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4.8 out of 5 stars
Eparistera Daimones
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 7 May 2010
For those of you into Black Metal & especially Celtic Frost this album marks what I consider to be the follow on to Celtic Frosts last album together in 2006 titled - Monotheist. It does so so neatly that you could be forgiven in thinking that this was the extra material they didn't use OR that they wrote so much for that album that they had to produce this one to complete the 'Works'. Triptykon is a new band that has been formed by Tom Gabriel Warrior formally the singer for Celtic Frost & now this. Like Monotheist there are slow melodic sections accompanied by violin or piano & then very intense, almost thrash bits that remind you that this is Metal music! Its ALL very Dark & Moody - if one was contemplating a Final Solution to one's Life then playing these 2 albums back to back would set the tone for such a radical decision - Musically (not recommended though as these albums need to be played MANY times to completely understand their depth & quality!So don't do it! ha ha). This album manages to paint a strong, bleak & desperate landscape - a MUST have for Metal Fans!
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on 27 April 2010
After the final demise of Celtic Frost :( Tom Warrior picked up the pieces and moved forward with his musical vision. The result is Triptykon. Heavy as hell, and bloody angry, Triptykon are the natural successor to Celtic Frost.
Chugging guitars - check
Growling vocals - check
More riffs than you can shake a stick at - check
HR Giger album cover - check
All the interesting 'avant garde' elements that made CF so interesting - check!

If you liked Monotheist then you'll absolutely love Triptykons debut album.

I've followed Celtic Frost since their start in the early '80's, so all my albums are on vinyl. Therefore it made sense to get this on vinyl as well - it's just so much better having the full size artwork (good though the CD mediapack is).

Thoroughly recommended.
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on 2 March 2015
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on 11 February 2014
In many ways this is a moody and desolate work of art. This is the second time I have purchased this cd (I lost my first one after a long time and couldn't not have this in my collection - so re-purchased).
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on 25 March 2010
A staggeringly good CD. Eparistera Diamones is the aural sucessor in many ways to Monotheist. The tortured guitar sound is still there. Glacially slow and grindingly heavy music is still there. Morbidity is still there. The dark compositions reflecting on the usual spiritual themes, meaning, life and death, organised religion etc are still there. However. the CD, if it can be, is more accomplished and mature than monotheist. Immediately the compositions feel a little less challenging and more rewearding, there is more structure, finer textures, and hints of the weirdness and avant-garde direction from earlier days. Eparistera Diamones is a lesson, in many places, that less can be more. Contemporary death metal bands take note- slow down, have less going on, and express yourself more!!
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on 13 April 2010
A truly stunning metal album.

It's a strange on to 'badge' this one, and let's face it, all you metalheads, driven primarily by the metal media, need to pigeonhole every single band into a particular genre!!

Kinda difficult when it comes to Tom and Celtic Frost (and let's face it, this IS the follow up to Monotheist), when in fact Tom and his incarnations through Hellhammer and Celtic Frost actually defined the genre.

So that's the best badge really. This musically is the next Celtic Frost album, and it is heavy. By golly it is rectum rippling leak into your pants heavy, but it's actually more accessible than Monotheist.

It's almost like it's a heady mix of all Celtic Frost albums (including the critically panned Vanity/Nemesis) right through to Monotheist.

Twisting, jarring, off time riffing. Tom's unique voice. And the pure hatred in the lyrics!! It's no secret who Tom blames for the split of Celtic Frost following Monotheist, and although packaged up in a metal album and its associated imagery, some of the most vitriolic lyrics in Eparistera.... are very clearly aimed at Franco Sesa.

It's a common belief that some great art comes from the depths of adversity, and this album only confirms this belief.

This album WILL be in the top 5 Metal Hammer albums of the year.

If you're reading this you probably are a Celtic Frost fan, so you're going to get the album. Don't mess about.

Just get it!!
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on 3 July 2012
I like Metal. Years have gone by and good Metal still grabs my attention and holds me more than any other music. Sad then, that these days I find it so difficult to find bands that really interest me. Triptykon are the band I have been waiting for for a long time.

Dark, heavy, well constructed music. Every sound calculated to add to the mountain of black atmosphere that these guys churn out.
Tom Warriors lyrics are simple but absolutely effective and his vocal performance is stellar. I have never heard anyone exude anguish and evil as convincingly as this man can, and all through his performance he maintains a humanity which only serves to make the whole thing more disturbing.
There are sections which are incredibly hypnotic whilst still being vey dark and heavy. Mantra like vocals and lead guitars that weave around each other in a scarily psychedelic fashion. Ambient sections that match current electronic artists in production values. Eerie, feedback laden soloing, this album is the embodiment of what I want from dark music.

This album has made alot of other bands irrelevant. It transcends (sub)genre and belittles it in the process. It sets the bar for everyone else. Triptykon have created something truly special, and if you like dark music they deserve your attention. I just hope they can continue to put out stuff of this quality inthe future.
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on 12 April 2010
WOW, Mr Warrior is back and he is angry!

Whilst this album is very much the successor to "Monotheist" there is one big difference which impacts upon the sound of this album, that being the anger of Tom Warrior at the demise of Celtic Frost.
Whereas on "Monotheist" there were slow, almost doom like riffs and eerie electronics here there are, dare I say it almost thrash like riffs which mirror perfectly the lyrics, which are predominately focused on his anger at the demise on Celtic Frost and those responsible, best evidenced on "A Thousand Lies" and the epic "The Prolonging". The album does still include some of the electronics and eerie sounds from "Monotheist" as well as the beautiful female vocals which are particularly prominent on "My Pain"

I won't say too much more about the album, for fans of "Monotheist" simply but buy this album you won't be disappointed.

One final recommendation, I suggest buying the CD as opposed to downloading it as the booklet provided is of real quality and contains full lyrics as well as a note from Tom Warrior about the inspiration and creation of each song, it also contains some amazing artwork courtesy of H.R Giger.
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on 24 March 2010
In this age where so many bands are extreme and super heavy and brutal etc,it's rare to find a band that really does create a palpable sense of unease and darkness.Triptykon do this not by speed or the latest crunching guitar production techniques but by sickly moribund bleak guitar tones and and pitch black atmospherics.A worthy successor to Celtic Frost's monolithic Monotheist.
CF's 1988 attempt at hair metal,Cold Lake,seems a lifetime ago now.
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on 17 April 2010
Label the LP as Celtic Frost, and you will have articles like:

"After Monotheist, this is a natural progress in the direction that Warrior and Ein has taken. The sick, heavy, sub mid tempo, satanic lyrics, dark sound continues with everything that u would accept from the Frost crew like long song structures, Geiger art work, etc"

All this is true accept this is not Frost. Secondly the line up does not include Ein. Does it matter? Well it depends. There is a reason why this is not Frost. The chemistry between two musicians have always pushed each other towards creating the ultimate album in the history of Frost. This is why they have always hit us with the unexpected. Albums that were ahead of their time was the product of this dialectical existence. Triptykon does not have this "tension". I think this is why it sounds EXACTLY like Monotheist.

However, this is also a respected station; starting with Hellhammer continuing with Celtic Frost (except Cold Lake of course) and now Triptykon. Well done Tom! The epic lyrics and sound is a proof that metal is well alive in the underground. A must buy for the ones who still buys CDs and LPs... A good start to listen to metal for the ones who think Metallica is metal.
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