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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 8 November 2001
I saw this film on a plane coming back from holiday, and eventhough I was exhausted I stayed up to watch it. I'm almost wishing I hadn't, cos trying to supress hysterics in an aeroplane full off sleeping people is almost impossible.
This was just so funny! Voices, story-line, and a sense of humour for the grown ups. Everything marks it as a winner. I just can't beleive it wasn't promoted. I'd never heard of it until I saw it on the plane.
It's definately going on my 'wish-list' for Christmas, and I thoroughly recommend it to y'all!
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on 11 May 2005
A totally underrated Disney classic,this is one that adults and children can enjoy together and even though my kids and I have seen it a number of times it never fails to be funny and to keep them glued to the screen from beginning to end(something previously only achieved by the Pixar movies!).Minimum schmaltz and maximum sharp humour,this is great if you like David Spade's acidic,sarcastic style.Unlike most kids movies(Disney included) this never feels like a chore to watch,it moves along at a cracking pace and the characters are all very well-designed.Though not exactly critically-acclaimed i think this is one of Disney's best,most entertaining and original movies ever,and they would do well to produce more like it.My kids love it and I do too,most Simpsons-generation twenty-somethings would too I think.Totally recommended.
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on 15 September 2001
I found this film great, my children have seen it countless times & will sit & watch over and over again. It is action packed entertainment that will keep the whole family happy, a great story for all. It is not overwhelmed with song after song, yet it has enough to keep the little boppers, bopping along. The charaters are not done with all the lastest high tech. but I don't think it would be as good if it were. My little ones watch it right through to the very last credit(for the music) as it has a great upbeat tune. I would recommend this to anyone with little children as I'm sure they would enjoy it too. Disney has definitely done it this time.
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on 23 October 2001
I usually find Disney films tedious, but this film was so original in it's humour and is perfect for everyone to watch. I would definately recomend it to anyone who is looking for a film to watch on a rainy day to cheer themsevles up.
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I went to see this at the cinema, as I have done every year since the Little Mermaid to see the new disney film. Usually I come out feeling much better about myself and my outlook of life. After the emperor's new groove, however, I did not. I came out in pain. Do you know how painful it is to laugh for an hour and a half constantly? I am 19 years old. I went to see it with friends who were between 18 and 20. We all had the same problem. All of us were in agony. The film just started funny, continued into hilarity and ended up as funny as a very funny thing indeed.
Following the cinema incident, As soon as I new it was going to be released I placed my order for the limited edition DVD. The extras aren't as good as they were on Tarzan, or Dinosaur, or Snow White, but the fact that the film was the funniest I have ever seen makes up for that. It is difficult to say Disney's best, as it hasd The Jungle Book, The lion King, Beauty and The Beast, Snow White and over 60 years of films to contend with, but it is up there. Watching the DVD with housemates at university caused equally as much laughter.
The one problem is that, whilst the humour is not of an adult nature, this film will appeal most to people in the 15-30 age bracket. Children will identify with it, but like many modern disney films, to appreciate it fully you have to be older (think a bugs life). Oh, and Sting does the music. Not quite as good as Phil Collins' Tarzan or Elton's Lion king, but still absolutely amazing. The funniest disney film ever.
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on 24 November 2001
As a 17 year old guy I'm not sure how much respect I can command when commenting on a Disney movie- but 'The Emperor's New Groove' -and this DVD- is excellent in every sense.

Originally titled 'The Kingdom in the Sun', the film was slated to be Disney's next Epic, but that idea got shunned and a comedy replaced it. I can only praise Disney for the result. I would have loved to see 'Kingdom' but TENG was a stroke of genius. With Disney's reputation, the company proved it's confidence in itself by going with TENG, and deserves respect for that alone. TENG is also the second-best Disney movie I've ever seen, beating back 'Aladin' and coming close to 'The Lion King' -and easily the funniest. Maybe this was due to the frame of mind I was in at the time, but TENG gave me a laugh-out-loud a minute. Literally.

To summarise, Kuzco is an arrogant Ancient American Emperor who fires his advisor and gets turned into a llama by her, partly in revenge and partly because, as any bady would, she wants to rule the Empire. Knocked out, he's transported unwittingly out of his Palace to a village miles away, by Pacha, the village's benign leader who he'd just told his village was to be destroyed tomorrow to make way for Kuzcotopia, Kuzco's 'Ultimate Summer Getaway'. Confused, and discovering he isn't the centre of *any*one's world, Kuzco has to make his way back to his palace to get changed back into a human, guided by Pacha, and pursued by his evil advisor, who wants to finish him off, and her notatall-evil, not-so-clever assistant.

