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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 27 August 2013
Elysium is the name of an orbiting satellite. It has a controlled environment and is where the rich and powerful live. The United States has been reduced to a land on illegals in an extension of class warfare. Health care is different for the rich than the poor. The "illegals" attempt to go to Elysium to get health care. The film also is an extension of surveillance drones, automated robots, and how computers run the world.

In an unusual role Jodi Foster plays Delacourt, the emotionless Secretary of Defense who protects Elysium. At times she is similar to Jack Nicholson in "A Few Good Men" and really needed to be more like him. It was not a good role for her. Matt Damon plays Max in his usual man against the system. After an industrial accident, Max has 5 days to live and opts to join the resistance against the powers of Elysium.

There are massive parallels to today's society which bogged down this morality film by their overtness.

Good looking graphics. Good ending. Fair plot. Dialogue needed to be lighter. Politically to the left.

Parental Guide: F-bombs. No sex or nudity.
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on 11 August 2016
Enjoyed this far more the second time though. The journey from selfish criminal to selfless saviour of humanity is a nice one to watch. The effects are some of the best I've ever seen, & are from one of the only directors who somehow magically manages to seamlessly blend CGI & practical effects with no discernible artifacts. Great modern Sc-Fi with all the Hollywood bells & whistles one could wish for. Simply great.
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on 6 May 2014
Starts off promising with good pace and visual immersion. An impressive hi-jacking scene and clever use of futuristic weaponry. Then half way through the film it goes stale rather quickly as the death toll goes manic and pointless for shock factor. It isn't shocking and the immersion evaporates right up to the cringe inducing ending. And it started off so well.
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on 13 January 2016
My expectations were high after District 9, one of most intelligent sci-fi movies for a long while, asking real questions about the human condition.

Sadly I suppose it was too much to expect Blomkamp to produce another classic.

The ideas in Elysium are good and do hold up a mirror to our Orwellian Dystopia we now live in, but it misfires as a film.

Blomkamp has lost the subtlety present in District 9,even in its action sequences. Elysium is a big canvas, but it's plot fails to live up to the story. I got frustrated at the gratuitous action and fight sequences, especially near then end, which quite frankly having seen they same type my too many times before meant I got bored.

Worse it detracted from the films message. If I want to see Matt Damion do fight sequences I'll watch the Bourne trilogy. He's a better actor than that and I feel in Elysium he's underutilised.

The special effects are superb, the realisation of Elysium itself is breathtaking, Blomkamp has an excellent visual style. Its just a shame the potential of a great story with an important message got lost in the sound and fury of the action laden plot.
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on 26 November 2013
It's 2154 and the future for people on Earth is grim. When young Max Da Costa promised his girlfriend, Frey, that one day he would take her to a Stanford-Torus type space station called Elysium, a Utopian place where all the wealthy people now live, he meant it. Later, as a grown man living on dystopian planet Earth, overpopulated and governed and policed by ruthless robots, his promise to Frey (Alice Braga) isn't all that easy to fulfil. Max (Matt Damon) works in a factory but one day things go badly wrong and he becomes radiation poisoned with only 5 days to live. Given the chance to save his life using Elysium technology, all he has to do is get there. But a tyrannical woman called Delacourt (Jodie Foster) has firm control there and she doesn't like the hoi polloi from Earth landing on Elysium. Max has to find a way to get there to survive, but it's risky.

What I don't get about Elysium (2013) is that futuristic humans have all that super-duper technology for healthcare, space stations, advanced robots, and the rest, but are still communicating by way of what looks like today-size mobile phones and lugging around things that look like laptops. What happened to 'less is more'?

Elysium has an awful lot of action with very limited quiet moments to develop characters, which is ok for some but it was all too Robo-man meets Robocop meets the Transformers, if you ask me. Now, I'm not saying it was a lousy film, or even a bad film as it was highly watchable (for those who like a lot of action) and I'll probably watch it again one day although not any day soon. I just cannot see the participants of this movie, including Damon and Foster, lining up the Oscars on the mantelpiece although I wouldn't mind betting that the superb Elysium soundtrack by Ryan Amon, available at iTunes, wins one.

