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Dr Raj Persaud - 'The New Mind - The Latest Users Guide' Kindle Edition

The latest research from psychology, psychiatry, medicine and neuroscience
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Product description

Dr Raj Persaud FRCPsych, is an award winning consultant psychiatrist based in London; voted one of the top ten psychiatrists in the UK, he collaborates with various experts at the cutting edge of the brain and behaviour sciences to illuminate how the mind really works. Recent blog posts include articles on sexual fantasy, inside the mind of mass killers, using hostage negotiation techniques to improve your daily negotiations, the psychology of rumour and panic, the links between ethnicity and illegal sexual behaviour, and why intelligence is not always the smart choice. Although the blogs are drawn from the latest scientific research they are written accessibly and emphasise how contemporary psychological academic thinking can help practically in your daily life. The author has penned best-selling books on how to find the right partner, how to stay sane, how to get what you want in life and how to understand your own mind. These blogs add to these books by keeping the reader up to date on a daily basis with the very latest research. Recent titles of blogs posted include Women's Sexual Fantasies - the Latest Scientific Research, When Doctors Go On Strike Patients Stop Dying, The West-End Siege - Can We Learn to Bargain Better if We Use Hostage Negotiation Techniques? In Sex Research - Has the Holy Grail at Last Been Found? The G-Spot - Is the Fumbling Search at Last Over? Has the Trial of Anders Breivik Produced Enough Evidence to Now Make a Diagnosis? Does the Secret to the Norwegian Massacre Lie in an Online Computer Game? Could the Secret of Success Lie In Being a Little Bit Less Clever? Do Blondes Really Have More Fun - Science produces a surprising answer, and The What the Hell Effect and how it explains why diets don't work. The blogs are added to on average three times a week.

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