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Customer reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
EA Sports Active 2 (Wii)
Platform: Nintendo Wii|Change
Price:£24.99 - £61.61

on 28 September 2017
On the third use of this I found that my movements were not being tracked on some of the exercises , there was nothing I could do about this apart from return to the beginning and cross the exercises I had already done off the list so it looked as if I had done 10 different exercises rather then 28 because it did not save my first 2 attempts to get past a particular exercise which was about exercise number 17 out of 28. I have tried ringing and contacting EA but their number does not work and this particular game is not on their very long list of games, I cannot find a link to live help either. I'm at a standstill and will be looking to send this back if the other half has no luck. Not very impressed but also frustrated as this seemed pretty good and interesting and I was looking forward to becoming fitter and stronger. Very unhappy and a lot of money wasted I feel.
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on 29 December 2015
I have been doing this workout for almost all this year and haven't found anything that I enjoy as much or gets the results. I always do the 9 week workout but wish that each time I restart first phase I didn't have to go back to square one.

There are 3 phases and each phase lasts for 3 weeks, 4 times a week which increases in difficulty.

I hope EA bring out another follow up to this, maybe EA Active 3?

March 2017 and I still keep coming back to this after recently doing the 30 Day Shred and the Lean in 14 Kettlercise. I like the variety that this offers and it pushes me and makes me feel like I've done a good workout each time. Again, would like to know if there is anything new planned.
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on 22 April 2017
It didn't work would not link with WII
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on 16 March 2017
Great seller, great communication and fantastic product. Thank you.
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on 10 January 2011
I was going to write a long review but Krissii's says everything I wanted to. But I'll add a few bits.

Having to reconnect the wiimote and balance board mid exercise....very annoying

Having the peripherals repeatedly telling you have only 20% battery left and halting the game......very annoying

The amount of time waiting for the next exercise to load.....very annoying

The inability of the sensors to record what you are doing, for me especially kick-backs....very annoying

The american trainer telling you to hurry up and catch him when you are beating him in a race.....very annoying

The disparity between the calories the game says you burn and what you actually burn. I wear a polar heart rate monitor and it and the game hrm are pretty similar in recording heart rate. However, your heart does not stop beating during the 20 seconds it can take for the next exercise to load, which can add 20 minutes to the workout over the whole 30 plus exercises. My calories burnt according to my HRM are often 200 more than the software tells me.

EA have acknowledged there are errors in the game. They have corrected a large amout of the errors that were in the online analysis of workouts. But how can they corect the hugely annoying faults in the game. There are new fun exercises in this version, but there are others that have been renamed or put in a different environment in order to appear new. Also exercises like the football running and basketball running are identical, simply using different backgrounds.

However, like Krissii says, despite the annoyances, the exercises really work and I have never been fitter. I have had all three versions of the game and don't regret buying them. I just wish EA had user tested this one for longer instead of rushing it out for Xmas.
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on 31 March 2011
i do not write reviews but after spending all of yesterday reading everyone else's reviews on here, trying to decide whether or not to get it myself i just had to.
i was tempted to buy the first one(again) because i knew that worked and how it worked. but i also knew that putting a nunchuck on your leg strap did not guarantee the game would pick up all the moves. i fact when i owned the first one, i would just skip all squats and lunges because i knew it was pointless even trying.

now, i was nervous about this purchase, but i got it cheap from a high street store and thought, i'd take a punt, regardless of the bad reviews.
it seems most people have problems with the syncing, and this got me nervous. so when i got it home i set it up straight away, doing exactly this:

1) read the exact instructions before even turning my wii on
2) turned the wii on and checked for any updates
3) turned the wii off, then put the usb dongle in the back
4) put on the arm and leg monitor
5) turn the wii on, put the disc in, then pressed sync on my arm and leg monitor

that was it. worked straight away.
i'm not sure if everyone else did this and still had problems but i just wanted to write a review in case anyone thought this game was a lost cause.
because it really isn't it really is a gem.
unlike the first one all my squats and lunges registered, there is a 9 week programme instead of a 30 day challenge, so in my opinion better for long term health, the leg strap doesn't keep slipping down like the first one did and you can track your water intake, fruit and veg and nutritious meals on there too.