I have to mention that the special effects and Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) were spot on. But I could have lived with less if it meant that the movie had more depth.

VJ - Movies and Books World
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on 12 March 2016
I like dystopian films. I like sci fi. This was the worst film I have ever seen. Its like a channel 5 budget children's sitcom. How it is averaging 4/5 stars is a mystery. Either loads of sponsored fakes or planet earth is in a truly dystopian state already with an army of brain dead zombies with no taste at all.
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on 25 September 2013
After the unexpected triumph of the peerless District 9 in 2011, Matt Damon heads the cast in Blomkamp's latest treatise on immigration, society, and apartheid. Damon's reformed car thief Max Da Costa becomes the unwitting potential saviour of mankind, after an industrial accident leaves his body riddled with catastrophic amounts of radiation. Like most of his peers, Max cannot access the medical treatment he needs, as this is only available on the paradisiacal satellite of Elysium, where the rich and pampered of Earth have all escaped to after their home planet has finally become too crowded, polluted, and dangerous for their liking. In collusion with smuggling kingpin and former associate Spider, Max and his buddy Julio set out to infiltrate Elysium and ensure that all residents of Earth become eligible for the medical treatment available to the privileged few.

Sharlto Copley - Blomkamp's muse from Distric 9, makes a welcome appearance as sociopathic mercenary Kruger, while Jodie Foster adds gravitas as the ruthless administrator of Elysium. Alice Braga also pops up as Max's childhood sweetheart Frey, whose daughter has Leukaemia and who is also desperate to avail her of the miracle cure found only on Elysium. The movie is tense and effective from the start, and there is enough action to satisfy the most ardent Sci-fi/Thriller fans, while Damon does a good job of reminding us of the acting chops he first showed in the likes of The Talented Mr Ripley and Saving Private Ryan. Whilst not as original as District 9, Elysium is another solid action/adventure with a strongly-beating yet subtle political core, and a sign that its director is getting to the top of his game and will be a force in the movie industry for quite some time to come.
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Ok. So you know from the outset that this is another have/have-not dystopian future re-imagining much beloved of science fiction since its inception; Eloi and Morlocks, Alphas and Epsilons and all the rest. It’s an old and much reworked theme for a very good reason, highlighting the injustice in the inevitable divide between rich and poor.

In this instance, the ‘haves’ live on a lovely shiny space station while the rest of humanity struggle on in grinding poverty deprived of welfare and the advanced medical care that the ‘haves’ take for granted. So, nothing new there then. Given the subject matter, it is absolutely bound to be stuffed with clichés (and it is) but it really doesn’t matter that it’s an old story and you more-or-less know what’s going to happen from the outset. It’s the treatment of the subject that is the essence of the movie.

As with director Blomkamp’s excellent “District 9”, the atmosphere is elegantly, though perhaps a little heavy-handedly managed, claustrophobic & personal and the CGI is absolutely seamless making for a thoroughly immersive and plausible view of the future. Some of the accents are a bit heavy; Kruger the caricature baddie South African and Spider the Latino techie are almost incomprehensible at times while Jodie Foster’s accent wanders about all over the place. Matt Damon muscles his way through it with his usual aplomb, perfectly cast as the down-trodden ex-con action anti-hero with nothing to lose and although the rest of the characters are a bit one dimensional this somehow enhances rather than detracts from the overall feel of the movie.

While not startlingly original or deeply plotted, this film is well constructed, plausible (well…sort of), highly watchable , engrossing and doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what it is. A simple movie on an ancient theme and fine addition to our massive science fiction collection, definitely worth several viewings.
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on 2 September 2016
Action packed film with Matt worth a watch if you like him. Also has Jodie foster who runs Elysium a space station for the rich.

Only downside located in America but wanted to show a lot of people had emigrated to here - had to have foreign language and sub-titles, that were not needed to tell the story
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on 7 August 2016
Great film but unoriginal with some silly bits and a smultz, difficult to go into detail without spoilers, but worth a watch. Matt is his usual determined tough guy and carries the film.
From the crew that brought you District 9 so you are in good hands.
The effects are flawless.
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