The character development, humour, and frienship that ensue are spectacular, possibly the best-developed I've seen in any movie, ever.

Now termed 'retro' (as barely any of it is computer-generated), the animation is fantastic, smooth, and the locations are beautifully designed, the characters simple yet perfect at the same time.

There's little Disney Mush (tm). Cheesiness is there, but it doesn't come out in spades; it stays at home with the singing, which is also conspicuous by its absence, and a Good Thing Too.

On the singing that *does* happen, Tom Jones sings a great introductory track (Perfect World) which gets better every time you listen to it, and, otherwise, there's little of it, apart from Sting's 'My Funny Friend and Me', which plays as the credits role. Which is beautiful.

Sting wrote a large amount of music for 'The Kingdom in the Sun' which never made it into TENG. I believe a lot of it's on the soundtrack ('One Day She'll Love Me' being the best track there). The DVD contains Sting's short commentary on his contribution to the movie.

On the DVD itself, the Collector's Edition contains two discs. The first has the movie and movie-with-commentary. The second isn't wasted. It's packed with a tour of the Disney animation studios and the animation process with the movie's Director and Producer (admittedly, this is aimed at ten year olds). There are hundreds of images: Character designs and Concept artwork. Three deleted scenes, a run-through of the movie's life, from concept thru production, voice acting, animation and publicity, trailers and posters make up the rest.

Overall, Gorgeous, a great movie on great discs; a credit to Disney.
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on 25 October 2001
Shame on Disney for not promoting this brilliant film when it was released at the cinema earlier this year. I hope it gets the audience it deserves on video release.
This film had everything most recent Disney releases were lacking...a funny script, a great voice cast and a sense of humour.
A must see film for all the family...don't miss it.
I also recommend watching 'Cats Don't Dance', another film that was rudely ignored a couple of years ago, which was directed by 'Emperors' Mark Dinal.
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on 18 March 2014
I first watched this movie almost by mistake. I found it while looking through my friends DVDs. It dropped on the floor while I was rifling through them and when I picked it up thought it looked interesting from the cover. I dropped it in the DVD player and what a find it turned out to be!

I've been waiting for a long time for the Blu-Ray edition. I love the movie a lot, it is certainly not your average Disney animated movie. With never a dull moment, the humor is absolutely spot on, and the movie itself is beautifully paced. I can only imagine it is not more well known because the humor may not appeal to everyone, but you only have to look at how many 5 star reviews the DVD edition has to see how popular it is.

This is however not a special edition, and indeed it has very few extras. However if like me you love the movie and just want to see it in glorious high definition, you won't be disappointed!
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Emperor Kuzco is a spoiled brat and has been since birth. His will is supreme in his kingdom, and all who interfere with his life are punished immediately. When he catches the royal advisor doing his job for him, he quickly fires her. But Yzma doesn't take it easily and hatches a plan to poison the emperor. This doesn't quite work, however, and Kuzco is turned into a llama. Accidentally taken out of town, he finds his only hope of regaining his kingdom is to work with the peasant whose village he's just threatened to destroy.
This movie is a comedy in the truest sense of the word. I laugh so hard every time I see this movie, as does everyone I see it with. There are many one-liners in the movie and in Kuzco's voice over. And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the hilarity that Kronk adds as Yzma's dim-witted assistant. His scenes with his shoulder angel and demon are priceless.
As always, Disney does it right for this 2 disc collector's edition. The film looks sharp in its widescreen aspect ratio and sounds wonderful. And there are so many special features you can spend hours learning about this movie and animation in general. Of special note is the information about "Kingdom of the Sun," the original story that was gutted and turned into this gem.
Critics were harsh on this film, and I must admit that I didn't appreciate it the first time. But on rewatching, my love for this movie has definitely grown. I highly recommend it for those times when you need to forget everything and laugh. It'll have you smiling again in no time.
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on 18 November 2001
Having been a fan of the old Disney films I was naturally some what dubious. I watched this with my flat mates at University and laughed so much that we actually ended up with a room full of people we had never met who had come to see what all the fuss was about! The humour is accessible to those of all ages and I think anyone who buys it will play it until the tapes worn out!
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