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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 16 July 1998
Two years ago, I followed the Atkins' diet and easily lost 30 pounds, increased my energy level, lowered my LDL cholesterol and boosted my HDLs. I've had no trouble staying on the diet, and my health and stamina keep improving. Now Atkins gives us something even better: a well- documented, easy-to-use guide to using vitamins, minerals and other nutrients as the "treatment of choice" to overcome numerous conditions without the side-effects of drugs. Already, I followed his advice for zinc to completely clear up my acne in 5 days, and carnitine and chromium to further improve energy and mental outlook. This book and the "complementary medicine" movement may revolutionize health care in the United States!
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This book is one of the best, or maybe even the best, out there on this topic. I very highly recommend it. I have read maybe 2 or 3 dozen vitamin books which claim to be the best or the 'only guide you'd ever need' and all of them put together are not as good as this one book.

The information given on each of the major vitamins and how much and what forms to take is very good and many times more detailed than in most books.

Don't be swayed by whether or not you agree with Atkins' dietary advice. (I don't 100%, far from it although I feel he had some parts of the theory right). This is an excellent book on vitamins and other supplements and I highly recommend it.

(As with all health books what he says about 'CFS' is ridiculous and silly and should be ignored fully by everyone, no matter their diagnosis. 'CFS' is a wastebasket term and not a distinct disease. Patients need a real diagnosis and real help, not to be fobbed off with this unhelpful MISdiagnosis!)

It talks about how to reduce your cancer risk, what vitamins are in what foods and how much of each vitamin you need and why, and so on. It contains very extensive information on each vitamin and mineral etc. including adverse reactions if any, dosage recommendations to maintain health and for different diseases, drug interactions and so on.

This is one of the few books with enough technical info for doctors, but that also includes a large amount of practical advice and tips for patients on managing their own health and their own vitamin and nutrient regime. It includes a lot of the practical information lacking in some other books which focus solely on looking at studies proving the benefits of each supplement instead. This book does both. It is also very easy to read.

What is so great about this book is that it devotes a whole section to each vitamin etc. (and tells you what it can do and which diseases it may help with and why) rather than just giving you a list of things to take for disease x, y or z. (Although it briefly does that as well.) That sort of superficial approach is just not helpful when you are trying to learn as much as you can about each vitamin and what it does and how to take it safely and effectively, and when your disease is NEVER one of the diseases listed (as with M.E.)

The dosages given are not super-conservative as they are in so many books either. Some of us need higher dosages with some diseases and when we are very ill and Dr Atkins recognises this.

The political information in this book is also excellent. The whole 10 pages or so on that topic is all quotable. It is very well done and compelling.

This is the number one book I would recommend people buy to learn about vitamins and how best to take them. If you can afford or read only one book on vitamins, make it this one. It's so good. The authors passion for this topic is obvious and I'm so grateful to Dr Atkins for writing this book. It deserves to be far more well-known than it is. It is also one of the best books I know of to give to doctors.

I'd give this book a 9 ½/10.

My only criticisms of the book would be that the inclusion of solid dietary advice would also have been useful (diet is only mentioned occasionally, and always in relation to the Atkins diet).

I'm also sure Dr Atkins would have updated this book had he still been alive today. A few sections are outdated somewhat, such as the section on vitamin D for example.

Atkins should have been famous for this great book, rather than his diet books in my opinion, it's a real shame the negative and ignorant hype over his diet books obscured his extensive knowledge of orthomolecular medicine and the information in this book that needs so much to become public knowledge.

If you are seriously ill and want to read as much as possible about how to heal then this book is essential.

If you combine it with excellent books on diet such as Eat Fat, Lose Fat: The Healthy Alternative to Trans Fats and books on reducing your total load and detoxification and so on such as 'Detoxify or Die' by Dr Sherry Rogers and the book on sauna use by Dr Lawrence Wilson you will have information that can really help you and that is just not included in the vast majority of 'nutrition by numbers' books out there.

