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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Style: Stingray 5|Change
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on 4 January 2012
I have one of each size of stingray filter, and they all have shown excellent performance to-date.

They are quiet, easy to clean, reliable, and they look good too.

There is an issue with the cost of zeolite replacements. My advice is to take them out from day one and discard them. The zeolite does effectively remove ammonia from your tank, but that is what the bacteria are meant to do in your filter. The idea of 'cycling' a tank, is to cultivate a nice balance of good bacteria in your filter and gravel. If you remove the ammonia chemically with the zeolite, you starve off the bacteria, and so your tank can not be maintained unless you endlessly replace your zeolite every 4 weeks. If you're new to fish keeping, I suggest you read up on 'cycling an aquarium' before you start buying the fish.

So, remove the zeolite cartridges and stuff the space with filter wool or other fish-friendly filter material.

Second issue is injury to fish - not from being sucked up the filter - this is NOT an issue with adult fish and has never once happened. But when you suction cup the filter to the glass, a very small 0.5cm gap remains between glass and filter. So what, you might think? What could fit down there? A guppy will, and a tetra, and even a danio. I know from experience! Fish will find any crevice in your tank to explore/jump into, and if you don't spot them in time, they're dead.

Solution? A non-toxic sheet of tank friendly silicon did the trick for me, tucked between the filter and the glass, or you can stuff filter wool behind the filter. Anything to stop little fishies going in there.

Pros - Filters quick, quietly, lots of water agitation for great oxygen exchange. No noise, simple to clean. Lasts a long time, even in hard water.

Cons - the zeolite cartridges are not needed in a healthy cycled tank. Using them can make your tank dependent on them as they can starve the good bacteria. You need those good bacteria in your filter to keep your water parameters healthy!

Warning - small fish like guppies, danio and tetra can get trapped between filter and glass. Use a non-toxic material like filter wool to fill the gaps. It is not suited to fry! They get sucked into the filter and die.
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on 30 August 2016
Much cheaper than Pets at Home! I actually had and used mine for over a year (as a novice I didn't realise you are supposed to change them more often) however, at last check all the water levels were perfect so it was clearly working. Run very quietly. I like that you can adjust the aeration pump direction. Remember to always wash your filter parts in a bucket of water taken from the tank, not fresh water!
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on 19 June 2011
I'm cursed: Every filter i've ever had has always had a rattling impeller- these being an interpet PF mini (the worst filter in the world- suction cups that kept coming loose, how fiddly it was and and how ineffective it was) them I moved onto a TetraTec Easycrystal 250 (how extremely ineffective it was as i even saw fish waste coming back into the tank, how you couldnt access the impeller and also how loud it was). The Easycrystal eventually broke altogether and so my search for an effective and quiet filter began again. I heard that the Fluval U1 was very good but there were some extremely criticising reviews of it as well. I had been eyeing the stingray since i ditched the PF mini and so decided to buy it. The reason I needed a quiet filter is because my tank is right next to my bed (and i can't move it anywhere else).

The stingray came in a compact box and was smaller than I had expected. I was a bit worried when steam came out of the filter when I submerged the filter in the water, but apparently thats just the zeolite reacting with the water. I turned the filter on and the sudden strong current blew my curious fish across to the other side of the tank. I then aimed the head at the side of the tank which rectified my problem. The filter was quiet apart from a small rattling noise.

After a couple of hours the stingray had cleaned up the mucky water the EasyCrystal had left behind leaving it crystal clear. I was impressed until:

Two days later the rattling noise was louder and the sound continued to grow until it started to irritate and frustrate me, this must have been a faulty unit which was surprising as there was an orange QC passed sticker on the box. I couldn't return the filter as it must have already been dirty after sucking in all the muck from the TetraTec.

When i first opened the filter i saw the powerhead was easily removable and so when I decided I had to do something I turned off the filter and removed the powerhead. (This was turning out to be a messy job, I turned on the powerhead deparate from the water and the filter. The impeller was rattling its heart out. I did a ton of research on the internet with the most popular soloution being removing the impeller and rubbling a light-medium coat of vaseline all around and onto the impeller. After replacing the impeller into the powerhead and powerhead into the filter I replaced the filter into the tank and turned it on. I walked back and trod on the impeller cover (arrgh!), after replacing the impeller cover I turned on the filter. The filter was still rattling but this was expected as the impeller needed to spin to settle the vaseline in place. After about 4 hours the filter was so quiet the only way I knew it was running was the water movement at the side. It was unbelievable!

