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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 5 March 2012
This is one of the most beautiful books I ever read. It's not a book about death, it's about living life...fearlessly. Don't expect to find formulas on how to heal cancer, because it's not what this book is all about and yet it's worth reading because Anita's points of view, are really worth reading about.

To me this was a big eye opener and I sit here with a great sense of peace surrounding me. I think I finally get it.
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on 15 April 2012
This book is incredible the lady was effectively dead and in last stage cancer and a coma, yet a month later she is walking out of hospital without a sign of any of it in her system.

The journey she takes is documented in this well written, warm and personal book that brings to life her tale and if read objectively raises a lot of questions about how we view life, death and the afterlife.
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For me this is the Book of the Year. Everywhere on the Net I encounter interviews and videos with Anita Moorjani, and even quotations by her. And this is well-deserved - we all need to hear of her experience.

Wayne Dyer was involved in "discovering" Anita and helping to get her book published, and has written the foreword to this book.

Anita informs us of her upbringing - born of Indian parents in Singapore but residing in Hong Kong. She was exposed to several cultures and spoke both English, Cantanese and Sindhi fluently.

She managed to avoid an arranged marriage, and eventually finds her "true love", Danny, whom she marries.

But Anita's problem is that she is a people-pleaser and is always trying to do what others believe is best, thus finding it impossible to be her true self.

One of Anita's biggest fears was that she might develop cancer, and her best friend died of the disease, which made her even more fearful. And so she did contract cancer, Though she tries various healing modalities, they are to no avail, and eventually she slips into a coma. This is when she begins to be aware of everything those connected with her are doing and saying. She is at death's door, but has never felt so good! She had unlimited perception and "360-degree peripheral vision".

She felt "all moments" at once. "I was aware of everything that pertained to me - past, present, and future - simultaneously."

She feels she understands the Universe. She realizes that "God isn't a being, but a state of being ... and I was now that state of being!"

She was completely enveloped in unconditional love and acceptance. She saw that she was "a beautiful being of the Universe". She deserved to be loved simply because she existed. She became aware that we are all connected - everything in the Universe was connected. "The entire Universe is alive and infused with consciousness, encompassing all life and nature."

In this book not only does Anita describe her NDE in absolute detail, but also explains all the insights she takes back with her from it. Before she wakes from the coma she is told that if she chooses to return to life, she will be healed completely, and this is what happened, despite the doctors doing their best to seek out traces of cancer somewhere or other in her body.

There is a chapter on "Why I got Sick ... and Healed", "Infinite Selves and Universal Energy", "Allowing and Being Yourself" and, finally, "Questions and Answers".

Anita's NDE was a glimpse of our Oneness, and she experienced becoming the Source.

She realized that even the worst criminals, including murderers, are victims of their "own limitations, pain, and fear". In the other realm we are all One, all the same.

Anita Moorjani is wonderfully articulate, and the book is a joy to read. Absolutely everyone should read this book, particularly of course those afraid of death. They will not be afraid ever again. Anita went through her ordeal in order to experience her NDE and inform you and me and the whole world of the amazing love, acceptance, joy and bliss of the afterlife.

Anita's final instructions to us are: Go out and live your life fearlessly!
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on 12 July 2012
Over the years, I have read many spiritual books, many books about healing and health. I can say that this is a book with a difference.

It is of the experience of Anita Moorjani, the medical part of which is well documented. She relates her story simply and directly, yet at the same time in a way that holds your attention to the very end. For me, it was not difficult to believe because of my own experiences - however, even if you are not familiar with such experiences - it is worth reading because the way in which she tells her story can open the door to seeing further than the everyday familiar.

I would if I could, thank her very much for sharing her story.

Helen Fatir
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on 28 May 2014
I think that in their enthusiasm to get this book out the reader was somehow forgotten. It became only about the author and her wonderful experience and little thought was given to reader expectation. The first part of the book was very fascinating but the last part was very weak when it should have built on the significance of the NDE and helped the readers see how it could apply to their own lives. I have read hundreds of books about NDEs and am, like many readers these days, what you might call a seasoned New Age reader, so I bought this book expecting more than just an account of the experience. I already believe in the authenticity of NDEs so I had hoped for more than what the book offered. Having read about the NDE and the author's recovery I expected to learn how to avoid cancer but the explanation was very airy fairy and all about just loving yourself. To some extent I can understand that we are all a little hard on ourselves but to say that by simply loving yourself you can avoid cancer seems over simplistic and it was not explained well. I also felt that in the last part of the book the author got so involved with her feelings she forgot about the reader. It became like a stream of consciousness essay. This book should have used the undoubtedly wonderful experience to help the readers relate it to their own lives but it did not. I was left with the impression that the author was advocating that you detach yourself from life, remove yourself from any involvement, and simply become a spectator in order to save yourself from illness but even this was very vague. The book was a great opportunity to teach people about how to avoid cancer but this was wasted as there was no real practical application to be found so that disappointed me.

