who are against them both, and Ethan and Beau have, quite literally, a fight on their hands.

Now, the other 3 main books have all had M/F/M or M/M/F scenes, and I did wonder if they would appear in this one, but they didn't. much to my joy! I just wanna rant and rant and rant about how good this book was!! by far my favourite Walker Brother book, and running a very close second Kindle Alexander for M/M reads.

the relationship, once it takes off, grows beautifully, and is well written, the sex...well....super duper hot and sexy and again, extremely well written. the plot is good and deals with some painful topics, sensitively but again, really well. we also get a little bit more about Sawyer, and Brandon and Braydon.

But what did it for me, by a mile, were the emotions involved. Ethan had dealt with a beating by an old lover's elder brother, and Gavin had killed himself. Ethan found him. Ethan was dealing with some heavy shit, and it had to come out at some point, only Sawyer (and Mum and Dad!) knew about it. once Ethan and Beau talked some, it became obvious that Ethan was still dealing with it, and it was affecting him in a big way. Beau's Parents reaction to him being gay was shocking, to say the least BUT Lorrie and Curtis step up and immediately adopt a 9th son, after already taking Gage into the family.

I just....I loved LOVED LOVED this book. By far my most favourite read this year.

just one incy wincy thing....he cover is different to the others, and I don't much care for it! :-)
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on 18 January 2014
Ethan's story is so beautiful it must be slowly savoured to fully appreciate its essence. Ethan has been an enigma throughout the previous Alluring Indulgence books, his personality has been hinted at but until "Holiday's with the Walkers", Nicole Edwards' readers didn't get to appreciate him as an integral part of the Walker family make-up.

Ethan, is quiet, reserved, almost reclusive at times and damaged almost to the point of breaking. After a cruel and vicious attack which resulted in tragedy, Ethan has lost his way in life and has earned a reputation of being a cold and heartless lover. That is until Beau comes along and sees through Ethan's emotional shield and challenges him to open himself up to love once again. Ethan finds it hard to verbally express his emotions however but Beau has adored this man for too long to give up on him without a fight.

" 'Let's go somewhere we can talk.'

`I don't do the talking thing,' Ethan retorted.

`With me, you can do the talking thing,' Beau assured him."

After previously rejecting Beau following "that kiss", Ethan tries to continue with his life but Beau's friendship with Zane makes it impossible to escape his presence and his penetrating eyes. Ethan finds his walls starting to crumble and eventually turns to Beau for comfort but on the understanding that they share nothing more than sex. Beau has other ideas though and although he is looking for his first gay relationship, he is clear in his mind what and who he wants in his life and Ethan is powerless to resist his charms.

"Beau was leaning closer, his lips hovering just millimetres from his. God, he smelled delicious. Spicy, rich and sexy."

When Ethan finally opens his eyes he sees Beau for who he truly is and he starts to believe that he can trust this man not to hurt him or to re-open the wounds that, although closed, have been festering for years.

"Not only was he tall, he was tremendously built. Like a football player. And now that Ethan thought about it, Beau had always been that way."

Beau knew his feelings for Ethan were strong but he soon realises that he is also falling in love with this tough and fiercely independent man.

"His physical reaction to Ethan was so unlike anything he'd ever felt before. It made every other encounter seem mediocre, and here he was, completely dressed, staring into the most mesmerizing eyes he had ever seen."

Yet again, Nicole Edwards has created not only an amazingly sexy story but one which is thought provoking and insightful.

In this book, Nicole Edwards has challenged her readers to open their minds to the social atrocities encountered by some people on a daily basis. Sadly, bullying occurs all too frequently in every day life and all too frequently ends in suicide or a lifetime of depression. This thought provoking story highlights the need for people to be accepted for who they are, not what they are, and until the populace chances its view of what it perceives is right and wrong unfortunately nothing will change. However, through opening the eyes of readers who have innocently buried their heads in the sand for too long it is hoped that ingrained perceptions can be readdressed hopefully for the better.

This book is part of a series and I recommend that it is read in numerical order. It has a HEA and no cliff-hanger. It is an adult romance and the sex scenes portrayed are graphically written but as always in Nicole Edwards' books, they are in keeping with the storyline and not unnecessarily gratuitous.
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on 18 January 2014
I'm a huge Nicole Edwards fan, so even though this my first M/M novel I've some knowledge of her books, if you are easily offend then her books are not for you !!!!

When it was announced that the next Walker Brother to be featured was Ethan my heart sunk a little, he was my least favourite of all the brothers, I didn't think I would enjoy his story as I've never read a M/M novel. Boy I'm so glad I read it, as Ethan is now my favourite walker brother !!!

