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Customer reviews

3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
Education Anglaise [VHS]
Format: VHS Tape|Change
Price:£9.95+ £2.80 shipping

on 4 April 2017
This review may contain spoilers. This is, perhaps the French idea of English boarding school education but it is done in the sexiest way when Sylvie, an orphan, is sent away by her guardian so that he can pursue his lecherous ways. This is the sort of school in which all the girls are obviously older than they are portrayed and stunningly sexy when they strip off - which is quite often to receive their punishments or to take a bath together in what appears to be the only bath tub in the building. The caretaker certainly didn't mind. There is a ridiculous subplot about an escaped convict in drag who becomes the most unconvincing looking female teacher ever, but perhaps this is meant to be the comedy bit, not that there was much comedy anyway. Still, those nubile French lovelies stripping off more than compensated.

The Region 0 UK DVD on the Naughty label has all the previous BBFC cuts reinserted with a run time of 88 minutes. The image quality looks good with an aspect ratio of 1.66:1. Languages are English and French with removable English subtitles. The only extras are trailers for this film and Dressage and a photo gallery.
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on 14 December 2015
Lightly philosophical S&M softcore that starts out good then meanders throughout most of the running time, punctuated though with it's fair share of effectively erotic set ups. The main problem for me was a lack of conflict in the narrative. Characterisation is constant for the key players, but there's no drive. An attempted suicide is thrown in at the 6/8 mark to keep things interesting, but apart from select moments like that it's just a lot of lacklustre fondling and wannabe risque.

Disappointing, but watchable
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on 2 September 2015
Hahahahahah!!! This should be in the comedy section. Rated 18? There is absolutely nothing remotely risque in this movie whatsoever. The storyline is garbage and the acting is laughable.
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on 3 September 2013
Another great dvd , with sexy 70s style stuff going on with areal but perverted story. Girls are great and forthose who like hairy girls then buy.
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on 15 October 2015
excellent service and dvd.
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on 17 March 2009
education anglaise is a erotic story of a girl who gets sent to a school where a dangerous crimnal lives and rapes the girls after playing little dress up games. very boner giving in place. yet another film about school girls being shagged. filmed in french but dubbed over in english. worth the money.
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on 4 December 2008
I was expecting something more like one of Lloyd A Simandl's films. This is (generally) less sexually stimulating than a Lloyd A Simandl movie, but has much higher production values. Some of the scenes are actually very Lloyd A Simandl-ish, especially those involving bathing. Others are more inventive, not least the chariot race. Another inventive scene, the dormitory cat fight, was, for me, a highlight. Not only the production values, but the acting, exceded my expectations. The quality of the cinematography is excellent.

The period detail usually looked right. As a collector of banknotes, I was especially impressed to see what were either genuine pre-war French banknotes or excellent reproductions of them. The only things to strike me as anachronistic were the girls' knickers. I am not a real expert on the history of underwear, but I believe that the style of knickers worn in this film belongs to the 1950s, rather than the 1930s. If I'm correct, it seems a strange mistake for this film to make -- the sort of detail one might expect to be correct.

One of the less convincing aspects of the film was found in the scenes of corporal punishment. Only part of one such scene seemed to carry a sense of reality. That said, I had no expectation of seeing footage from which the actresses might have emerged with genuinely sore bottoms.

I have a couple of reservations about the DVD itself. The more serious concerns the cover picture (and the same picture on the disc itself). This is a still taken from near the end of the film, and could form a spoiler. I advise people to pay little attention to the picture before watching the film. My other reservation is that the DVD did something peculiar when I re-watched a scene, using the scene selection menu. It played the scene with dubbed English dialogue and English subtitles. Seeing it in this form (which I wouldn't have expected to be possible) was rendered more distracting by the fact that the dubbed dialogue and subtitles weren't the same as each other. (I recall one saying "English" whilst the other said "British", I think that there were other examples.) But I had already watched the whole film with dubbed dailogue (no subtitles) and there was no problem about that.
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on 5 February 2008
Education Anglaise is a truly awful film. The only way one can watch it and not throw it immediately in the trash as a complete waste of money is if one watches it as a comedy in the style of the Robin Asquith school of erotica (Confessions of...). I thought this would be better, being French, but it is worse than amateurish. A bunch of college media students could produce a far better effort than this abysmally poor attempt. The actors are risible, their acting skills minimal; the erotic content is absolutely zero; there is no plot; the students are actually adult women with as much sexual appeal as a bag of chips; the direction is totally lacking. The storyline consists of one boring theme that is repeated ad infinitum. After the second or third repeat, one begins to get a little bored. Watching paint dry is far more fun than watching Education Anglaise, mark my words!
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on 22 January 2008
Education anglaise does not refer to the learning of the English language, rather it alludes to a strict form of teaching supposedly used in Victorian times. Certainly a lot more severe than the boarding school education that I received ! The movie starts on a semi humorous note when a couple are so keen to get down to business in a hotel room that they don't even wait for the maid to finish servicing the room before they start to service each other ! Cue for much disrobing and threshing about rudely interrupted by a guy who shoots them both (the old infidelity ploy!) then turns the gun on himself ! This all takes place in France in the elegant 1930's & very quickly we get to know the hapless heroine, Sylvie, who lives with her evil uncle (her guardian, sine the demise of her parents !) - he's the type of guy to whom you'd like to see something really horrible happen. This swine bundles Sylvie off to boarding school so that he can entertain himself with not one but two women at home.
If Sylvie thought things were going to improve at school she quickly finds out otherwise as the women that run the school are similar to the Mother Superior in Silent night deadly night in that minor transgressions merit severe corporal punishment. There is also a caretaker / handyman who delights in pushing young girls around & you hope that something horrible will happen to him too ! The plot thickens when an announcement is made that a local criminal has recently escaped & very soon thereafter a new teacher arrives at the school. She quickly blends into the strict regime of corporal punishment that is dished out & invents some tortures of her own, one being a bizarre chariot race ! The girls, quite understandably, console themselves with nocturnal lesbian activities as there are no fancyable men around - cue for more full frontal action !
Retribution & reprisal are yet to come as the film delves into more perversion & strange sexual behaviour but there's a nice twist in the tale which is hinted at on the front cover photo of the DVD !
Technically speaking this is an excellent crisp print & devotees of the genre will be pleased to learn that the hitherto 1 minute & 34 seconds originally removed by the censors have now been lovingly restored !
Another hit from the aptly titled `Naughty' label !
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