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on 10 February 2018
We have a 15 year old Golden Retriever with dementia, the vet was unable to help. He said that a supplement might help but was unable to name anything.

The was irritable, barking all the time, had lost her house training, would stare into space and bark and bark, shaking as if she was terrified.
She was asleep all day and awake all night, barking the house down. She wasn't eating, couldn't get her to eat either. She really wasn't happy at all.

Got these tablets as a trial basically. Was expecting to wait two or more weeks to see any results. However, we didn't have to wait long.

The difference within three days was simply amazing.
The barking has almost entirely stopped, she now only barks when she is supposed to.
The house training is back.
Her food is put down on a morning and she eats it.
She is awake during the day and sleeps peacefully at night.

Amazing. Have already ordered more so that we don't run out.
We are giving her 5 tablets on a morning with her food.

So thankful that something works for the dementia. Have been to the vet and told them how wonderful this product is and that it actually works!

Thank you so much Dorwest.
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on 30 November 2017
This product is amazing! My dog was a demon. She ate and destroyed everything.she would bark excessively and would completely ignore commands. I bought this because I just had a baby and I was terrified of putting my demon dog near my newborn son. After one dosage of this stuff, I see a completely different dog. This has relaxed her without sedating her. She’s now just a normal playful dog. I am so happy I found this and would highly recommend it!
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on 4 February 2017
Two of my dogs are atrocious in the car. They cry and cry and they don't stop no matter how long the journey is. It makes journeys a complete nightmare. In desperation I bought these and I'm very pleased to say they worked. We took them out for the day and the drive was so much better. I can't vouch for firework anxiety as none of mine aren't scared of them.
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on 26 September 2013
I have used these tablets to help my elderly Dalmatian who has dementia. They do calm him especially at night due to separation and anxiety
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on 18 October 2017
My dog was frightened by an inconsiderate cyclist on the pavement when he was a pup, he is a big softy at home and loves fussing by children but men, cycles, hi vis etc etc is the enemy and he has 'fear fight reaction'. He just wants scary stuff to go away but his barking and lunging made him look savage. At 13kg I give him 3 per day and it has made the world of difference, he doesn't react to anywhere near the number of triggers he had 4months ago and tends to pull away rather than bark. I still have a way to go for him to be happy in busy or noisy places but I am well pleased so far.
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on 20 December 2017
I tried my dog on these daily, as he was on Fluoxetine for anxiety/fear aggression and I wanted him to be on something more natural. They seem to do the trick by lessening his irritability towards mine and other dogs. He’s not perfectly calm, but he was in a shelter for 6yrs with no socialisation, so I think we’re doing pretty well considering.
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on 17 March 2017
my greyhound has these each day and his nervy night time alertness has settled down.
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on 6 April 2017
We bought these for our dog who suffered motion sickness. We gave her two tablets a day (one with each meal) and now after a few weeks, she happily gets into the car and now enjoys the journeys.
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VINE VOICEon 14 September 2017
I give my frenchie 4 tablets a day alone with 2 doses of the liquid version of these tablets. So far so good. My dog has chilled out and is much more calmer and relaxed. To me he is a different dog. I shall be buying more of these tablets.
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on 11 May 2018
I've tried these on my anxious and hyper dog for several weeks without any noticeable improvement although I'm still trying. I also don't like how many tablets required to meet the correct dosage. The full dosage is 2 tablets per 5kgs. This means giving 6 tablets a day for a 15kg dog. Made more difficult to administer by the sheer amount needed. Each tablet is tiny, so I can't understand why larger ones with a higher dosage can't be produced for larger dogs. I'll give it another month but by now they should have worked and I'm not expecting them to. If by some miracle I see an improvement I will edit this review positively. At the moment my opinion is don't waste your money.
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