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Turtle Beach P11 Gaming Headset - PS3 - Frustration Free Packaging
Edition: HS Black Frustration Free Packaging|Change
Price:£22.81+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 3 September 2014
Needed to replace a pair of Px3 for the PS3 that were playing up.

With the PS4 on board, it didnt make sense to re-invest in more PS3 hardware. I have to say that this performs equally well in my mind vs the more expensive Px3. Actually preferred the wired setup and not running out of battery on the wireless model. Feels a bit cheaper made but works and are comfortable to use for extended periods

Tried to use these with the PS4 (going through a DSS-Amp) and it didnt seem to work very well last time. Maybe some firmware changes have fixed this?
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on 18 June 2014
These gaming headphones sound great, look smart and have lasted very well so far.
I've been using these headphones for months now and i love how versatile they are! They are ideal for gaming obviously, the surrond sound is very clear and literally brings out the best in games. Shooters, you can hear very clearly where footsteps are coming from, giving you an edge. Horrors will make you jump when you hear a loud noise from the darkness! The bass is pretty good in these but isnt seperately adjustable but the sound hasnt distorted on me yet when turned up. One of the best features imo is that you can seperately adjust how loud the incoming game chat is, meaning you can shut all the annoying screaming 12 yr olds up with out having to go through awkward menus to mute them! Bonus!
Another brilliant feature that is better than blutooth headsets is the fact you can use these as general headphones! If you want to listen to music or films in private (to avoid disturbing others) it works for these too! 10/10 !
Buy em!
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on 26 April 2015
Super headphones, only missing noise cancelling to be great.Excellent sound for the money, really enhance gaming experience.
However, after only 6 months the cable frayed at the entry into the headset, causing the microphone to stop working.
Luckily, as the headphones are well made, they dismantle easily, and I was able to resolder a shortened cable into place.
If it wasn't for the cable problem, they would have earned 5 stars.
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on 10 June 2014
I picked one of these up when they were on offer recently and have been very impressed.

I'm primarily an Xbox gamer and only use my PS3 occasionally so I didn't want to spend too much and was torn between buying this P11 or the similarly-priced "PLa", also from Turtle Beach. After comparing specs and user reviews between the pair of them, I decided on the P11 as it has slightly larger (50mm) speakers and seemingly has the better sound quality.

I must say the sound quality is surprisingly good. I own, and have owned, a number of far more expensive headsets and this doesn't sound too shabby at all by comparison. As you might expect, there's a bit of hum and distortion at the very top end of the volume scale, but the volume can be set high enough without that being a factor. I like to play games like Battlefield at high volume to fully appreciate the accompanying audio-frenzy and the P11 passes that test with flying colours.

The headset is wired, but the cable length is pretty generous and the headset itself is quite lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods. Game and Chat volumes are controlled independently via an inline box which is slightly more fussy than having them integrated into the headphone casing, but the control box doesn't weigh much and can be clipped onto a belt, or pocket.

Being USB-powered, there's no batteries, charging or power switches to worry about. Just leave it plugged-in and it's good to go the minute you switch your console on.

Overall, I've been delighted with my purchase. For the price (£20) it was something of a bargain.
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on 10 June 2015
Great product as all turtles are. Quite delicately built. If you are heavy handed or a spoilt little brat with no respect for the stuff your hard working parents buy for you, then you will be breaking these quite soon.

Brilliant sound quality, and for the money, you cant go wrong. These and the creative fatality both excellent on this price point.
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on 27 March 2014
I was looking to purchase the first pair of headphones which worked on my ps3 and pc and these do not disappoint. They are easy to connect and work well, with easy controls to change the level of volume of the game and your voice. They are a good value for money, just don't expect the build quality to be amazing, It has an obvious plastic feel to it but works just fine and the mic is good and also easy to put away from your face when you don't want to talk.
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on 28 January 2016
My son used these headphones for a couple of years before he upgraded to a PS4. They were treated pretty casually, but they withstood it all and continued working well. He loved them, found them very comfortable. We have now sold them on, on ebay, still working fine.
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on 22 April 2015
Very good. Only problem I have had is from when I left them out and stood on them. The ear piece is broken now but still works. I don't understand how people are breaking them so easily. I can only think of them being careless. If you take care of them they won't let you down.

Also very good for online gaming. For example call of duty. The microphone is clear, everyone sounds loud and clear and you can hear yourself a little too when you speak which is probably good for something. Singing maybe?

Only one thing I can fault is the fact you can hear a little bit of feedback or something when your game is loading or its a quiet part of the game and it can get a little annoying. All in all though I have enjoyed these and have lasted longer than my last lair which were gioteck. Very good.
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on 10 February 2014
I bought these for my son & no matter how I set them up, either using the HDMI cable or the, red/white/yellow cables, you can only hear & not speak, which is ok but not how he wants it. The sound itself is incredible, the tv can be turned right down so as not to annoy others but the headphones can be turned up to almost deafening & you hear footsteps coming from different directions in CoD etc, useful for taking out the enemy! I'd give them 5 stars easily if the mic problem wasn't there. Very good for the price, if we could get the mic working they would be outstanding value!
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on 26 September 2015
One of the best headphones I have ever used. They are quite comfortable and the sound is superb with deep bass. The mic audio quality is very impressive and you get the ability to turn them on and off. I bought these for use with my PC, really pleased with purchase. Tried a few other headsets but nothing comes close to these and for the price I paid a bargain.
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