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on 1 June 2009
I love this product, I'm overweight from eating too much and slothing in front of the computer. I have since thought that fitness games would inspire me to get back into fitness like the good old days when I was a teen.

Here is what I found between the 3 products I tried out.

3rd place Wii Fit:
*tracked progress,
*wii fit board takes weight measurements
*Slightly tailored sessions
*Fun games
*The beeps and squeals get tiresome and repetitive (maybe less so for a younger user)
*inconsistent readings on how I am performing
*Games seem too easy and mostly don't work up a sweat.
*limited rest/workout calender.

2nd place Fitness coach:
*Somewhat inspires me to come back daily
*Personal trainer
*tracks progress
*limited workout/rest days system
*Trainer goes offbeat and makes her/him hard to follow
*no rewards
*trainer is excruciatingly repetitive
*trainer doesn't respond to your actual movement (doesn't use any equipment that feeds your movement into the wii)

1st place! EA's Active
*Detailed Reward system
*Tracks progress
*each exercise has detailed movement tracking
*Uses wii fit board, bands(included), weights, for some exercises
*Dietary and lifestyle progress/reporting (if you want it)
*great games to distract you from a tough workout -I always feel knackered and well worked after a session but somehow got though it trying to achieve the goals set.
*ingenious workout system. Choose to have a number of workouts a week OR hours per week/session OR 30 day challenge with rest days that work around days you need off OR set certain days per week
*Make sure you have fresh batteries and hold the remotes exactly as shown in the video - often it would catch me out and tell me I wasn't doing the moves right when it was just the way I was holding the remote.
*Doesn't measure weight with wii fit board.
*Resistant bands supplied were too easy (purchased some more resistant ones).

I hope there is some useful info in there for anyone who is undecided.
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Whoop! This game is everything I had hoped for. Having been an avid gym-goer I wanted something a bit more challenging than the Wii Fit which I have to say is nearly useless unless you are very unfit or limited as to what activity you can do, it's ideal for my husband with his back problems but was a disappointment on the fitness front for me. When I saw this one I was really excited and I have to say it has easily lived up to my expectations! Now I am not in the elite fitness category by any means, but I am no stranger to exercise either and this seems ideal for my needs as it is possible to adapt the workouts to increase intensity and if required it would be very easy to swap out the resistance band for a stiffer one or use weights on the muscle exercises.

You can let the game create workouts for you based on your chosen intensity (choose from low medium or high intensity) and either do them as-is or take out the bits you don't want and then do them. Or, you can create a custom workout from any of the available exercises- there is no limit to what you can put in it or where, and as you add the exercises into the workout it calculates the projected calorie burn and time as you go along- brilliant!

The exercises are great, not too finicky and based more on effort than pin-point accuracy. The boxing I particularly liked, but there were none I hated and the workouts are varied so they don't become boring or slow- time will tell on this issue- although I can't imagine it ever grinding to the screeching halt that the Wii Fit does after a couple of weeks because it's so much more about working up a sweat than standing around wondering what you're least bored of to have a go at.

It's also worth mentioning that the music is well chosen- it's motivating, driving and up-beat and it plays all different tracks as you go through the exercises, the music is a varied and suitable backdrop to the exercises. You can choose to limit the styles if you wish or have any and all music for more variety. This I thought was a very significant improvement from the game-show style repetitive music of the Wii Fit which I'm sure has driven everyone mad who owns the game.

One more point is the balance board- this game is compatible with it but I really don't think it needs it. The exercises take enough information from the positioning and movement of the remote and nunchuck to do away with the board. It does add to some exercises but I don't think you'd miss it if you don't have one, particularly as the innovative leg strap idea works really well.

I don't want to ramble on and on too much about the details of this game, there are too many to go into, but if you want a more challenging and varied workout with less interruptions and better music than the Wii Fit, get this. I am so chuffed with it!
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on 22 May 2009
Firstly, it's not a 'game', not sure why people insist on calling this a 'game'! It's an interactive fitness aid, that is both motivational and more importantly fun!

The supplied nunchuk holster is well made and stays in position on the thigh very well. The resistance band looks cheap, probably is cheap but does the job its supposed to do, hopefully it should last for years on.

I liked creating the profile at the beginning and its so informative, with calorie tracking, goals, achievements, daily diary and more.

I began with a normal 20 minute workout. After 5 minutes I was sweating and breathing quite heavy! Partly because I am so unfit but mostly because the workouts are well structured and professional, also the video tutorials are great & once a technique is master you can skip the video.

