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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 8 October 2007
For anyone a bit confuzzled, this is the sequel to 2005's King of Swing for the Gameboy Advance. The original game was based around a gameplay mechanic in which you swung Donkey Kong from peg to peg to reach level goals.

To swing on pegs, all you'll need are the L and R buttons on the top left and right of the DS - holding the left button will make Donkey Kong grab and hold on to a peg with his left hand, and the right button his right hand. It's simply a case of using the hand closest to a peg, after which DK will rotate in a clockwise or anti-clockwise way, until you can latch onto another peg. Those are the basics, but you'll soon learn how to use pegs to turn levers and flick switches.

It's not really a platformer like the Donkey Kong Country series, but levels are structured in a similar way, usually scrolling in an upward fashion to an end goal, and sprinkled with obstacles. You'll sometimes land on ledges, but you'll spend most of the time off the ground, and swinging around. But there's plenty of DKC elements, such as:

- Barrel Cannons. These send you rocketing in set or chosen directions.
- Bonus Rooms hidden throughout stages.
- Hidden trinkets - DK Coins and Banana Coins. These get particularly hard to find in later levels.

Much appreciated improvements over the original game are much bigger levels (and more of them), and Donkey Kong's friend Diddy Kong, who follows DK around and can be used as a projectile, or to reach coins that're a bit out of reach. Plus you get bigger views of levels thanks to the second screen, and bosses that fill BOTH screens! You'll also solve several challenges that involve careful studying of both screens, which is nice. And the visuals are very pretty - just as nice looking as the rendering in the SNES Donkey Kong Country games.

But why 3 stars for fun? The game gets very frustrating later on, particularly if you're picking up coins along the way. Sometimes you find yourself having to swing off pegs at pinpoint precise angles to reach coins, which to me seems like bad game design. Bosses are also placed at the end of whole levels, so if you lose a boss battle, you'll be right back at the start of a whole stage. You'll be needing to keep stocked up on lives on earlier levels a lot.

I was actually tempted to give this a 3 out of 5 overall score, but I thought that might've been too low for a game that's great fun outside of a few select situations later on in the game. But you'll certainly get a challenge here, and the bosses are all rock hard in a good way. The last boss is a great laugh in particular! Even after seeing him off, you should have a load of extras and hidden levels to find if you haven't collected everything on your first playthrough.

So if you can excuse a few niggly bits in the latter half of the game, and would like to try something a bit different, this is well worth picking up - especially second hand. And there's buckets of challenge - a rarity these days.

And there's STILL no minecart rides or animal buddies for old time Donkey Kong Country fans! But I really did enjoy this, and would love to see a sequel. Perhaps even a platformer with DK: Jungle Climber/King of Swing elements in it!
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VINE VOICEon 16 January 2008
This game seemed a bit strange at first as it is not just a normal platform game. But the more you play, the more you get used to the innovative control method and the more fun the game becomes. Rather than jumping from platform to platform, you swing DK by using the L and R buttons to grab onto pegs and leap around the levels. Diddy Kong also tags along for the ride acting like a little assistant who allows you to get hit without losing a life.

There are the usual collectibles, secret rooms and mini-games that you'd expect in a Nintendo game and these become more challenging to find and unlock. As is the norm, some of the mini-games are great fun, but some are a bit dull and pointless. The control system is great once you get used to it - it uses the L and R buttons almost exclusively and thankfully doesn't use the stylus for a change.

My first thoughts were that this game was far too easy as I quickly amassed over 20 lives and never seemed to die. But the levels soon get more difficult and the lives were soon being lost quickly. The later levels get very challenging and are all the more fun for it.

There are a couple of niggles that stop this game achieving 5 stars. Firstly, the action can seem bit slow at times and lacks the flow of some of the best platform games. Secondly, the attack function is a bit flawed and can be difficult to carry out accurately at times.

This game should keep you busy for a long time as the levels are large and varied (there's usually a new skill to learn in each section) and finding all the pickups and secrets will add to its longevity. Then there are also the mini games to keep you entertained.
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on 14 April 2008
I have no previous experience with Donkey Kong so I wouldn't know what's missing or what has been improved upon from earlier titles but hopefully that offers a fresh perspective as the earlier reviews here seem to be under rating what is as a fantastic gaming experience. I award this title 5 stars. The graphics, game play and difficulty curve are all well above par creating quite the addictive 2d platformer.

The controls are unique. Using the L and R buttons you control which hand DK grabs with, grabbing either places to climb and swing from or rocks to hold and release at your enemies. Also, to add another dimension to the game play DK partners up Diddy Kong who for most of the time rides on your back but is ready to jump off to attack enemies or collect items that you couldn't normally reach. The levels are well designed, with places and bonuses to find and the end of level bosses are both fittingly challenging and interesting to beat.

