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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation3|Edition: Standard|Change
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on 30 October 2016
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on 28 April 2016
Good game.
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on 28 March 2013
I have never played a BF game, i heard great things about and it but like a lot of people just stuck to the COD's of this world. Wow what a mistake on my part. A friend gave me a premium pack code for the game, so i dusted it off and fired it up and will never look back.
In fairness at first i sucked real bad i had no clue what was going on in some of the modes and my first trip in a plane ended up with me nose diving into a field.
So i went on you tube and watched some beginners tip videos and then i started to get it and boy oh boy once it gets it's claws in this game is one of the best most richest MPs ever.
I started out playing Team Deathmatches at first to get the swing of it and have just gone on to the conquest mode which is amazing
Remember always put yourself in a squad and stick with one gun at first as you get attachments for it automatically by killing people. At first your gun may be pants but it will end up a beast. Just be patient. Try not to just run and gun, be a soldier use your smarts and you will grow to love every minute of it.
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on 1 November 2012
For the short version; the sound is fantastic, the graphics are as good as the trailers suggested and the gameplay is still pretty reasonable. However limits of these current generation consoles become apparent in several ways, with regular sound freezes and limited destructibility on larger maps, not to mention the multiplayer is still limited to a middling 12v12. With a frustrating lack of starting weaponry and equipment, it is pretty hard to maintain parity with long term players due to their huge advantages in vehicles compared to a new player, which means compared to Bad Company 2, you will essentially have to 'grind' in order to get anywhere.
For anyone who buys a non-premium version of Battlefield 3 you will be looking forward to a long slog to unlock anything useful, but will have great fun attempting it.

Bad Points:
Compared to Bad Company 2, the graphics are hazy, with many maps being covered in floating dust clouds that make long range aiming harder, combined with many indestructible buildings, makes some maps a little irritating and counter productive at times. Aiming also appears to be different as the autoaim seems to have more gravity, in other words unlike on BC2 where you can press aim and line up a headshot for yourself, Battlefield 3 seems to instantly teleport your sight to the enemy's chest. Great if you can't aim but I preferred the more subtle guidance BC2 gave.
The spotting system is just as glitchy, not always registering something you have been staring at for a minute while hammering the spot button.
The upgrade system is probably more intuitive in a way, as weapon upgrades are unlocked for the specific weapon you are using rather than overall. Ofcourse this means if you want to try out a different weapon you have unlocked, there won't be any gadgetry on it to make it as useful as whatever you used before. The benefits are quicker upgrading for the weapons you do use, but at the cost no overall upgrades for the weapons you don't. I'm not entirely sure it was executed properly.
The same holds true for vehicles, with each vehicle having it's own separate set of upgrades. Hoorah I thought originally, however I then realised that the much vaunted jet was an absolute terror to try and upgrade. With only a machinegun to start with, expect a lot of crashing and pointless deaths just to unlock the heat seeking missiles that would actually allow new players some sort of parity with the resident server airheads.

Good points:
The maps for BF3 are varied and interesting, there are a couple of Call of Duty-esk boxing ring matches that I usually avoid but for the most part, the maps allow for that productive, team based effort that is the hallmark of the Battlefield series. There are also a lot more
The vehicles, despite some annoying points already covered, are great fun. The jeeps are extremely useful, being mobile heavy machine guns, the tanks are still solid and require some taking down. Helicopters fly a little differently to Bad Company 2 but seem much more responsive to commands. Jets are great fun to fly about, even if you can't hit anything. APCs still are the bane of terrain and hiding infantry.
The return of the squad leader is fairly interesting, you can still spawn on any squad mates but the squad leaders are the only ones who can do attack/defend orders on points, this means everyone benefits from following orders are they all gain the experience boost of a fulfilled order - a good incentive to act as a team.

To summarise, if you haven't played Battlefield before, you'll probably not even notice most of what I have mentioned, if you have played Bad Company 2, I'd recommend BF3 if you want a slightly less intense feeling game. There are elements that will frustrate any player but they are counterbalanced by the fluid gameplay and the engine is still a glory to behold.
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on 5 January 2012
Do not buy this for the single player game, it doesn't last very long and is quite limited in it's scope, think of it more as a tutorial for the multiplayer option.

I have been a COD player for as long as I can remember. I dabbled in Battlefield 2 on the PC around 5 years ago but it was shortlived and Modern Warfare 2 was a game changer for me. Anyhow the falling price on BF3 compared to MW3 compelled me to buy this instead, and I am glad that I did. The COD games are great, but they are a different kettle of fish compared to the BF series. This has far more depth and allows players of all levels to compete on the battlefield. The soldier classes are well structured and the weapons seem to be well balanced. Piloting planes, helicopters and vehicles takes some practice, but is great fun. The maps are absolutely HUGE and include brilliant destructible environment, someone hiding in a building, just blow the wall out!

The sense of teamwork in this game is its strong point, players actively work together to reach an objective unlike the COD games where it tends to be lone wolf tactics. I have just downloaded the additional map pack which has again expanded the game.