So now there are no more irritations and sleepless nights.

Back to the filter: Now that it's quiet and it's VERY VERY effective i think it's an excellent filter for the price and would definately recommend this filter to entry level fishkeepers.
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on 27 March 2016
I bought this filter from Pets at Home about a month ago. Since then, on 3 occasions my tetras or harlequins have become trapped around the back of this filter where the suckers are. One of the times I didn't notice until the morning and unfortunately the fish was dead. The other two times, on moving the filter the fish has swum off looking a little shaken.
This is a terrible filter for small fish as seem to regularly swim in between the gap between the suckers and get trapped.
review image
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on 28 February 2011
It's quiet, it looks good, and is very, very effective. The top of the filter can be twisted to aim the flow at the side of the tank if it's too powerful.

Please select the right size filter for the right size tank as it is a powerful piece of kit.

Does its job, keep the water crystal for a LONG time!
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on 17 April 2012
We have the elite stingray 10, it is the only filter we have ever had for our tank, and have had it about 4 years. It is working as well now as the first day we bought it. The carbon baskets, I was advised to change every 6 weeks, but I confess I do not change them that often. The sponges we clean in aquarium water, as is normal, but only change those if they become split or raggy.
But you need to remove the bottom of the motor/pump where the impeller is and clean that regularly, get all the sludge and muck out. We also have hard water here, so that needs knocking off as well. I had not done it for a while, an oversight on my part, and the filter was not working so well, but now I have dealt with that, it is back to perfect again.
I would totally recommend this product, it works well for us and we have no complaints with it.
It does come with instructions of how to take it apart and what needs cleaning.
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on 3 December 2012
My old filter didn't do a great job of cleaning Malawi Cichlid waste, but when i changed over to the stingray, my water went from slitly murky and full of poo to crystal clear and most of the waste gone!
What a filter.
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This is a great filter and when i put it in my tank and turned it on, I thought at first it wasn't working, I could not hear a thing, but to my surprise I could see small waste fragments being sucked in to the bottom, plus the water was flowing very smoothly out of the top, I could not believe how quiet it was. They are that good I have two.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on 26 January 2012
When I received the filter I panicked when I looked at the box because it said it was for up to 50L, whereas in the picture above it shows up to 37.8L. I thought I had been sent the next size up and I know that this is a powerful filter so you really do need the right size.
After thoroughly checking, I found that I had received the right product, but the picture above is actually showing US measurements!

The filter was very easy to install, literally out of the box and straight into the tank. When you first switch the filter on there is a whoosh of cloud, but it's just the carbon and zeolite cartridges activating. I have had the filter for about a week now, and it's kept the water crystal clear whereas before it was cloudy. I'm not sure when the cartridges will need replacing yet though, but to avoid upsetting the good bacteria, I will rinse one out in siphoned tank water and replace the other.

If your tank has high ammonia levels then this will not solve the problem. The cartridges will HELP, but you will still need to buy live bacteria such as Nutrafin Cycle or put media in from an established tank i.e. decorations etc.

Although the instructions say to keep the filter at least 1cm below the surface of the water, I put it just below the waterline to agitate and aerate the water to give the fish more oxygen. They seem to love it so I'm happy.

I fully recommend this filter as it's a good price, the replacement filter pads and cartridges aren't too expensive, considering you only need to change one of them once a month (or less), gives great water agitation and aeration, and the filter isn't too big for the tank (my tank is 33 UK litres), and most importantly it does the job!
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on 10 December 2016
Great filter! Cant recommend highly enough. Bought it to replace a Fluval filter which seemed to gunk up and leave our fish tank cloudy if not cleaned for only a week.
This one is quiet and just performs and performs week in week out. You could be forgiven for remembering that the tank needs cleaning!
Only minor gripe and certainly not worth deducting a star is that it could be easier to disassemble. There are cartridges that contain stones of some kind that need prying out with a crowbar to clean/replace. A minor issue though
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