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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 16 June 1998
But that doesn't say much, the others are all so amazing. Elven Star introduces an almost entirely new cast of characters from Dragon Wing, (the first volume of the series), including Zifnab, the latest incarnation of Fizban, the lovable, loony wizard from Dragonlance. He is an enigmatic character, maintaining depth while still being a hysterically funny comic relief character. This book shows Weis and Hickman's sheer joy in writing, which they impart to the reader beautifully. This book is not as good as the others, the cast of characters is slightly less stellar than the first volume, though this mars the book only a little. Worth reading, and even if you don't like it as much as the first, get through it, and then you hit the real treat in the third volume, Fire Sea, which deserves more stars than are available to give.
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on 10 July 1999
I adore this book. Despite it's tragedy (sp?), it's hilarious! Zifnab, a Gandalf wannabe, adds an hysterical element to the story that makes him one of the most lovable characters in the series! Then there's his dragon. We have to remember him, too. Otherwise, he'll be offended and Zifnab will have to sing that drinking song all over again to charm him! Of course, Haplo's there. As usual, he's getting personally caught up in something he's supposed to just be a witness to (Mostly because of Zifnab), and instead of being a casual passerby, he's a part of that crackpot's prophecy (The usual death, doom,! Yeah, that's it! Destruction!). Well, what can he do but follow along, especially if it means his own life if he doesn't? This is a must-read!
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on 2 August 1999
I see others giving low ratings to this splendid novel becausethey do not know where it "goes" or it doesn't "explain" enuf. It may seem open-ended through the first 4 books, but the series falls together so wonderfully that you will find it worth the reading. After reading this book, I knew I was hooked. This is a well written, suspensful, and creative story that really entangled me in the lives of the characters. Fizban, um Zifnab, was splendid humour, and of course his dragon, Haplo and his dog, etc. And about me? Future children? Aleatha and Paithan! What an honor to be named after such a wonderful novel. So stop reading this and star reading Elven Star!!!!!! Peace
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on 20 August 1999
Elven Star brings readers into Pryan, word of fire. Although it may not seem to have mutch in common with the first book, readers will see that it plays an important part later and is tied in with the rest of the story. It is a continuation of Haplo's journey through the four elemental worlds. New charictors are introduced and hummor and romance are added to the rather dark plot. A great book and I can't wait to read the entire series again.
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on 29 December 2001
This book amazed me. Though the first two chapters are a bit slow, this was just excellent throughout the book. Most of the book revolves around bloodbaths, and you feel the suspense, and toward the end of the book, with the entire sense of peaceful stillness, you feel that as well. I only found one flaw: Zifnab. Though he does many references to Gandalf, I found that humor had no place in a book like this. But it is still well worth your money.
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on 9 June 1999
Although not the best out of the Death Gate Cycle series, Elven Star is still a definite read. Fizban, I mean Zifnab is a great addition, but i can see why people wouldn't like the comic relief in a supposed serious novel. In the end, I still love it.
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on 18 May 1999
Evlen Star was a great mix of suspense, action, and love. Even better than the first of the Death Gate Cycle. It was a story of segregated races coming together to save themselves from annihilation. The only small problem with Elven Star was the little relation to Dragon Wing(also an excellent book). The only relation was that of Haplo and his dog traveling to a different world. All of the other characters are new. Though they were new, the characters were well-created. Zifnab added a few laughs to a long journey, though sometimes his ramblings were not even close to funny. Another great part of the book was the constant action. There were no boring stretches of the book that were just too boring to read. There was always something happening. I always wanted to keep reading, wanting to know what would happen next. Unless the answers of Dragon Wing are answered in later wolumes, Elven Star could have been made complete with more information on the world of Arianus. After reading Dragon Wing I decided that I would try the next book in the series. After reading Elven Star I know I am going to read all seven books.
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on 24 February 1997
In Elven Star you discover the second brilliantly concieved world in the Death Gate Cycle. Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman create the ultimate blend of mystery and comedy. The world is unlike any we've ever perhaps imagianed in our wildest dreams. Everlasting light provides this world with lush growth(understatement). The trees are hundreds perhaps thousands of feet in the sky. The thick moss growing between the trees provide a type of land that the humans and elves live on. Finding the dwarves in areas dug well beneath the moss. Once again the Patryn(Demi-God like magic user) whom you meet in Dragon Wing is exploring the world to find evidence of the Sartan's existance. Instead he finds a new force of great power that challanges even his own. The foreshadowing is excellent, The comedy is unbearable at times,(especially if you've read J.R.R.Tolkien or DragonLance) and once again you find that the need to read on in the series is not an option, its an requirement to satisfy your growing addiction for more Weis and Hickman brilliance.
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on 11 May 1999
OK, so, there is the bunch of completely similiar new characters. Then there's Zifnab - one of the worst characters I have ever read about. And then, there's this feeling, that Weis and Hickman have made a great story, which has material for about three books, but since they're greedy people, they make seven books out of it! This book has nothing to do with the Dragon Wing! All the characters, except Haplo, are new, and the questions left open in the first book, are still left open in this book! So, the book has all these bad things, and so I can't understand why I like it, and think it's a damn good book!
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on 19 June 1997
The second book of THE DEATH GATE CYCLE is in my opinion the best. This is the most action packed of the four stand-alone novels, and I felt that this was the most thought out of the six different worlds inhabiting the series. The world of Pyran is a giant jungle, and the strangest thing is that the world is inside out, and the stars are really giant citadels that create light. In this novel you also encounter the deadly Titans who are quickly destroying Pyran's inhabitants. This book is a must read for any true fan of fantasy. It is easy to follow, and action packed to the very end.
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