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got bike for my son he thinks its fab and he should know had bikes all his life and price greast dj
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on 15 August 2017
First class product
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on 3 May 2014
Decided to purchase a folding bike so I could take it with me in the car to explore areas other than just the area around where I live. it arrived ahead of the designated delivery date which meant that it took just two days from ordering to the time I received the bike. It folds up v easily and seems a well built product. At some point in the near future I will buy a set of road tyres for this bike as the tyres are not suited to road use...but it was purchased as a dual suspension mountain bike so I'm not complaining. So far I have no complaints or issues regarding the bike.
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on 30 May 2015
at first i was impressed. folding mechanism etc is brilliant. cycling on road was very hard. lioads of resistance and brakes dodgy. i got the gears professionally set and the guy in the shop commented all the parts were low quality.

1 year on after light use.... both wheel bearing gone. they have 1.5inch wobble . brakes gone. they stay on at the back . the v brake spindle is low quality resulting in no spring as hard to turn. i replaced the v brakes but its the frame the problem. both tubes went at the valve. gears impossible to use ..avoid twist grip gears.

so great concept but cheap as chips parts.
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on 30 May 2014
some people will say its good, and others will say its bad..but I will tell you everything about it:
- The seat is from rock, (thats doesn't even accept an argue) so you need to order a comfortable seat or take in consideration putting some soft material on the seat.
- Overall the build of the bike is more than good.
- the bike in general is not heavy, but when you fold it It is Too heavy, that means you can't carry it more than 1min.
- I took the bike to the forest in my first day, it was nice to ride.
- frontal wheels brake is Mechanical Disc Brakes, its different than the one in the back. so you really need to take it to a specialist or to watch enough on youtube tutorials about how to set up Mechanical Disc Brakes. (I receive the bike today, It took me 1 hours to set it up because of the Mechanical Disc Brakes in the frontal wheels, and until now i couldn't figure out so i will take it to a shop tomorrow..(however the back brakes works well and they are already set-up from the Ecosmo.
Happy or not happy? well I bought the bike so i can take it to public transports where i live in Paris..sadly when i folded the bike the bus driver told me its forbidden to take folding bikes in bus..I went to the office of the RATP to ask and they told me the same, But its good at least I can take it with me in any metro and any train..
worse things in this bike:
- The hand are little bit harsh..and the seat feels 100% like "rock", so its a must to put soft material on the seat and the hands.
- frontal wheels Mechanical Disc Brakes is not easy to set-up..manual didn't explain any good details about that.
conclusion: I am not disappointed at the moment, I will take the bike to the shop tomorrow (after two days to be precise because people don't work in france during the weekend) so he can set for me the frontal brake..
maybe I will look from now for comfortable seat..
Recommendation: Buy or not to buy?
- if you want the bike to fold it and carry it for distance = don't buy it its not for you because it is too heavy and impossible to be carried on shoulder more than 1min..(hardly i say 1min)
- if you want the bike to take it with you in train and metro = buy it, its good..just take in consideration the notes above about the hand and the seat.
CARRY BAG: If you want to put the bike in the bag and carry it outside (then forget the whole idea, because the bike and the bag can't be carried on shoulder..the bag is SO HUGE. (I mean IT)
If you want the bag for the house so u can put the bike in it (OK, you can buy the bag, but its not impressive)..
I don't like the bag at all maybe because i was shocked how big is the bike..
the bike from ECOSMO website is cheaper for about 5
I will update this review when I set the frontal brake and find comfortable seat.
for the moment 3 starts out of 5..(will be updated soon)

So I went with it through a metro and train in Paris, find it handy as you don't need to carry the bike (bcz it will be then heavy) but you can fold it and then you can push it (one of the wheels will do the job and will turn) so overall it do the job as should be.

stars moved from 3 to 4 stars and I think I will end up here.

how the bike can get 5 stars?
Very easy:
- If It is light and has comfortable seat and hands "and better gears" it will be the best 2014 folding bike.
I just don't understand what it will cost a manufacturer to make a bike light and more comfortable when in respond their bike could become the best folding bike of this year for its price??
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on 15 May 2017
Some mechanical skill required for assembly. Halfords may assemble at a fee. Suggest Halfords annual maintenance agreement. They gave excellent asistance.
I managed to assemble it myself and except for retapping an internal screw thread, no problems.
I was surprised that every thing worked immediately without adjustment.
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on 9 May 2014
Takes a little effort to put it together but well worth the time. Use the bike daily and it is perfect for both road and off-road..One the to make sure is that you tighten the bike properly before going off-road - however this is not the bikes fault just common sense. No complaints at all, excellent value for money.
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on 28 May 2014
I've only had this bike 6 months!

In that time unfortunately, I've had to replace the rear brake cable because it's snapped and the brake blocks because they've worn out, the rear inner tube and tyre because the tread wore out and will shortly have to replace the front tyre as the tread is wearing thin. The quality in general is below standard and the finish is not weather proof as I keep my bike inside and use WD40 on it weekly to help prevent rust but it's still spreading. The chain has snapped twice (the second time may be due to my misjudgement in tightening the links but still does not remove the issue of metal fatigue from cheap manufacturing!) and the folding pedals are in the process of disintegrating.

I use this every weekday for cycling a few miles between home, work and the train stations I get on and off at. I've not had any accidents or used it for cross-country, tricks etc. I just go on roads and paved cycle paths. I would not recommend this for anyone.
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on 18 July 2014
Very good company ,brilliant service,brilliant delivery it was so fast. Bike was easy to put together ,I did get help with the disc brake as i had no experience with these before.
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on 11 May 2014
Bought this bike to ride in the forest. its easy to fold and lift into the car, great to ride, and easy to store. I am very pleased with it a great purchase.
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