I have read hundreds of health books, it has become a sort of hobby. These 4 books have helped me the most and are probably all you need, or at least a wonderful starting point.

Jodi Bassett, The Hummingbirds' Foundation for Myalgic Encepahlomyelitis
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on 21 September 2016
Very informative reading although finding what you are looking for can prove to be difficult Also when you go to purchase items you have read about you find that mamy of the items come in different varieties such as chromium . The book does not advise which is the correct varient. (Not make) This leads to online searches and more books. Saying that the book is worth reading
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on 2 December 2014
Firstly. the Solution in the title is not about a liquid, eg a vitamin solution. It is a solution in terms of an answer.
Atkins has had so much negative media attention that it's hard to see past the headlines. But, he was a visionary. He was completely right about his Low carb diet. I myself have lost weight and so has anyone I know who tried it. Obesity and Diabetes are on the rise and it is due to refined carbohydrates - simple as that. Read his New Diet Revolution for more on that.
And no, he didn't die of obesity! He fell on the ice going to work and cracked his skull which put him into a coma, and he was in no condition to control what his body did after that.
Atkins was most certainly not a crank, he was an intellgent man who was prepared to ignore the mainstream diet advice to look at the facts.
And so it is with this book. Honestly this book is such a gem of information. It is packed full with cures for so many conditions.
Every sinew of your being will be screaming 'this can't be right'! We are programmed to believe that the only way we can get better is to take licenced drugs from the big pharma companies.
But you will soon see that government agencies are actually out to supress information and ban natural substances - because big pharma can't make a huge profit from them - it is scary - but that's what billions of dollars and corruption will get you.
So keep an open mind, and try some of vitamins and nutrient solutions in this book. None are harmful, you have nothing to lose. I was initially sceptical, but have seen several of these solutions work, with no side effects at all. For example, from my experience - Vitamin A for Leukoplakia, DMSO for joint pain, 5 HTP for winter depression (SAD), Saw palmetto for prostate trouble.
I hope more and more doctors read this book and look closely at the scientific proof which is available to back it up. The trouble is, doctors are trained to use licensed medicines, so they are pretty much brainwashed from the start. It will just take a little effort on their part to see past this, and give these new ideas a go.
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on 2 May 2009
Actually this is the second copy of this book that I have purchased - it is sooooooo brilliant and has helped me in my quest to recover from mercury poisoning caused by mercury leaking from my amalgam fillings. An invaluable addition to anyone's health library. Highly recommended.
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on 3 July 2011
A friend of ours used Dr Atkins vita-nutrient protocol for autoimune diseases (outlined clearly in this book) to treat Wegeners Granulomatosis,a rare form of Vasculitis (inflammation of the blood vessels)which normally requires Cyclophosphamide (a second cousin to mustard gas)and mega-dose steroids.Without traditional treatment the life expectency of a Wegeners sufferer is about half a year.This book quite literally saved her life and,to our knowledge,produced the first ever example of this disease going into complete remission without staying on the traditional toxic drug treatment.
My wife and I have used this book to treat every condition in our household that you would normally need to see a doctor for:everything from high blood preassure,stomach ulcers,and elevated cholesterol levels right through to varucas on our daughter's feet.It is our opinion that this single book, which explains everything in laymans language ,could be the most important in the English language when it comes to health,treating and preventing disease.
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on 21 October 2012
I have at home a library containing over 500 books on health-related issues.THERE IS NOTHING OUT THERE THAT CAN COMPARE WITH THIS DOCTORS INSIGHT.A comparable book ( D.I.Y nutrition and supplement type thing) may be "Prescription for nutritional healing" by Phyllis A Balch.Balch's book is a lot bigger,but when it comes to tackling the "hardcore" health issues she seems to back off a little bit and be excessively cautious.Us women are much more inclined to be cautious with supplementation and I do think it needs a man to take on the "front-line" problems...thats where Dr Atkins steps in.He feared nobody.In this book he puts to paper over thirty years of his own practise in alternative medicine.HOW GENEROUS IS THAT?We then become privy to all his treatment secrets.And he does say things you wont find in any other book.But here is the amazing revelation...I HAVE TRIED SOME OF THESE AND THEY WORK!!The amino acid Taurine ,for example,is his treatment of choice for high blood pressure AND for Edema.Both these conditions responded to the amino TWO different people.One had legs so badly swollen it looked like he had been to a fancy dress shop to become the Mitchelin Man.Three weeks later the swelling had gone RIGHT DOWN!seeing is believing.Atkins says about Taurine "IF THE REST OF THE MEDICAL PROFFESION ACKNOWLEDGED OR UNDERSTOOD ITS VALUE,TAURINE WOULD CONSISTANTLY PLACE AS ONE OF THE TOP THREE BEST SELLING DRUGS"He is spot on.And to think that Taurine is a humble looking "bodybuilder's" supplement!
He also insists that the omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA in very high doses TOTALLY DO AWAY WITH NSAIDS!Two of our friends who have been taking NSAIDS and morphine-based painkillers for arthritis for over 5 years were able(using Dr Atkins treatment list)to come off ALL MEDICATION IN ONE WEEK!!THEY BECAME TOTALLY PAIN FREE!!That is the differenece between taking a little supplement to just feel good and prevent some disease, and treating the untreatable.Atkins knows when a nutrient is safe at high doses and when its not.He has done an incredible thing in sharing his lifes work with humanity.I would cut off my right arm to get the information that is contained in this book.Amazing.
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on 22 October 2012
With all of the billions of pounds now thrown at the NHS, I would have thought that a research department would have been tasked to establish the benefit of Nature's own Therapy.