the only reason it didn't get full marks for me is because
1) it doesn't have volleyball like the first one did, which i loved
2) when i was "running" on there, it kept saying move your arms more which i was :\ quite annoying...

but yeah, just wanted to tell you its fab, and it does work for some people,and its worth the money
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on 4 December 2010
I had the same issues others have noted - the HRM would not connect, so I sent the first one back and got a replacement. This time the HRM does connect but no matter how many new sets of batteries I put in the thing, it keeps popping up with a message saying the batteries in the HRM are less than 20% and I should replace them before my next workout. Which wouldn't be too bad if I could turn the warning message off permanently, but I can't find any way of doing this. So I'll be in the middle of a sprint or something and suddenly the game will just stop and flash this useless (and inaccurate) message up on screen, which I then have to press the A button to delete. And that's not the only frustration:

- if you say you're using the balance board with the workout, the warning message also comes up when the balance board automatically times out and turns itself off, even if the board isn't needed for the exercise you're currently in the middle of. This again causes the issue with the game stopping and you having to press the A button to get rid of the message

- the pauses between the individual exercises within workouts are so long, you lose momentum and actually get bored of waiting for the next exercise to load

- the timer is rubbish. If it tells you it's going to take 15 minutes to do a workout, you need to set aside 30

- the sensors are pretty poor. In certain exercises (notably shoulder presses with squats), the sensor will not recognise that you have actually squatted or pressed, so the screen keeps flashing (for example) "stand up", when you have just done so! This is incredibly irritating as you have to complete the exercise on your own and then ask the game to skip it, meaning your calories for that exercise don't get counted

It's a shame I've had to give this game one star as the individual exercises are great and some are lots of fun to do. They've added core stuff in (and warm up and cool down), which was missing from the first version of the game. However, I just cannot believe they've released a game with so many issues. They should be ashamed of themselves! And my boyfriend is sick of hearing me shout at the television...

UPDATE: I've now tried 3 versions of this game - on two of them the heart rate monitors wouldn't connect at all (despite holding down the button, as suggested by other reviewers), and the other one had the issue I described above. I'd avoid this like the plague until they've fixed whatever it is that the problem is.
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on 11 January 2011
I was previously using the Wii Fit Plus which is ok for getting a bit of exercise in here and there, adding a little bit of the fun factor into the mix but if you're wanting a challening workout, for me, it didnt really hit the mark. I am in the process of losing weight, having lost 20lbs so far and having another 20 to go I wanted to try a more challenging approach to exercise that would keep me motivated and get me fit so I bought Sports Active 2 for the Wii. I actually haven't put it down since it was delivered! I am very pleased with what it has to offer. As someone who is too self concious to go to the gym I find this the perfect solution. There are preset programs, 3 week and 9 week, with different levels of intensity which gets you into a routine gradually building up your stamina and strength. There is other functionality too, such as preset workouts, a trainer generated workout based on the time you available and the intensity you want to work at, workouts you can create yourself etc etc. I havent explored everything at the minute but I think I'm going to get a lot of use out of this and with much to explore I dont think the novelty will wear off quickly. I actually really enjoy the workouts and although some do work you hard, its definately what I need because I would always choose the easy option but using this makes me put the effort in and soon enough hopefully I'll reap the rewards.
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on 21 November 2010
As said in other reviews I also had a lot of issues with the heart rate monitor. all the other peripheral sensors were working. I did everything it said to get it to work but still nothing. I even contacted EA games who said it was a faulty monitor and offered to replace it....if I returned it to Austin, USA. Not really ideal! However read on one of the other reviews that if you held down the HRM button after doing a wii system update until the light turns on solid so tried this and finally had success!! It may be that the instructions that came with it are not written correctly and this is what you are actually meant to do. The game is good after the initial workout of getting it started but I think they should have sorted all the bugs out with the HRM before they released it. However the game is a lot better than the other EA sports active games so if you are willing to have a fight with the setup of it then I would recommend it, you will need some patience!!!
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on 28 February 2013
This is still in its box. I received the first one and it didn't work so I returned it. I had exactly the same problem with the replacement but, by the time I'd spent weeks trying to make it work it seemed too late to send it back. It was just a complete waste of money.
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