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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 11 September 2011
I have just finished reading Envy and really enjoyed it, I especially liked the continuation of the other characters storylines especially Adrian and the Archangel Colin who was quite a surprise.

The storyline is good, fast paced and although I did find the female lead a bit weak in places, the chemistry between the two and Ward's one liners were enough to keep me hooked.

What I like most with this series is the actual angels so the soul they are saving each book comes second to the story for me and I wasn't disappointed with Envy as a LOT happens to the angels.

You really need to read these in order as this is book 3 and the storyline follows on from the first two books. If you liked the first two, then you'll love this.
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on 26 September 2011
The third book in JR Ward's Fallen Angel series follows Jim Heron on his quest to save the souls of seven chosen people, who will determine the fate of the rest of humanity. His third soul is Thomas DelVecchio Jr AKA 'Veck'. As with the other two books in the series we follow Veck at a crossroads in his life, hoping that he makes the choice that will give Jim a victory against the Demon Devina.

I really enjoyed this edition to the series. Ward once again creates characters in Veck and his colleague/love interest Reilly that you become invested in and want to have a happy ending. The twists and turns in their relationship and story kept me interested. My only criticism is that Ward is becoming slightly formulaic with the way she develops her characters. This is especially true if you have read the last few Black Dagger Brotherhood books. In both the BDB and fallen angel books the male characters are tall, huge (in every way of coarse), dominant characters who soften only in their interaction with the female love interest. I don't really want to read book after book about virtually the same males falling for virtually the same females. I hope Ward becomes a bit more inventive in the next few BDB and fallen angel books. The sex scenes, of which there are more than ever in this book are also very similar from book to book. Sorry Ward fans but it probably wouldn't be as obvious if they were used more sparingly!

Far more interesting and touching was the relationship between the angels, especially Eddie and Adrian. Their friendship and love for one another reaches new heights towards the end of the book and is really touching. We saw a bit more of the archangels Nigel and Colin in this book also. I found myself warming to them slightly as characters, especially Colin who I think may end up joining the fight on earth. Finally there is the interaction between Jim and Devina. Jim tries a new and dangerous tactic in this book in his fight with her. Ward is starting to portray Jim as something a bit different to the other angels and more powerful, so hopefully he will survive his new tactics. Again I found myself warming to Jim as we learned more about his strength and his compassion for others, especially Sissie and her family and the way he helped Adrian in his heartbreak.

Overall, I really enjoyed Envy. I think the Fallen Angel books are less predictable than the last few BDB books and have more potential for interesting developments in the future. I would definitely recommend Envy, especially to any JR Ward fans as it doesn't disappoint!
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on 5 November 2011
Jim Heron, fallen angel is back and this time he is helping Thomas 'Veck' DelVecchio, homicide detective and son of a serial killer, a legacy which Veck fears he will carry for the rest of his life. Veck is teamed up with Internal Affairs, Sophia Reilly to hunt for a serial killer, who reminds Veck of his father. Along with Jim Heron, Adrian and Eddie they must discover what happened to the victims and for Jim, he must find the body of one of the victims, a victim of Devina and help her get to heaven. Veck's path is laid out in front of him, will chose to be like his father? Or face his demons and be the good man he is.

'Envy' is my favourite of the series, the storyline was excellent and yet again, J.R. Ward takes you through a range of emotions from the beginning to the ending of the story. Jim and Veck are both struggling and it draws them together to ultimately fight against Devina which made for excellent reading.

I cannot wait for the next book in the series.
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on 26 January 2017
Really enjoying this series the more I get into it and as the characters of the Fallen Angels develop, even the foppishness of Nigel and Colin didn't grate quite so much. I think what really draws this series together is the developing relationships between the Dark Angels - Jim, Adrian and Eddie as they try to beat Devina and save the next sole on the list. I do really get upset with what Devina is allowed to get away with though and has me shouting at the book with frustration, she's so evil.
This time it's Veck, a detective with the CPD who has a psychopathic, serial killer father on death row, is it a case of - like father like son? The love interest comes in the form of Reilly, an Internal Affairs detective with the CPD who is investigating Veck on a possible murder charge. There are twists and turns in this book which I really did not see coming unlike her previous book - Crave.
Some great one-liners again that J R Ward does so well. I love the way she inserts characters from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series into these books. Though most don't take an active part in the books, I just love it when I spot one. I'd love to know who the vampire was in this one, possibly Xcor?
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on 17 October 2016
This is Book 3, Davina won the last round, yes she cheated and the good guys wait for an indication from upstairs that she might get a slap down. Meanwhile Jim makes a deal with Davina to get the name of his third soul. He is sneaky enough to get what he wants but Adrian and Eddie are worried. When they express concern between this and Sissy Jim tells them to walk away. This has tragic consequences.

They need to save Detective Thomas DelVecchio Jr - only one problem, he has already been infected by Davina. His father is a mass murderer who is currently on death row and who has been dancing to her tune for years. He lives in fear that he will turn out like his father. The fact that he beat up a serial killer but has no knowledge fuels this fear. Enter Sophia Reilly of IA who will supervise him for a month. Sophia and Veck have chemistry which finally boils over rather hotly but Reilly regrets it, she swings rapidly between wanting him and regretting sleeping with him and this allows her to be persuaded that she has read Veck all wrong and that he is actually just like his father.

