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Customer Reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 22 April 2014
OMG...LOVED IT :) I thought the first book was good but this one had me reading until early hours just so i could find out the ending and oh dear I'm left with the dilemma of waiting to see what happens next ( please don't leave it too long for next instalment !!)...I just love piper and mason and hope to God it's going to be a HEA!!!! Totally recommend this book ,you will not be disappointed! Meghan Quinn is an amazingly talented author and i love all her books but this series is beyond the best
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on 28 April 2014
Loved the first one but this one is plain annoying. It's so back and forth u get whiplash. And now we have to wait to see what's going happen I don't know if I'll even both with the next book this book has put me off, it's made me dislike nearly all the characters. Shame
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on 22 April 2014
Holy Hell!

What did I just read?

I did not see these turn of events happening....I feel like nothing was accomplished in this apart from tearing my heart out yet again!!!

Things certainly took a turn for the worse!

I mean who knew that Quinn could pull this kind of stunt out of the bag......oh wait....we did!

She certainly has a knack for messing with you heads and our hearts, we should of learnt out lesson, but its were glutton for punishment, we thrive on the heartache and schemes that Quinn comes up with, well I know I certainly do.

We briefly met Mason & his girlfriend Brooke in Fair Catch, then the next thing we know Mason is boarding a plane and having a slanging match on the phone to said girlfriend.

Mason & Brooke are a fiery pair when together, but the banter between them is GREAT!

He smirked at her. "I'm just trying to find the magnet that was attached to me without my knowledge." "Magnet?" "You know, the bitch magnet because those are the only women that seem to be near me in my life." Piper rolled her eyes under her sunglasses and grabbed the barf bag in front of her, just in case things got crazy. "You are such a tool bag, you know that?" "Just calling it like I see it. You must be the spawn of the devil. You have the hair for it," he said, while tugging a lose strand. "Touch me again and lose your hand." "Oh, I see. You have the menses right now."

Looks like trouble in paradise, whilst this is happening poor Piper is nursing a major hangover whilst on her flight to see her "home-girl" Lexi in preparation for her wedding!!!!!

I didn't think we would a more sexier couple than Jake & Lexi, BUT in walk the feisty red-head and the Denver stallion that is "hung" like a donkey (Ryker's words not mine)

Piper has a hard time with dominant men and wants to steer clear of Mason and his pure alpha-ness, but she feels some sort of pull and wants nothing more than to take a ride on the wild side...

"This is where you belong Piper, in my place, in my bed, in my arms."


In swoons the sexy coach....Jax!

No this is another freaking hot character, that I would love nothing more that to have my wicked way with

This guy has been through so much turmoil, it surprises me he keeps going back....he's such a sweet, loving & caring character, and I'm betting we've only just seen the beginning of this character.

Piper, Mason & Jax all form the ever so hot triangle in this battle of the s*xs....

"Leave him, baby. Be with me. I need you more. I can't even describe to you how you've changed my life. I didn't think a sassy redhead was going to make me feel alive again. After Brooke left me, I didn't think I would ever feel again; I was completely numb, but then I met you and slowly, but surely, feeling started to tingle back into my body. You are an addiction, addiction and there is no way I want to kick the habit. You're it. Be with me, be brave and be with me."

And holy hell, talk about angst. Will she be with Jax? Will she be with Mason? Will Mason get back with Brooke? Who is screwing who? Who FRICKING knows!!!!

He wanted to be as close to her as he could get, for the rest of his life. This was it for him. He wanted no one else. Piper owned him.

but wait...Quinn couldn't leave it just there no.....

she throws in a 4 way triangle...with whom you say....

lets see we have:

Hannah loves Todd, Ryker lovers Hannah, Ashlin loves Ryker and Todd loves.......well that's the ultimate question?? and I don't want to be giving that sort of information away no do I?

Sounds like something you want to sink your teeth into?

Then you need to start at the beginning where all these shenanigans need to get your hands on Fair Catch
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on 30 May 2014
Like other readers have said there is too much going on in this book. I was also annoyed when I got to the end only to find that the story continues into book 3! The situations the characters got themselves into were far fetched and the way they kept changing their minds gave me whiplash! I don't even think I can face reading the same thing in book 3. The story is too drawn out!
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on 1 May 2014
I was really looking forward to this book being released but unfortunately I was extremely disappointed. There were too many plots involving too many characters going on at once so it was extremely hard to concentrate and keep up.
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on 8 July 2014
Went on a bit too much and was at first confusing as to how the viewpoints were presented. also dont feel it needed to be stretched to another book, but still a good read
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