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on 1 July 2013
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on 14 November 2012
If you have seen or played Bethesda's Elder Scrolls V, Skyrim, then you will know that this is a truly epic game, with literally hundreds of locations, characters and quests that will provide you with many hours of gaming entertainment. What happens, though, if you get stuck? If you are part way through a quest and can't quite get something to work? Well, this Official Game Guide is designed to be your answer.

First, the good news:-

1. If it's in the game, it's in the guide. This tome is as epic as the game itself. The expanded edition is an A4 volume that runs to 860 pages, and every one of them is jam packed with facts and detail about the game. The level of detail really is incredible.

2. All the right content is there. The expanded edition has been updated with material for the Dawnguard DLC pack, but both original and this edition of the book will provide you with details of every character you will encounter; complete and detailed maps of all the [fixed] locations within the game; careful walk-through guides for every part of every quest. If you get stuck, this is the place to go.

Now the bad news:-

1. Even at 860 pages, the publishers had so much information to cram into this hefty tome that they chose to reduce the font size down to something that nearly deserves to be called "microscopic". No, I am not exaggerating. A typical paperback novel will be printed at 10-point (12 characters per inch) or 12-point (10 characters per inch). This guide is printed at approximately 30 characters per inch, which is a little over "2 point" text. Please don't underestimate how small that is: my eyesight is OK, but I struggle to read this unaided, and I find doing so incredibly tiring. Good news: Amazon stock some terrific magnifying glasses... Save your eyes, get one of these: Full Page Magnifier Sheet

2. At first the structure is pretty daunting - it just looks like a huge compendium of "stuff" without much order to it. On balance, the most valuable portion of the book might be a very short section right at the beginning, where the game designers give guidance on how to take on the various skills and perks offered by the game, to better pursue your chosen "Path" [ with some of the options including "Stealth", "Might", and "Sorcery"]. Here you will learn how to blend skills and perks together, enabling you to develop as your chosen character type until you are able to take on all that Skyrim can throw at you.

There's so much more besides - it's almost impossible to do justice to a guide that's quite this vast in just a brief review.

Summary: an excellent, incredibly detailed and value-for-money insight into the world of Skyrim, only let down by the decision to publish in such a tiny, tiny font. Order this with a magnifying glass and you will be sorted!
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on 8 July 2013
This is the must-have manual for all those Dragonborn adventurers who want the complete Skyrim experience. The dungeon maps are very helpful, as are the comprehensive tips about character development. The manual gives complete lists of armour, weapons, potions, ingredients, companions, quests ... what's not to like? And very reasonably priced for what you get. The really great thing is that it does contain spoilers but you don't have to look! You can dip in and out as you wish. Happy adventuring!
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on 23 February 2013
This book has to be the way other user guides should be, it is in easy to follow steps and so much info it is absorbing to read and nearly takes you away from playing the game for a while due to the shear volume of info, buy it if you have the game and even an expert of which I am not as it just worth it for the read.
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on 21 November 2012
If your playing Skyrim you definately need this to help you find your way round all the quests, side quests and minor quests. This edition also includes the additional info for the new DLC. A must have even if your only using it as a reference book for potions etc.
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on 21 March 2013
This guides you through everything you need to know about the world of Skyrim, I used it to help me select what quest to do first and order my game play to get the most out of a massive RPG. Shame the Xbox game is so glitchy! but thats not this books fault
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on 5 March 2013
This is an extremely detailed guide, containing just about everything you would need to know in order to complete Skyrim and it's expansions, and I would recommend anyone who wants to play Skyrim to completion should buy this book.

The only thing that that prevents me giving it a full 5 star rating is the way in which it is indexed, as you really have to remember who it was you picked the quest from that you're working on as they're indexed that way, and by that I mean if you want to check the quest 'Darkness Returns' it is not in the index under 'D'. You'll find it listed as 'Thieves Guild Quest: Darkness Returns' and therefore listed under 'T', this might sound a little trivial but when you have many quests in your log and you need to refer to the guide to check a quest you picked up a few days ago it can make things very difficult.
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on 7 October 2013
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on 10 June 2013
I am a full-time mum and find very little time to game anymore, which makes this guide invaluable to walkthrough the quests. I love, love, love The Elder Scrolls!
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on 12 June 2013
Its really a good book, has all the locations for every thing in the game, it really helps out if you get stuck on any part of the game.
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