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4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 20 December 2013
I was going to give the book five stars, but then I remembered that although everything was tied up, they weren't tied up neatly enough for my liking. Also at some points I felt that the laws of continuum (that is the science behind time) were getting a bit contradictory as sometimes Gideon would go off and do his own thing then when Gwen tried to the same she was told it would break the rules. On the other hand this may have just been me reading the book too quickly as I was desperate to find out what happened.
However, there are also many positive attributes to this book for example, I really enjoyed how the family worked together to help Gwen no matter what. I also really enjoyed the development of Gideon and what he does (despite his feeble excuse for hurting her) for Gwen in their rather rushed romance. It was also nice that Gier finally showed Charlotte's real feelings on matters towards the end of the book rather than her just sulking with her mother and putting Gwen down.
Overall, the trilogy was nicely ended (and to be honest I'll rather miss Gwen and Gideon) and I recommend that if you have read the first two books that you read this one as it is as witty as ever.
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"Sapphire Blue" ended with our heroine heartbroken, believing that her love Gideon had been manipulating her all along.

And "Emerald Green," the final volume of the Gem Trilogy, picks up immediately after that. Despite a slightly rough beginning (yes, you got used. Get over it!), Kerstin Gier's smooth, colorful prose brings a light touch and turbulent romance to the time-traveling heroine, neatly tying off the important plot threads and adding in a twist or two.

Devastated by Gideon's betrayal (“It feels like it’s made of red splinters with sharp edges, and they’re slicing me up from inside"), Gwen is still trying to unravel her grandfather's riddle and figure out what it was he hid before he died. No, I'm not going to mention what it is, but it's a game-changer that only makes her job more perilous.

She also finds that the price for closing the Circle may be more than it's actually worth -- but the Guardians are okay with that price, even if it means someone's death. And the sinister Count Saint-Germain is still plotting something with a secret accomplice, which Gwen must uncover before she runs out of time.

"Emerald Green" is not one of those really devastating finales to a trilogy/series -- it's more the kind that wraps things up nicely, and gives you a satisfied glow afterwards. The beginning of the book is a bit rough, since it's mostly either Gwen moping or bouncing around through time, but it picks up as her time-hopping quest finds a focus.

And Kristen Gier's writing is strong and breezy, with bursts of beautiful description ("shimmering birds of paradise, leaves, and flowers in shades of blue and silver twined their way over the brocade bodice") and a pleasant undercurrent of gentle humor (Xemerius is hilarious, as always"). She answers some fairly important questions about time travel, and manages to answer some important questions about Gwen as well.

The biggest problem is the romance -- while it's nice to see a teen girl's heartbreak NOT being depicted as the end of the world (Gwen fantasizes about dying picturesquely of a broken heart... then amends, "But first I had to go to the toilet, urgently"), Gideon's arrogance and Gwen's jealousy taint the romance. That said, the book has a LOT going on besides the romance, so you can sort of overlook it.

When she isn't around Gideon, Gwen is a pretty entertaining heroine -- snarky, enthusiastic and trying to juggle an overcomplicated life. When she isn't time-traveling, she has to deal with mean-spirited relatives and getting stabbed during a duel. Gideon is a less developed character, with a few too many face heel turns, but the other characters tend to be more entertaining and fleshed-out... especially the gargoyle.

There are some flaws in this jewel, but "Emerald Green" is still a sprightly, fast-moving fantasy story, with some clever twists and magnificent writing. It certainly leaves me wondering what Gier will bring us next.
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on 30 August 2015
And one more star for the last book of the "Ruby Red Trilogy" !

Too bad that the first two books weren't like this one action wise.
You get all your questions answered, the characters and the mysteries keeps you wanting more until the very end.
The "big" reveal isn't a surprise since you guess it pretty easily in the very first book but you finally see the reaction of everybody. And there's a couple surprises here and there.
One part I didn't appreciate though is ... THE END ... I enjoyed this book so much that the end is not long enough ! It's too easy, too simple... I wish it took a bit more chapters cause I felt like something was missing.
The Epilogue brings us a bit of a new perspective on someone very close to the Montrose family and that's a nice little reveal.

Clearly this trilogy ain't the best one around but it was a fairly easy and intriguing reading and I enjoyed it nonetheless.
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on 13 April 2015
I found Emerald Green to be a good Ending to the Ruby Red Trilogy but it could have been Better.
The book was quite fast Paced so it was never boring and I actually ended the book in two days.
However, I felt like there were so many Mysterious that weren't really concluded for example Elisabetta and Count Saint- Germain or the fact that Gwen turned out to be Lucy and Paul's child.
How Comes the author never really wrote about the rest of the families surprise or how they ended up reacting to this news.
Other than that I loved this book and especially the conclusion.
And the Writing style Kerstin Gier Wrote the book was so Beautiful ( Odd how Writing Styles can be Beautiful but it was.)
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on 17 April 2014
I really enjoy reading all the 3 books really good story telling with a couple of funky characters and romance. I would recommend this book i just felt it was a really good book when it could have been a really great book. Saying that i still would read it again and again it is on my keep shelf.
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on 3 February 2015
It felt so realistic while reading it. I felt like as if I am the main character riding a roller coaster in my head while reading it and experiencing the adventure for all three books. Thank you Kerstin Gier.
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on 4 November 2013
Bought this book as a present for my daughter and she couldn't set it down. She loved and read it over and over again!
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on 18 December 2014
The perfect end to a fantastic series! I can't wait until the next movie comes out though...
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on 2 April 2014
I bought this book for my daughter and she erad it in one go, as good as a review gets.
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on 25 July 2014
Really good people to deal with.
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