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on 14 March 2017
Label: 88 FILMS
Tranfer by: Italy ?
Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1

88 FILMS released EMANUELLE AND THE LAST CANNIBALS as a BD set. Newly transferred from the original camera negative. I am not quite sure. By the looks this could be originally shot 16mm material, blown-up to 35mm for cinematic screening. EMANUELLE isnt really the finest addition to the genre of italian cannibal flicks. It has a remarkable lack of own visual style and a very ineffectual story. The many erotica segments seem uninspired and constrained. They just distract from the anyway very thin story. The soundtrack is nice and sometimes funny and sometimes it adds to the atmosphere. All in all a below average movie with much nudity and some thrown in gore segments. But hey! What do you expect from an italian movie title containing the name EMANUELLE and the word cannibals? Could be worse. There is a little bit of adventure in it and if you watch with distance EMANUELLE... can be entertaining somehow...sometimes...a...little...hmmm...at least... :)

No Grain Baby, No Gain / The Transfer(s):
For this transfer the original camera negative was used as source material and it obvious isnt in the very best condition. It wobbles a lot throughout the whole presentation. There is a visible fine grain structure left in brighter scenes which looks nicely filmic. These brighter segments offer a relatively good level of detail - having in mind that the quality of the source in general does not offer too many details. In darker scenes faces get a little too waxy and here in movement the grain appears slightly digital. All in all I think it is the result of the source material. Colors are worn out in general but I have the feeling that greens and reds are boosted up a little but I am unsure with that. Could be a result of the negative material development in the first place. EMANUELLE will not be priced for its stunningly beautiful cinematic visuals. It is a mixed bag between nicely filmic and slightly digital sometimes. But it is good regarding the size I watched it via projection.

Cut and Run:
The scanned source material is integral. NO noticeable inserts from different sources have been applied. I find this to be so damn important for a perfect filmic enjoyment. The movie is strongly uncut.

Final Thoughts:
Fans, curious ones, collectors and people with bigscreens or projectors may spent their money while they lower their expectations. I doubt this movie will look better in the near future in our home cinemas. There are no noteworthy extras on this BD set.

My ratings refer exclusively to technical aspects of BD sets. The more filmic / photographic a movie looks and feels via bigscreen projections and the more authentic to its camera negative (or other sources) the movie is scanned and digitally treated afterwards, the higher the ratings will be.
I do not rate movies at all. I just watch them and I think of them as artificial pieces of work where many efforts have been taken (including complex postproduction) to accomplish a vision of whatsoever kind. No movie ever shot has earned a 1 star rating on AMAZON or a 1 point rating on IMDB. Anyway, I could rate them because I have studied in private many publications about making films, their psychological impact, and the subject violence on film. And because I am a hobby photographer for years now I know much about frame compositions, color composition and different styles and so on. I am interested in the arts in general. I am also a hobby musician and sound designer with a little studio. So I even could rate the filmical scores. But hell...why should I? Things are what they are and nothing more or less. I like to think beyond mind constructed terms like good and bad. So called "objectivity" becomes fast diluted by personal preferences which results in comments of personal taste. And that should not be the base for a rating-scale which claims to be universal. When it comes to technical aspects thats a different kind of thing. DNR, edge enhancement or block noise and such things are obvious on big screens and we can speak of objectivity and measurability.

All about Ev(m)e:
I am a collector of films for about 27 Years, own about 3.000 films (would be far more, but I often sort out transfers I dont like) and watch them in a home-cinema room via bigscreen projection. I am also a hobby musician and photographer with some experience scanning camera negatives in high definitions. I am fascinated by films from reels since I am a kid and spent hours for hours in cinemas and visiting film festivals.
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on 12 December 2017
I had this film already courtesy of Vipco from a few years back albeit, I never watched the film and understood that it was a cut version. However, I couldn't resist purchasing this latest Blue Ray release from '88 Films,' especially as it was proclaimed to be fully uncut.
Having now viewed this feature it seems to be the genuine uncut version albeit the graphic gore scenes are mostly in the last quarter of the film prior to that the film is almost like a toss up between 'Black Emanuelle / Yellow Emanuelle' (also starring Laura Gemser) with quite a lot of the more-softer sex scenes splashed about. Given the year of this release (1977) it seems in retrospect that Ruggero Deodato's notorious 'Cannibal Holocaust' (1980) has been greatly influenced by this Joe D'Amato feature.
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on 17 April 2017
Story moves very fast,you cant get bored with it, acting is good ,Laura Gemser is superb .
Dubbing is a little poor , but all very watchable.
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on 6 September 2016
great cannibal flick from Joe D'Amato
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on 16 January 2017
As expected
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on 30 October 2004
Wow, my first encounter with Laura Gemser! What a radiant presence she is on-screen. Hubba hubba hubba!! Oh yeah, the movie: if your tastes run to the 'schlocky horror' or the 'good bad-movie' then this one might interest you. I presume this version is censored somewhat as there is not much to offend in its content. Even so, there is still some gore and mutilation, not to mention Gemser carrying on splendidly in the buff (as one does when one is beautiful and in the Amazon).
The story starts out in New York where our reporter Emanuelle is investigating a mental hospital. There she comes across a feral girl found in the Amazon. Feral girl taks a bite out of one of the nurses- cue a trip to brazil to find out more about the tribe of cannibals. Madcap adventures ensue- including snake attack (very Freudian), inter-racial dating, a nun, communal bathing, fertility rites and disembowlment.
The acting is not too bad, in a 70s laid back kind of way, and the plot moves along at a tolerable pace. The soundtrack is quite good, again in a very 70s kind of way. The real attraction of this film is the mesmerising beauty of Laura Gemser, along with the fact that, maybe for the only time in your life, you will get to see a monkey smoking. Presumably he couldn't read the health warning on the pack.
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on 28 February 2017
From the post nature era nice to it uncut at last and in blue ray form as well which a great step up from the video days and also at a reasonable price as these films became very expensive due to their rare forms and notorious nature
Looking forward to many happy hours viewing the 88film catalogue
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on 28 March 2016
A bit grainy in places one ive not seen before silly and funny at times some soft core sex not a bad film for its age !
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on 18 February 2016
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on 13 September 2016
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