What made me change my mind?

Nicole's beautiful writing of this book, it is heart stoppingly romantic and sexy as hell, and Ethan is one hell of a guy !!!
If you've never read a M/M book then you have to read this !

In previous books in the series it has been hinted at that Ethan is gay although he has never come out and actually told any of his family, at 28 he has never had a girlfriend. He is a very solidity character moody and very anti social ( that's why I didn't like him),
but there are very good reasons behind Ethan's character, events in his past have shaped the man today.

Enter Beau Bennett, Ethan's brothers Zane's best Friend, after a sexual experience Beau has finally come to terms with the fact that he is gay. He finds himself more and more attracted to Ethan even though Ethan pushes him away, but for how long can Ethan deny the chemistry between them.

The book covers the problems the some gay couples have, bullying, suicide and acceptance. The writing of theses topics by Nicole is realistic, sympathetic and beautiful.

5* is not enough stars for this book it is one of the best books I have ever read! Scenes in this book had me in tears, Ethan explaining the events the lead to him, being the way he is had my heart breaking!
As with all of Nicole's books you know the sex scenes are going to be HOT and this book is no exception, the sex was the best ever !!!!!

Would I read another M/M novel ? Hell yes bring the next one on !
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Book 5 in this astonishing series. Ethan Walker is a deeply serious and affected individual and in this book you get to understand why. His story is deep and troubling in that it exposes in a none too attractive aspect of todays society, the abhorance that is homophobia.

Ethan is a fiercly private man, never one to flaunt his sexuality, he keeps his private life, just that private. He has never felt the need to come out and tell his family that he is gay but that is not say that they are not perfectly well aware of his sexual orientation. But they respect his privacy and love him unconditionally, so what does it matter.

Latent homophobia ripples through the book as an all too common reminder of the nasty undercurrent that is modern ignorance.

Well done Nicole for giving us all food for thought.

Beau Bennett has spent more time with the Walker boys that he has with his own family. A long time friend of Ethan's brother Zane, Beau has been closer than anyone to the dynamics of this imposing family. Beau's relationship with Zane is closer than most and by exploring and accepting his feelings for Zane, Beau has been able to come to terms with his own sexuality. He loves Zane desperately and has done for years but he is not in love with him, his heart belongs to Ethan - he just has to make Ethan understand.

Ethan lifestyle is shaped by events from his past, especially one brutal night 10 year earlier. Trauma like that is hard to overcome without the love and support of those closest too you - and although Ethan turned to his brother Sawyer, he swore him to secrecy. Determined to save his family from the taunts and stigma that he feared would follow them because of him.

Beau's determination and dedication to Ethan is unwavering and absolutely beautiful to read - he loves his man with a passion that many of us can only hope to experience. Ethan has feelings for Beau but the prospect of being Beau's first everything is just too frightening for him to comprehend, his inner turmoil is excruciating but his ability to love is beautiful and his need for Beau is the one thing he eventually accepts that he can't deny himself.

The Walker family are a force of nature, and in the end their acceptance ( it was never likely to be anything else) and their resolute defence of their brother and Beau is awe inspiring.

Of all the brothers Ethan's story has been the one I have been waiting to read - he has been the moody soul meandering through the previous novels, his brooding and narkiness have been tough to get a handle on but his story is breathtaking - the ability to overcome predjudice is a gift and the chance to love unconditionally is worth fighting for - with Beau's support Ethan embraces that wholeheartedly and the outcome is stunning.

Nicole Edwards- absolute writing superstar - like absolutely everything she writes this book is simply stunning - she is epic!
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on 29 October 2014
Ethan is not like the other Walker brothers. He's a private man who hides away on the practical side of the business in the workshop. He believes he needs to keep hidden who he is or people will get hurt. Beau may have been confused but now knows where his inclinations lie and he wants Ethan. You'd think the experienced Ethan would be the aggressor in this relationship but it's Beau, even though inexperienced, he goes after Ethan full gusto. The question is will Ethan's family and some of the bigoted small townspeople accept Ethan and Beau.
Add in the business dealings of the Walkers, their interest in their neighbours land and the plans for Alluring Indulgence and this makes for a good book. We get to know a little about each brother gearing us up for the following books.
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on 25 February 2014
Nicole Edwards I love you, Ethan' s story has been so emotional, I wanted to hug him, Beau I absolutely love too!! So intense and emotional throughout, Nicole sucks you right back into their world, you feel every emotion.. can't wait to read about Sawyer now....
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