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on 22 May 2017
Super film if you are a dragon fan or of d + d
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on 17 March 2017
Very good
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on 12 May 2014
a follow on to the first dungeons and dragons,a group of 5 ,dwarf,elf,prince usual stuff take on an evil minded overlord who sets the king of dragons free,a poor film,ok for children
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Let's face it -- when you're making a sequel to one of the worst movies ever made, there are only so many ways you can get it wrong.

And "Dungeons and Dragons - Wrath of the Dragon God" is nowhere near that level -- it makes a genuine effort to be a passable fantasy-quest movie. Unfortunately it's too short to make the characters come alive, and the decent quest-for-magical-object-of-impending-doom comes completely unraveled in the last twenty minutes. Still, it's no "In the Name of the King."

Former knight Berek (Mark Dymond) and his mage wife Melora (Clemency Burton-Hill) learn that the dragon-god Falazure is waking in his mountain prison, where the ancient Turanian mages stuck him. This is because the evil Damodar has captured the orb that contains Falazure's power, and is waking the dragon to ruin the entire world. And he's turning Melora into a zombie (don't ask me how).

With only a matter of days before Falazure wakes, the king appoints Berek the head of a small team that follows the usual pattern -- the elf wizard Ormaline (Lucy Gaskell), berserker barbarian Lux (Ellie Chidzey), cleric Dorian (Steven Elder) and thief Nim (Tim Stern). They have to infiltrate Damodar's fortress of evilness and steal the orb -- but the only way to locate it is through bandits, a Lich, an ice-spewing dragon, lethal traps and so on and so forth...

I will admit that "Dungeons and Dragons - Wrath of the Dragon God" has open affection for D&D, and clearly is the work of a D&D fan -- lots of shout-outs and homages to places, people and situations that come from the role-playing games, among other things. It's kind of likable in its earnest attempt to, if not make an epic classic fantasy movie, then at least make a movie worth watching.

That said, the story itself is a mess. The first two-thirds are very slow, with spurts of awkward sword-fighting, cheeze-galore dialogue ("The forces of evil hear the call of the orb... they wait to pick the rotting dead carcass of Ismer!"), and random plot twists (let's escape ghosts on a RAFT!). The entire quest is a series of traps, tricks and near-disasters, usually handled via a tool or ability that the heroes didn't display five minutes ago.

And in the last stretch the plot completely unravels, leading to a climax with a lot of bad dragon-related CGI, dozens of artfully posed dead bodies, and a literal deus ex machina. In short, the entire plot feels like it was made up along the way -- especially since seemingly-important items (like the "smite" ring) don't serve any plot purpose at all.

The characters are a little better, mainly because the actors are clearly trying so hard -- especially the wonderfully dry-witted Stern and the wholehearted woman-warrior Chidzey, who sadly gets some of the worst dialogue ("Come, villainy. Death awaits you"). Unfortunately the characterization is spotty and localized (including a horribly strained "sorry I killed your brother and stuff" conversation).

The weirdest part is what happens to half the cast -- one expires early on doing something stupid, having had zero impact on the plot. And two others are left in critical condition and... that's it. We never hear about them again.

"Dungeons and Dragons- Wrath of the Dragon God" has the dubious honor of being a made-for-TV sequel better than its predecessor, and it's amusing in a kitschy turn-your-brain-off low-budget manner. But those hoping for solid characterization and plotting better check elsewhere.
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on 6 October 2007
First I must start with I did enjoy watching the first one. Knowing Solomon's time and money constraints. Well done. Now onto the new movie. Of course the direction, sets and acting is much better. But I am sure so was the budget. The characters were well cast. It is a shame that Mr. Solomon did not participate in some way though.

I loved watching how when you watched this movie I could relate to some of the charcaters you have played. The magic is well done as are the monsters. If you will excuse the term, this movie is much more realistic then the first one. You will watch as the standard five member party negotiate traps, fight monsters and use magic to get out of trouble.
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on 31 July 2014
a real b movie with wooden acting and terrible special effects
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on 3 June 2008
Amazing that such a crapfest that was the first D&D movie should have a sequel that surpasses it in every way!

Good acting, solid D&D plot and nice digital effects.

I too was highly dubious about buying this after the utter crud of the first film but it exceeded all expectations. I don't even mean that this film is only good because it's better than the rubbish first, it's actually a GOOD fantasy film.

I'm writing this at 22.30 after just finishing the film and I'm a 41 yr old married family man, not a D&D teenage-fanatic! (Ok I used to be one....ok I still play occasionally...)


Don't be put off by the first film, give this one a try. I PROMISE you will be happy with your purchase :)
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on 1 February 2010
The story is better than the first one, the acting isnt that bad at all, the special effects although basic in parts are quite good really when looking at other lower budget movies, give this a chance if you liked the first one you will enjoy this more, as it has a more Dungeons and Dragons feel. It may nor be perfect but its worth a watch.
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on 31 August 2013
I watched the original D&D movie with a grimace and haven't watched it since. So when I saw that this movie on tv, I debated whether to switch it off, instead I watched it and was pleasantly surprised. It was a D&D movie, it had clerics and divine magic, something which was ignored by the first film. It had mages and a decent adventuring party. There were dungeon hacks and fights with creatures from the actual books. The acting wasn't grating and the cast clearly threw themselves into the plot with gusto.

The special effects aren't A class but they aren't puppets either. There are no huge continuity errors and the plot was fast paced, fun and contrary to some opinion exactly the same as a standard D&D adventure: Bunch of heroes sent to find orb so that town can be saved from evil, basic d&d plottage. Enjoyable for both D&D fans and those who aren't.

I thought it a much better film than the first (even if the first film had Jeremy Irons) It felt like a D&D movie and that the writers had been gamers (checking out the extras - they are)The cast read the books and actually put some effort in. Enjoy it, just don't expect wonderful special effects and A class acting.
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on 7 December 2010
While I enjoyed the first Dungeons and Dragons film simply because it gave me my wishlist of fantasy tropes in a film form, as a film, it was little shoddy with some poor acting, writing and special effects. This sequel is a definite improvement in all those ways. The acting is better and the special effects are, in places, very impressive. I think the script still is a little weak and the actors suffer from speaking their lines in a hammy 'epic' style. But, overall, I cringe a lot less!

If you're a fan of fantasy and you can put up with some flaws then you will enjoy this film as entertainment. It's not that deep though! If you're a hardcore fan of D+D then you might not like it as much because everyone will have their own personal experience of the game and the film might not match it. Actually, the film is very similar in feel to game Baldur's Gate but not as sophisticated or funny. So if you liked that game, based on D+D rules, you might find Wrath of the Dragon God interesting.
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