I suspect the NHS drug bill runs into the billions too, with most of it going in profits to the big pharmas that supply them.
What a money saver, if the NHS could rely upon a much cheaper and patent-free cure for many ailments.

Robert Atkins book, here, would be a good place to start that research.
For us, the patients, instead of paying out for that prescription, first consult this book and try out the recommendations.
You have much to gain and very little to lose, by doing so. And its all from natural sources and unpolluted by additives.
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on 5 March 2012
The Jodi-Hummingbird review is exhaustive and needn't be repeated. This book was written just over a decade ago and I have checked just about everything he says about the usage and dosage and all recent evidence validates his 10 year old advice. I think people sometimes miss his advice to get proper blood tests first if you have a particular condition in order to check for any deficiencies. If you want to try DHEA for example you might be wasting your time if your level is OK. I discovered I have more than enough Thiamin at 500mg when I experienced the "Niacin flush" - harmless.

Our doctors have a problem with this kind of treatment. On the one hand my doctor suggested I change my diet slightly - eat fish, take Omega 3 fish oil etc for a high cholesterol reading (it worked!) but on the other hand showed no interest at all in other nutritional supplements as a way of maintaining health and combating chronic conditions. They all say the same thing - a health balanced diet and blah blah, ignoring all the evidence that shows most of us do not have a healthy balanced diet and so probably need to take certain supplements. This book gives you the information that a doctor will not. It would save the NHS a fortune if they followed nutritional treatments for many of our societies chronic conditions - obesity, diabetes, cholesterol to mention the obvious ones. Also they never suggest what Atkins and other nutritional doctors suggest when seeing old people for example my 82 year old mother still smokes (yes I know!) and she should be taking at least a basic multivitamin and health oil supplements plus probably Brewers Yeast but not even such common sense advice is recommended on any doctor's visit.

The great thing about this book is that it is also based on Dr Atkins own clinical experience in his own treatment centres, not just research and theory.
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on 22 April 2015
The most practical, user friendly book about vitamins that I've come across. It is obvious he works with lots of patients, which has allowed him to distill this complex and layered topic for the Everyman. Bravo!
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