After my workout I actually felt very positive and had that great 'buzz' feeling. Basically I want to train to do a 6 mile run in 5 months time and don't really want to hit the streets yet because I am so unfit and well, it's the embarrasing factor of starting out!

So Sports Active fits so well into my way of training and my lifestyle - I am really looking forward to the 30 day challenge :-)

I recommend this strongly! Throw me a mountain :-)
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on 25 May 2009
Day 3 of the 30 day challenge and I am aching all over. I run most days, but decided to use this to add to my fitness routine. All I can say is that it certainly making me use muscles that badly need toned. I love the kickboxing, inline skating and even the running / walking and grin and bare the lunges, squats and all things that make me feel the burn! I haven't had any problems with the controls and I also use with the wii fit board.

I love the way you can see calories being burned. I find that motivational. It doesn't bother me that you cannot weigh yourself as I just flip to the wii fit channel I've added to the wii menu to get a quick body check when i want it.

All in all I am happy with this product and I can see me using it most days as part of my exercise routine.

Oh, and I am no fitness freak, but a 50 year old unfit, overweight lady recovering from a long illness. If I can manage this then most people can.
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on 1 June 2009
I was mad keen to get started on the EA Sport Active. I have the Personal Trainer, and the Wii Fit - I love them both in different ways, but I loved that the Sport Active had so many different challenges. Starting with the good: It's really well put together, the kit is well made, and having made the classic error of ripping the box open and getting stuck in - I finally looked at the instructions and got my resist band fitted correctly. The workouts are brilliant - challenging and varied - everything they claimed to be.

The bad: I'm fit enough, but I have thighs that would have made Reuban blush, the thigh strap isn't big enough for me to fit it where it should go, so it slides down and a 30 minute workout takes 50 minutes as everytime I tried to do any of the exercises that required it - the band would slip down because it wasn't high enough, or if I put it where it was supposed to be, the band would rip apart when I flexed the muscle beneath it. It got incredibly frustrating and in terms of heart rate and structure of a proper work-out was really counter-productive. The good news is I managed a fix of sorts. I wear work-out shorts and position the leg strap loose down the front of them. It's not great - there's some shifting about, but at least I'm able to successfully get through a routine.

If you do have thunder-thighs, then there's still much merit in this product, however, you might have to consider getting creative to use it.

The other slight niggle I have with all the Wii-fit products is that there's no negotiation for low-impact exercise. Recovering from an old sports injury means that jumping (for example) is something I'm encouraged to avoid. It would be great if a programme would ask you about stuff like this at the beginning. Then your routine could really be tailored to your needs.
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on 22 May 2009
I bought this as soon as it came out & rushed home to have a go. I certainly wasn't disappointed, I was getting hot within the first few minutes & breathless.
Like the previous review I would have preferred my weight to have been measured on the fit board but as its not intended to be used exclusively with the wii fit board I suppose thats the reason.
It has lots of instruction which is very good & easy to follow, I did have a bit of trouble getting the hang of the band while doing the squats but it really made me feel like I had done a good workout.
If like me you have reasons for not being able to get out & exercise much then this is great & I enjoyed it much more than doing a exercise DVD.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 May 2009
I ordered a Wii Fit last year and waited and waited for it to arrive only to be disappointed. I hated the yoga and never really felt like it gave me a proper workout... I pre-ordered EA Sports Active and considered cancelling the order because I was worried that it wouldn't live up to expectations. I need not have worried because it is excellent and I feel like I've worked out properly when the session is over!

Best bits:
- A real workout that is customised to the intensity you want to work at.
- Encourages good technique (moves are not registered if you don't get it right and there are videos that you can summon on screen to remind you of the right technique)
- Variety of activities
- Good music, varied, can choose your favourite genre or just listen to a mix

The niggles:
- American voice that loves to use the word 'awesome' and is super encouraging with some cheesy comments!
- The wire between the wiimote and nunchuck occasionally gets in the way. I'll probably invest in a wireless nunchuck.
- The handles for the resistance band aren't very comfortable on some of the moves. Again, I might invest in a better resistance band/tube.
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on 24 May 2009
Having played the Wii Fit for a number of weeks, like the reviewers before me - I got bored pretty quickly. And when I had paid my £70 and had to wait a number of months I was quite dissapointed with this.
This new personal trainer active is a breath of fresh air. Time will tell if the activities get boring - but then again so does the gym when you do that every day...
I like the fact that each day the software (I am refusing to call it a game) choses different activities to avoid boredom.
Again - like the reviewers before me I was amazed at how much I sweated while 'working out' The music is good, I like the way you can choose which style you listen to. I also find the choice of the personal trainers very good too. They don't appear patronising and the instructions are very easy to follow.
As someone who has wanted to get into jogging/running but doesn't feel confident enough to do it on the streets, I like the running feature.

