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on 20 November 2005
A very comprehensive suite, but trying to do too much, too soon. In my opinion it has been put on the market without being thoroughly beta tested. Most applications in the suite work OK, once you have managed to work out how to use it. There is no manual, only online help. Unfortunately most of the help files are incorrect, having been written for a previous version and not corrected for this new version. Quite a few menu items are greyed out. I believe they intend to issue an update later for these items. As a retired programmer I was always taught to complete a program and thoroughly test it before launching it onto the market. I was hoping to be able to use VideoWave and DVD maker for my videos. Eventually I succeeded but only after numerous computer crashes and much frustration. Beware - this program has been marketed too soon. I patiently await updates from Roxio to put this right.
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on 23 November 2005
This app is, as was said earlier, full of bugs. Many of the controls/functions are hard to find, almost hidden, unless you spend a lifetime looking for them.
The only difference I can see is that this version allows you to copy music to DVD. Apart from that everything's the same as v7 or v7.5 which load almost instantly whereas v8 takes ages and is broken into the various segments (a new window has to load the specified prog each time you want to do something).
I have been using Easy CD Creator and MGI Photosuite from the time of their original release but now that Sonic has basically taken the reigns its become top-heavy and non-user friendly.
Honestly, stick to v7 or v7.5 if you've any sense?
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on 2 June 2006
I purchased a copy of this software and it worked fine for about a week, it then started to crash and freeze when i tried to open it. I uninstalled the software and tried again, this time it asked me to insert a disc partway through installation, even though it was already in the drive. After about 6 attempts it loaded, and only burned dvds in data format so they would not read on a dvd or computer.

I have to say Amazon were very understanding and let me replace the item, but once again I installed it and it failed. I tried to contact Roxio but the online help was not working, I submitted my problem via the helpdesk and was asked about my machine specification, I supplied the details and heard no more from them even though I continued to ask for help. It costs a small fortune to phone them something like £1 per minute, and I therefore had no option but to return the software again and try another make. I am not the only one it seems who had experienced this type of problem with this package, maybe it is not compatible with Windows Xp service pack 2 machines.
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on 15 January 2006
Having succesfully used Easy CD Creator 4, and then 5, I foolishly decided to invest in Version 8. This was a disastrous decision.
First it was a nightmare to install, as it needed to get DirectX during loading from my PC (Why wasn't whatever was needed included?) and for some reason wouldn't do so.
When I did install it, the result was the disabling of my disc drives and then the computer seized up completely.
After going through a total disc reformat and System Recovery, everything was fine until Media Creator 8 was reinstalled, when the disc drives immediately ceased to function.
A quick System Restore to the time before the installation of MC 8 restored normality.
There is a patch available on the Roxio site which may or may not cure this problem, but I have to have the program installed in order to download it. Why?
In my view, this product is not of merchantable quality, and as another reviewer commented, it should not have been released until its bugs were fixed.
I gave it one star as no stars, or negative stars was not an option
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on 22 March 2006
I have just uninstalled Creator 8 twice after it failed to work properly on my PC. It was causing freezing and crashing. I note that it is 500Meg of software but that there is an update of a further 114Meg available as an update. This tells me that they are very lazy with their software code and have put this product up for sale without testing it adequately - after all why have Quality Control when you can get customers to do that??
I originally had Easy Creator 5 but then made the mistake of loading Norton. Apparently the two have disagreements. I then bought Easy 6 and that worked fine but I lost the disc so I bought Easy 8 after I replaced a hard drive. Big mistake. If you want a headache, a row with your wife, to waste hours fiddling with your PC then this software is perfect for you. If you want to burn a CD or DVD and have a PC on which you already run such strange & unfamiliar programmes as Windows XP & Norton, try something else! Maybe VHS tape?
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on 7 January 2006
I bought Roxio 8 specifically so that we could back up the entire hard drive contents, as we had read in reviews that this would be possible! BUT....only if you have a floppy drive in your computer. Now being a logical person I was under the impression that foppy drives were extinct, they certainly are in my machine (Medion8083, new in April 04) Furthermore I would expect new programmes to use the latest technology, or give you a choice, which you don't get with this one.
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on 24 November 2005
Apparently a very comprehensive programme, I only have experience with the Videowave part of the package,its use of timelines and comprehensive features excellent. Unfortunately although used on a computer which well exceeds required specification, in use there were far too many errors and crashes, "Videowave has encountered a problem and needs to close" being very frequent. Trying to contact Roxio on line support was a challenge. Ater submitting requests, no help has been forthcoming. The alternative £1 per min telephone help to me was not an option.
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on 27 January 2006
Hmm...why all these bad reviews? This product has LOADS of features to play with, it updates itself the first time you start it and it works fine for me (maybe those people experiencing problems haven't updated it?). You can create great looking DVD's without the need for Adobe Premiere and other more expensive software products out there. Burning CD/DVD's is also quicker than nero with less errors, there are so many thing I could talk about...give it a go then decide!
Features: 9/10
Value for money: 7/10
Overall: 8/10
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on 19 April 2006
I think I'm lucky not to have bought this product. I use Easy .. Creator since version 3, which was almost great. Only some problems with the UDF writer (DirectDisc).Version 4 and 5 were also great after some patches. With v6 the problems started. But this was only in the Label Creator (missing scrollbars, which still isn't fixed in 8!!). The engine was really stable. Version 7 is also stable, again after patches.

Then the real horror begins. V7.5 is a nightmare!! No partial installations possible. For instance not to install the retarded audio destroyer and worse: Napster software. Eh, Label Creator: no fixes. I'm rather lucky because I own a dual Xeon HT machine with extreme specs so the required superextragigaturbo resource-demands don't affect me. I thought this was enough.

No, it isn't. To solve problems I mailed support. After a couple of calls the guys mailed me to pay for more support. For V7.5 I bought the download version. Because of internet performance problems I had to re-download some times. Wrong!! After five or so efforts the download is blocked.

One little message of comfort I can give you: The Nero Burning ROM references are almost likewise.

Oh, did I mention some problems with Pinnacle InstantCopy (6,7,8) or Ulead DVD Moviefactory (2,3,4)? Take care and test before you buy!

My motto: Buy the originaland visit the newsgroups first.
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on 17 July 2006
So many negative reports, but this works really well on my elderly machine running XP Pro. At first I had freezes and crashes, and my heart sunk, but then I found they were all caused by the IE7 Beta (now thats a useless bit of software). This has been a real pleasure to use, light years ahead of 6, which I had been using. Only one complaint - if you select the elements you want when first loading, it's quite a surprise to find you get the whole lot anyway! Despite that, I'm impressed; I'd be happy to recommend it to my friends.
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