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on 22 March 2015
Enjoying the Chase by Kirsty Moseley

After reading ‘Nothing left to lose’ by Kirsty and finding it a gripping read, I learnt that Enjoying the Chase was Nate and Rosie’s story, two character from the book, so got this book to read.

I have also read ‘The boy who sneaks in my bedroom window’ again a gripping read and after reading these two books, Enjoying the Chase seemed like a basic romance story that took forever to read.

However the storyline was good, Rosie has been hurt in the past by a cheating player of a boyfriend and Nate is the biggest player there is, though as Rosie rebuffs his chat up lines and come-ons, his interest in Rosie perks up and chases after her and in the process falls for her, though he will have to prove he is not a player anymore and build trust and honesty in order to win her over.

There are a few steamy scenes in the book and the story flicks from both their POV and is written well, albeit a few grammatical errors, and I enjoy Kirsty’s writing style, though I just felt the story was too long, too predictable and it sadly lost my interest, I nearly gave up a couple of times.

I don’t think I will be reading ‘One wild night’ which is an Enjoying the Chase novella, though I will try Kirsty’s other stories, so I haven’t given up yet.
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on 22 June 2014
The story of Rosie and Nate is brilliant. It feels so very, very real and down to earth.
It’s a Romance from a different view point.
Many Romance books out there today are aimed at teenage girls to young adults, yet this story, while I would categorise it as a YA Romance, has something different to it. Rosie has something that not many other female characters have in their stories and I love how Moseley has integrated this into Rosie’s character.
I really did love and enjoy this book a heck of a lot. So much so, that even though I have the book on kindle, I’ve just order a paperback copy too!

It really is a romance that will make you laugh, cry and scream in frustration. It’s an amazing book which I’d recommend to anyone looking for a great read.
Although I don’t have much in common with Rosie you do get emotionally connected to her in a variety of ways. You can sympathize and relate to her situations and you can’t help but feel and almost experience the same pain, happiness and insecurities that Rosie goes through.
Nate. Now what can I say about him! He’s everything you’d want in a guy if you wipe the whole ‘man-whore’ thing from the equation. He’s smart, sexy, funny, the muscle definition I could almost see while reading… I think I’m in love.
His character development through the story is great to see and his personality suits him to a T.
I could imagine a cocky grin with a shine of arrogance in his eyes, but his touch gentle and his heart true. It may sound sappy but this story is much more than just your average Romance.

If you want a read that is different, entertaining and full of twists and turns, then you’ll Love ‘Enjoying the Chase.’

Review by Jade Lloyd - if you want more reviews, check out her blog at: [...]
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on 21 June 2014
Loved this book. Thought Nate Peters funny in Nothing Left to Lose but he comes into his own in this book. We had met Rosie before as she is Anna's best friend. It was nice catching up with Anna and Ashton but this is all about a hilariously funny player, with the best chat-up lines and flirty one-liners that will have you crying with laughter. The come back comments by Rosie give Nate a good challenge and its lovely to see a guy brought to his knees by a girl who can give as good as he gives. Nate and Rosie bump of each other with their banter and trying to contain the chemistry between them. Add alittle fun with Ashton and Seth on the boys side and Nate's sisters for the girls - you have a great balance. Getting your own back is a major theme throughout the book and some of the stories and things that go on (especially in the Peters family) are so brilliant. This isn't a standalone really as it helps if you've read the first one, which is just as good. The best line in the whole book does go to little DJ ''My daddy's a hero like Batman .....'' - I won't finish it and spoil it for you as its a cracker and as they say - out the mouths of babes!!!
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on 5 April 2014
What's not to love about a swoon worthy hot SWAT officer like Nate Peters ? Nope I couldn't find anything either.

I have loved all of Kirsty's books and had to get this on the day of release. I skimmed the book I was reading to get to the end to get some Officer Peters in my life. I don't normally do blondes but I am making an exception.

Spoiler Alert ahead.

Bless Rosie York, she can't and won't let herself get involved with anyone because she is the girl with the proverbial baggage. This part of the story touched me because I've been there myself. At 25 with. 3 year old in tow I thought my romantic/sex life was over. Along came my knight in shining armour but like Rosie I kept him at arm's length as I wasn't prepared to let him hurt my son. When they eventually met, he was great with him and he got the bonus of an amazing Granny and Grandpa.

I loved how the relationship between Nate and DJ developed, Kirsty did a great job on that. I do wish the I love you moment had come a bit sooner because they clearly had fallen in love way before Rosie admitted it. Which would have meant more sex and more info on the piercings and how they felt!

Challenge for Kirsty - in the next book try not to use the following phrases:

Puppy dog eyes, puppy dog face
He/she/we broke the kiss

Other than that, it was fab.
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on 26 March 2014
Another amazing book, by one of my favourite authors. Loved the book right from the start and didn't want to put it down. Even had me chewing my nails at one point. Although there is a novella coming soon I sure do hope that maybe Seth gets a book too, I don't want to give these guys up just yet or Anna and Rosie. Keep up the good work, Kirsty never fails to give us anything less than 5* reads.
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on 19 February 2016
Enjoying the Chase is a spin off from Nothing Left to Lose and tells the story of Ashton's best friend Nate Peters. Nate is the stereotypical playboy, living life to the full and not getting involved in relationships. Nate can pretty much get any woman he wants and never goes back for seconds. Until Rosie, Rosie has her own problems and is not Looking for a man in her life, that includes Nate. Nate however will not give up on Rosie and ends up being her saviour in more ways than one. Can Rosie put her faith in Nate? Really enjoyed getting to know Rosie and Nate. Another winner from Kirsty Moseley.
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on 12 April 2014
Another reviewer was right, the characters are developed well, they grow and change throughout the book. I love longer stories and this was long but the problem for me was the storyline, the plot, it was just their feelings and journey to love, not much more. It did though get really funny around the 2/3rds milestone and it had an obligatory dilemma near the end. I would liked to gave seen more about the other characters and what happened to Josh, he just faded into nothingness. We never met the President either.
There was no substantial sub plot either so I found my attention wandering quite a few times after reading for the umpteenth time, how he, player Nate, would wait for her(Rosie) to fall in love with him...
I did enjoy it but I just prefer a good plot that you get get your teeth into.
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on 22 April 2014
This is only the 2nd book I've read from this Author, Nothing Left to loose being the first which for me was amazing..!
What I've realised is that Kirsty Moseley seems to have this fabulous way of grabbing you from the first page, as soon as Nate got that text regarding the arrival of Cameron, it was game on, honestly this book was absolutely fantastic.
I loved Nate, everything about him, his charm, his cockiness and shear determination to get Rosie oh he was a real hero especially in DJ's eyes. Once you start reading Enjoying the Chase you really won't want to put it down, it dove me crazy, there were a few times when I thought it was all it was all going to go terribly wrong, K. M is good at that, but thankfully all came good in the end..!! Can't wait to read One Wild Night. Thankyou
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on 28 March 2014
you definitely should read "nothing left to lose" first as you get to know all characters.love nate and rosie's story.loved reading them and looking forward to another read by this author.
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on 10 September 2014
I did like this 2nd book, but I didn't love it, yes it was long and that would have been fine, but I was getting so fed up at them and the dirty deed, it was just a tease, will they, won't they until the L word was used, ok for a while, but not nearly through most of the book, did love the banter between them, and Rose's son.
When the dirty deed was coming, I was so looking forward to the romance of working up to their 1st time together, what did we get, they made love all night, dear me what a let down. Lol.
Ok near the end we got a little more, but I wanted the 1st time to be special. lol. So while I loved the 1st book, just liked the 2nd book.
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