This is Davina at her best. One of her actions allows Jim to find Sissy's body, she was the young girl in the previous book who was the sacrifice for her mirror. Jim is obsessed with finding her body and her soul, to take her home. It is this find that starts Vecks downfall, meanwhile he has finally started listening to Jim.

In the background we also get to see more of Colin and Nigel the Archangels relationship and the dynamics that cause that life changing row, the one that allows Colin to be in a position to help Adrian just when he needs it.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 11 September 2011
The third soul to be fought over in this dark, gritty supernatural series belongs to Detective Thomas DelVecchio Jr. (aka Veck). At the start of "Envy" he is stalking a serial killer and has no recollection of how his target ends up a bloody mess close to death. Enter Internal Affairs officer Sophia Reilly, who teeters between believing Veck innocent one moment and guilty the next. She's fairly quick to jump into bed with Veck, but doesn't deal well with the consequences of her actions. As a result she's swayed enough by others into believing Veck guilty of murder when it's pretty clear he's an innocent guy with a bad reputation.

*** warning - the next paragraph contains a BIG spoiler ***
Veck is supposed to be a dual character; leaving the reader unconvinced whether he will ultimately make the right choice when his soul hangs in the balance. The previous souls in books "Covet" and "Crave" who faced the same situation kept the reader off balance with the suspense surrounding the choice they would make. In "Envy" Veck is too much a `good guy' for the reader to ever believe Devina will win this round. Ok he may have a notorious serial killer for a father and could have nearly killed a suspect but at no point did I ever think Veck would fall for Devina's ploys.

Instead I found myself more interested in the tensions building between the Archangels and the Fallen Angels. AA Nigel seems to be losing confidence whilst the relationship between the trio of fallen angels Eddie, Adrian and Jim is splintering. In fact there is a surprising impactful event and I look forward to finding out how JRW will explore this further.

Jim continues to surprise; he may seem at times to be led around by Devina, but he proves to be tough and resourceful and willing to walk a very thin line, yet his commitment to ensuring Sissy's soul is freed (the sacrificial victim from book 2 "Crave") is somewhat endearing. The plot remains fast paced, and despite the fact the new human protagonists do nothing unexpected, the machinations of angelic and demonic forces keep the action fairly exciting and offer a few unexpected twists. 3.5 stars
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on 17 September 2011
All in all this book is an ok read. Is it a page turner ? Yes, in some parts but the problem is I found myself wanting to skip pages to find out what happens next with Jim,Adrian and Eddie rather than the Thomas Delvecchio and Reilly. Once again the featured couple failed to keep my attention, it was quite obvious to me that Thomas was a good guy so I didn't believe there would be any fight between good and evil, I wasn't moved by his 'inner conflict' and I should have been, isn't that the whole point of this series?

However, despite that Devina is turning out to be an enjoyable, love to hate villain. Her character is funny to read about and I like the interaction she has with Jim, she's like a lovestruck teenager. There are some dynamic scenes with Jim and his comrades (as I said before, page turners) and a dramitic turn of events that completely alters their lives and therefore the game that lies before them. This book is definately better than the last two and I will keep reading however...It's still not quite there for me and IMO, her BDB series is far superior. By the time I read the third book in her BDB series (Zsadist's story) I was completely, head over heels, sucked in, with the Angels series...I don't feel that way at all but hopefully the next book will change that.
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on 4 January 2014
Another fab read from J.R.Ward. I couldn't put the book down and loved the story. From the romance between Veck and Reilly to the on going fight between good and evil. Can not wait to start the next book :)
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on 4 September 2014
Great Fallen Angels series by JR Ward. It is quite different to her other series and unique in its own way.

Jim is in a league of his own as her his two fellow Fallen. The scenes in heaven were very humorous, which added to the attraction of this novel.

I liked everything about this book and would recommend to those who like paranormal with a difference.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 22 February 2012
Envy is the third in the fallen Angel's series, and by my reckoning the best so far. To be read after: Covet: A Novel of the Fallen Angels: 1 (Novel of the Fallen Angels 1) and Crave: A Novel of the Fallen Angels (Novels of the Fallen Angels), in that order.

What I love about these stories is that they tie in nice and tight with The Black Dagger Brotherhood, and Ward's unique style and story telling are instantly recognisable.

In this instalment Jim Heron is starting to get to grips with the Angel thing. He's realising the boundaries aren't always black and white, and that where Devina is concerned all's unfair in sex and war, but that can work for you as well as against you.

Just like her character, Ward isn't afraid to break boundaries either. Her cunning imagination always give the reader hope that they might get the outcome they want while she never actually gives anything away.

Ward's talents to paint the scene are second to none; with a broad collection of secondary characters all woven into the plot, these stories are more like mini movies than books.

I've already pre-ordered Rapture: A Novel of the Fallen Angels: 4
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