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on 26 January 2011
I have 4 sets of those batteries that I use in my 2 Canon Speedlite flash guns and they are great:

- Last for ages (1000+ shots on each charge with a 580EX II)
- Flash recharge time is very low when using those

The fact that they will keep their charger for longer than normal Ni-MH batteries is also a plus as I know that they will always be ready to use.
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on 7 April 2014
claims that these batteries hold a charge are false in my experience. i have an intelligent charger that shows a charge time of 5 hours from empty with aa batteries. 5 hours later they are fully charged, no over-heating, battery performance seems fine. leave them overnight and they require another 4 hours charging. these are new batteries (i didn't open the packet for about a year) and not left connected to any device or in contact with each other overnight.

comparable only to cheap nasty rechargeables. not recommended product. i should have read more amazon reviews before i bought.
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on 23 September 2017
The batteries last a lot longer than my previous energiser rechargeables. Charge seems to stay topped up when not used over a period of time rather than having to be recharged again after inactivity. Good to have a round as long as you remember that they are rechargeable and dont throw them away as happened to me when my partner thought they were standard batteries as they look quite siimilar!
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on 4 December 2014
Now I have a number of different brands of rechargeable batteries, I see that there is a great deal of difference in how the batteries retain their charge. I am totally off buying the cheap generic brands now. These are worth the price by far. They guarantee keeping their charge for a year. They say they come pre-charged but when I put them in my charger they did take a while to get up to full capacity again, so it is probably they have been on a shelf somewhere for a long time. Very happy with my purchase though, and I will definitely be sticking to this brand in future. At least until others can guarantee they will keep their charge too. I have found JCB for AAAs which are good, here on Amazon too.
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on 1 January 2012
Been using these batteries in two lots of three in my head lamp at work which is 3 watts LED so quite a big drain so far they seem to be performing well. The battery charger I have indicates the state of charge and at first the odd battery appeared to discharge faster than the others but after a few recharge cycles they are ok. I now charge a set and swap after a few hours use. Haven't really tested how well they hold their charge but had no problems with them self discharging over night I will test that more after Christmas.

Just to add that these are still working great after quite a few months now of heavy use so have increased the star rating to 5. I am tempted to throw all my old rechargeable batteries out and just use this type from now on. The biggest bug bear was the old type did not hold their charge and if you wanted some quickly they were always flat that is now eliminated with these Duracell pre-charged stay charged batteries. So Excellent product.
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on 12 April 2016
Arrived on time, In a small flat pack Amazon cardboard box, Great save on the packaging.
They come with a nearly a full charge in. Duracell Pre Charged batteries are more expensive, but they're much better, they will
keep their charge for longer than normal Ni-MH batteries. High performance 2000 mAh AA batteries ideal for digital cameras etc.
I have charged these more than 20 times and still work like new Great.
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on 26 March 2013
I have never purchased precharged Duracell rechargeable batteries before, but they just seemed the sensible choice and several months later I have no reason to change my mind (they are still running on their original factory charge). Logic tells me that as a flagship product they need to perform exceptionally well, and so far that is my experience. A bit like buying vegetables at the supermarket. The pre-trimmed and packaged vegetables are always of a higher quality than those that are not pre-trimmed. Rechargeable batteries are preferable to throw aways, so if you can buy these precharged rechargeable batteries for not much more, then I recommend them and rate them 10/10.
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on 3 March 2017
Not really much to say about rechargeable batteries, but they seem to do the job, charge up fine and last reasonably long. I always find that rechargeable batteries don’t last as long as disposable ones, but you’ll save yourself money in the long run and it’s much better for the environment.
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on 10 June 2014
These arrived and the first thing I checked on the packaging were where the batteries were manufactured, mine were manufactured in Japan and I've read that these are rebranded eneloops (not sure if this is true). A very good thing if it is.

I used the first 2 straight out the pack, in an Xbox 360 controller and ran them flat after a couple of weeks of gaming.

So I figure let's pop these into my technoline charger to see what the actual capacity is. Left them overnight on a 200mah charge.

Woke up to check on them - 1st battery 2.18ah 2nd battery 2.21ah! That's 2180mah and 2210mah in batteries labelled as 1950mah. (My 7dayshop 2900mah labelled batteries which are only a couple of months old, charge up to about 2800mah)

Added benefit is that these Duracell's stay charged when stored away due to them being low self-discharge.

I would strongly recommend a good charger to keep your batteries in tip top condition.

I will add a photo next time I charge them up again to show the capacity.
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on 28 July 2014
Good batteries and appear long lasting but you will have to charge them frequently and last about a third as long as standard throw away Duracell batteries but as they can be recharged dozens of times they are much cheaper in the long run. I use them for all devices on my Apple computers which easily gives you the percentage of charge left and they can ben swapped over easily and quickly without disruption.
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