However the thing that frustrated me most was the author's statement that there is no right or wrong. Apparently we can murder three thousand people and be welcomed home into the hereafter as a returning hero because it is all about the experience. Presumably the victims should just be grateful that they too had a life experience. It was a very sweeping thing to say and challenges the fundamental beliefs which underpin many peoples' lives but it was not really discussed properly. If indeed there is no right or wrong, it makes me question why I have ever bothered to do what I thought was right and I found that somewhat depressing. I would like to suggest however that what she witnessed and experienced was actually the souls LAST and FINAL return to God and the remerging with All that Is and if that is the case then she is probably correct. We are all welcome back to God regardless of our past. However, although I am sure there is no judgement by God in the way that some religions believe, other books indicate that we judge ourselves immediately after we die and we do learn that hurting others carries lessons and life is more than than just a self- indulgent experience.

Overall the description of the NDE and the author's recovery was wonderful and moving in itself but the book lost me after that. I didn't really learn how I can avoid cancer. I also was told that I needn't bother believing in "right" because "right" does not exist. According to the author it is all about the life experience and terrorists are as good as saints. I think that would be a difficult one to sell to those who have lost loved ones to terrorism but this should have been discussed properly instead of being casually addressed. It is just too big an issue to be mentioned in passing and I can understand that it might upset some people. If you are going to be controversial you need to argue your case in depth and the author did not do that.
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on 5 June 2012
I knew as soon as I started reading this book that this book was going to form a very dear place in my heart like no other book has before. I can honestly say that I've never been so moved as I was by Anita's journey and the messages that her NDE gives to us. There were moments in the book where I was move to tears and felt the need to highlight lots of amazing quotations and passages.

The book is split into three sections- the first, about Anita's life and diagnosis; the second, about her life after her recovery and finally, the messages she brought back with her after her NDE. I've decided for this review not to delve into too many 'spoilers', as I'd love everyone to read this book. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that the world would be a better place if we did all read this book!

I know that I'll read this book again and again and will recommend it highly to my family and friends. I feel that Anita's messages have made me look at the world in a different way, as lots of other reviewers have commented, and that I am a better person for having read this book. I can't recommend it highly enough!
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on 18 March 2012
What an amzing lady and what an amazing life and death experience she has had which was all meant to be a part of the grand plan of her life so she could understand more and relay it to many many people worldwide - mind blowing - you have to read it for yourself to gain the pearls of wisdom - this book is a good read in conjunction with Wayne Dyer Wishes Fullfilled as they share the same messages and by coincidence these two people met whilst he was writing his book - the 2 books are soul mates. I highly recommend you read Dying to be Me and if you want to enhance your journey and understanding maybe Wishes Fullfilled will be for you too.
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on 16 March 2012
This is a lovely book, well written and easy to read. Anita describes her childhood in a Hindu home and her journey in life until she became ill with cancer. She describes all her fears in life. She battles with a four year illness that leads her ending up in a coma, where she then describes the NDE. Her description of her near death experience whilst in a coma was very detailed and honest. Its sounds like an amazing place to be and takes the fear away of dying. The book then continues with the choice to come back, her recovery and her new life.

The last two chapters is her message to the world where Anita expresses the importance of living life fearlessly and always making yourself happy. Souls are not judged in the other realm and everyone is treated with the same love.
I agree with this in theory but felt this is not possible when one has to live with other people amongst family members and within communities etc. We have to consider others and cannot always think of ourselves otherwise we would become selfish.
Anita says you must love yourself unconditionally and then you can share the love with others but how many people do you know that love themselves so much that they almost forget to share the love. The ego takes overs.
I believe in karma and reincarnation and that we will be judged at some point, maybe not as soon as we arrive.
Because of my belief i cannot believe that this is the answer. Its only a part of it. One must love themselves and be happy but they must also show gratitude, work hard, make sacrifices and live in harmony with others.

What I have learnt from this book is I must remember to love myself more often that I do.
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on 17 November 2015
Amazingly this woman writes more about finding her message to the world, as a result of her Near Death Experience. She is certainly Gods messenger to all of us. How to live, love and recognise our self worth. I shall read this like a bible, a little bit every day, to feed my soul. Particularly the second part. Thank Anita, for your willingness to come back and be who you are.
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on 19 May 2014
I don't want to diss it - there were some very useful insights, and the story is quite remarkable. I have a similar story about a father whose advanced cancer vanished very quickly, so was interested to read this account. However, it did go on a bit - for me. Still a remarkable story, though.
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