Anyway for those who are bored with Wii Fit and finds it a little childish please try this. I promise you won't be dissapointed.
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on 25 May 2009
Got my Sports Active on Saturday. Once i'd worked out how to attach the hand loops to the resistance band I was ready to get going. Must say i'm very impressed that the resistance band smells of mint and not that nasty plastic smell you'd expect. Set my profile up in no time at all. Then started on my journal. Had 2 short surveys to fill in, 1 is about what food you have eaten the previous day and how your mood and energy levels are today. The other is to add in extra activities that you have done the previous day. After this I was ready to start on my 30 day workout.

I chose an easy level to start as I was only wearing my jeans and not really ready to get down to it. Jeans were not a good choice for the leg strap, you need to make sure it is very secure and very quickly it started to slip down. Managed to secure it and continued. The nunchuck wire does get in the way at times, so possibly a wireless nunchuck might be an investment. I was a bit rushed with the videos at first, felt like I was still trying to set myself up with the necessary equipment while it was explaining what to do - and you do need to watch the videos the first time as you would not know what to do otherwise.
It moves through your allocated exercises very quickly. It reminds me a bit like the idea of 'Curves' gym, where you go through 10 pieces of exercise equipment but at only 3 mins on each. It keeps you interested in what is coming next.
I found getting the resistance band ready was very fiddly. I don't like using it, I find that when I do some of the arm curls that the band gets in the way of my elbows - doesn't look like it should be a problem on the video. One of them I found it impossible to start with my arms bent at the correct angle, as I also had to have the nunchuck & remote facing each other. During these exercises, I found that the resistance hand straps started to rub and dig into my hands, but this may get better with practice.
There was one exercise in particular where I didn't feel it was picking up my movements, and it keps stopping to tell me how to do it properly. Great if you aren't following it, but a bit frustrating when you are. I think possibly I had to jerk my arms a bit quicker for it to pick it up. Time will tell.
Done my first 2 days of the 30 day workout, and then my daughter set herself up on it so we could do some 2 player customised workouts. These were great. Had to make sure it was none with the leg strap as EA never thought to bring the additional peripherals out at the same time. Bit silly to make it 2 player if you can't have the band & leg strap for 2 players - but I notice it's out on 5th June, so not long to wait.
Set up the custom workout with mostly sports - baseball, voleyball, tennis. And also the boxing & dancing. I love the boxing & dancing, good fun when doing it in 2's.
A good workout yesterday has meant I have very sore buttocks today, but it is just enough to spur me on for more. I have a rest day today, but plan on having a short play with some of the sports activities for fun.
Overall, i'd not call it a fun game - but it's not meant to be, it's meant to be serious exercise, and it is certainly ticking all those boxes for me.
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on 24 May 2009
EA Sports Active (Wii)

So yet another wii fitness type game has been released and so off I went and bought it hoping it would actually be the one I would enjoy. I will add that I have used Wii fit and Wii fitness coach.

Wii fit was a fun novelty game but it really didn't ever get you sweating and feeling worked out. It has enjoyable games but it was lacking in depth.

Wii fitness coach was certainly aimed towards the fitness video market. It had limited user interactivity other than making sure you actually did the activities (which the game could not monitor as it didn't use the wii remote or balance board).

This game has certainly lived up to my expectations and gone far beyond. The game has loads of different activities and gives you feedback on how well you are doing. It monitors your every move and gives you a full body workout. There are preset workouts but there is also the option for you to decide which activities you want to do and how long you work out is. There are fun game workouts and gym related workouts so you can vary your workout depending on what you want to work on. As an added benefit you can workout with a friend so this is good for those people who do not like to workout alone.

A feature I liked was that you could watch how many calories you are burning as you are burning them, which gives you extra motivation as you try and make the calories increase.

Being weighed on the wii balance board would have been good but as you have the ability to do that on wii fit which is included with the wii balance board it is not that essential.

Being allowed to add other activites you have completed in your exercise journal is good ans it gives you the wider picture of how fit and healthy you are being. Also having the lifestyle ad health questionnaires is good too because it allows you to be honest about what you are doing fitness wise and also what you are eating, giving you a traker on how well you look after youself.

An all round good game for all the family.
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