Really enjoying this and for me I will find it hard to go back to COD after this.
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on 29 January 2012
Battlefield 3 is by far the best war game of the decade.
If your an online multipayer gamer then this is the best game for you its got superb graphics, gameplay is smooth and online servers are reliable.
It beats the entire call of duty franchise by far, and im not being bias i played all of them except mw3 (i didnt want to buy an expensive update for mw2), call of duty had its good parts it was fast paced and it had lots of gametypes but it quickly becomes annoying and people would start sending you crazy offensive messages if you killed them too many times.
Although call of duty does have better offline abilities with they're multiplayer and spec ops(or new name), which is great to play with your friends and is also what battlefield is missing, aside from this battlefield beats CoD entirely.
I find that the battlefield community is a lot more open and friendly in games and out of the game(on battlelog) aside from the obvious hate between pc gamers and console gamers which all games have to endure.
If you're ready to mature and join the realistic battle which will keep you entertained for years BF3 is the game for you.
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on 1 March 2012
Not going into the game play I just want to mention something about those people who gave out a 1 star rating relating to possible lag issues etc...
I have a strange feeling this is related to their Internet Service Provider they are using and or modem/router issues. (I have MW3 also and this does lag badly a lot of the time but there are differences in multiplayer connections here)
I have a Broadband fibre connection 40mb+ download etc.. running off 1gb switch etc..With Battlefield3 I have run 3 PS3 stations at the same time on my network with perfect mulitiplayer connectivity NO lag etc...
So please check before giving this game a 1 star or else you might not get another game or improved game like this in future.
Recently in the UK the BE Broadband network had service problems which had been ongoing for months so please check your connections.

Battlefield 3 (PS3)
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on 5 November 2011
While the campaign on this game is somewhat mediocre for a first person shooter, most people picking up Battlefield 3 are going to be interested in the online mode. In comparison, the multiplayer should be the selling point of this game - forget the campaign. Many want to compare this game to Call of Duty, and perhaps that's valid. As a basic comparison, Battlefield provides a somewhat more realistic and (dare I say) adult online environment compared to it's competition - don't expect to find a large community of snipers doing 'trick shots'.

Gameplay is far more team-based than most other titles and this works really well. If you're looking for something which resembles a typical deathmatch-esque shooter, this probably isn't the title for you - the Battlefield series isn't about running around alone shooting everything - there's much more strategy involved and playing a specific role is a must.

For a few quick points on the multiplayer:
+ Great selection of weapons which are largely well balanced.
+ The new engine looks great and functions well. Few glitches.
+ Getting into a game is surprisingly easy, I've had no issues with matchmaking.
+ Vehicles are very well implemented, adding a great deal of depth to the game.
+ Unlocks, unlocks, unlocks. Pretty much everything can be modified. However, it would be nice to have some more starting unlocks for vehicles, since you may struggle at first with limited aircraft weaponry.
+ Very good maps - beautifully sculpted, although destruction tends to change that pretty quickly!

- Some bugs do exist. Few are a problem, and should be patched soon. I'm yet to find anyone exploiting them.
- Menus are somewhat clunky (not terrible given the sheer amount of customisation). This is irrelevant once you're in a game, and so shouldn't stop you from buying it.
- Needs a mode for flight training. Would advise against jumping into air vehicles as a passenger for the first few weeks, since crashes are common for new players. Flying isn't too easy or too difficult, but does take some practice, which can be very frustrating for your teammates.

It's worth noting that patches are quite large in filesize, but do make a LOT of improvements. There's some indication they may revamp the UI to one designed by the community - DICE do listen to their customers.

Overall: It's a good game, with enough features to keep players busy for a LONG time. COD players should give this a go if they're looking for something a little different, since the two play very differently. Some bugs could use work, but with any luck DICE and EA will pull that together. With DLC coming as soon as December, it's looking like a bright future for this game.
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on 28 December 2011
Battlefield 3 is fun and great to play online however i did find it a bit glitchy and buggy at first but since the update it has improved just about right e.g. connection, servers, glitches and so on.....

I would say this is better than Modern Warfare 3 if you are someone who is looking for a more combat army style game. Brilliant game.
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on 30 December 2011
I am a rare breed a gamer that is i am over 50 years old!!
since my son obtained bf3 i am unable to stop playing it racking up 108 hours already.
The game is so realistic and apart from a few irritations it really does have it all.
everytime you play you seem to unlock something good for the guns or vehicles your using, and the awards system is nice with multi coloured ribbons adding up towards your medals.
when you first play dont worry to much about your KD as you will like me get mullered for a while until you learn the maps and get used to the guns and upgrades. Flying is tricky and i just cant do it but there are plenty of other vehicles which are easy to drive.
As you get better the game gets better if your reactions are slow due to age dont worry you can use things like claymores, very effective if you place them in well used places. The mortar can get you a few kills unhindered but dont fire too many shells before moving position as the enemy like to stalk the mortar crew and knife them.
In my opinion this is the best fps shooter on the market and if an old duffer like me can enjoy and do well that get it and give it a go.
good choice of game modes, great graphics and addictive gameplay.
dont talk about it get it.
dont buy it for the campaign it is truly a god of a multiplayer
if anyone is 50 or over and would like to be in a squad of oldies i can be found in bf3 as Oldbutnotcrap
Thanks for reading
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