It might seem easy at first however getting use to DK's climbing and swinging skills to a proficient level takes a little while to master and you will soon be grateful for this because it does get more difficult later on. Progressing through the game also unlocks little mini games which have provided hours of fun just on their own, adding additional value for your money.

What can I say, I don't usually feel compelled to write a review but I haven't had this much fun with a platform game since Metroid Prime (GBA), Commander Keen (PC) or Wonder Boy III (Sega Master System)!!! If you looking for a good 2d platform game then what are you waiting for?
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on 22 September 2013
Yes, I deliberately mis-spelled Donkey Kong and called him king, cos to me, he is the king ;). I love the game, though it kind of reminds me somewhat of Sonic the Hedgehog. You can play as fast as you like, or slow down to try and get all of the bananas. This game is just fantastic fun. It's nice to be able to get hold of a game and not get a headache playing it (having to think too hard when playing a game can be quite stressful, I find! I am sure that happens with others too?)

This game just makes me smile - a LOT :) But then again, I have been told I am weird.

It is quite expensive at the moment still, so I wouldn't recommend buying it a full price if you haven't played Donkey kong before. Shop around and wait for a cheaper price before buying it. I'm sure that if you are looking into buying it but you aren't quite sure what to do, then definitely look around for a good price from other sellers. You will probably love the game, but there is a micro chance you won't like it. If you don't like it, then at least you won't have spent too much on it, and you can always sell it on again.

I love it. It helps me to unwind after a stressful day. I sometimes think it's a pity that we can't all have a little go at a demo version of any games we are interested in but we aren't sure about buying. At least it would give us an idea if we are likely to like it or not. (Sometimes, Nintendo do demo versions on the 3DS, and I have found these demos excellent at giving me an idea if the game is good or not). Can Amazon do this? Please, that would be just ACES if they could.
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on 22 January 2010
Well, the game is odd to start with, but soon you get used to and the game provide good tutorials to help you through.

Why 4 stars, because is to repetitive at some point, and bonuses hardly to reach, I do not see a child having patience to do what it has to be done to reach and actually complete the game.
For me is well worth it because I do not use the stylus, is funny, the music is brilliant and both monkeys makes me smile.

This is an update...

I tried to change the stars but Amazon did not let me, so...

All of you who give this game 5 or 4 stars I wonder why, have you at list completed 48%? I am sure you have not... I agree with some of the positive points of this game like the music and graphics, but none of you pointed out the real frustration with this game. Thats why I rated 3 stars, but for the fun read below.

Mario Bross has parts were is frustrating but none the less it can be finished, funny and enjoyable, but this one is a disaster after the 3th world conquered. The magic power by collecting the gems to be indestructible last only few seconds and the control of it is poorly, at Planet Plantaen in order to defeat the boss you need all the magic force which you cannot keep as the levels to rich at that point are to demanding, and the player will use the magic power, meaning that you will never defeat the King K at that level.

All of you are happy with the timing you put into playing the game, but in reality is not quality fun, you keep going back to Forest Ruins, or God knows which shortcut you have found to get more gems and bananas hoping it will last to defeat the boss in Planet Plantaen, and this statement is as IF you have reached so far. By the Fiery Vulcano the game is becoming highly frustrating and I am sure you have not collected in that area all the coins and letters as I did after at list 70 attempts. By the way, why do we collect coins if you cannot buy anything in the game to help with the difficulty of it?
I wish people would learn to give a fair review of a game, not just after having the game for a day or so!

If you want to spend your time going back all the time to collect gems instead of moving forward is up to you, but let the people know the truth about this game, and if you indeed defeated the boss on Planet Plantaen and have a clue how can be done please let me know... The game designers reckon is for 3+ but I am 41 determined to win the game IF I can, can I?

I rated two stars for the fun and not below O simply because it has valuable moments where I could smile, and there is space for improvement if they do another sequel of this game. The game designers started to forget why we spent so much money in the first place, to have fun. I do agree with challenge games, but not at the point that you want to give up playing (as I did 10 years ago), that is killing the child within us at what ever age.

Update again

I finished the game finally, and I have to admit that was rewarding. Now I realize that I keep going back for only one coint which I cannot find at all, is located in Fiery Vulcano, if anyone knows where is the DK coin please let me know.

You don't need all the gems to win the battle in Planet Plantaen, one gem is enough, but you need Didi, thats the secret and stay in the middle where the belly button is.

Planet Plantaen is the last boss and the game ends there, you unlock mini games which are not really funny, actually are unachievable, and I become frustrated again.

Now at this point I have to admit that the game is brilliant as I mentioned many times, but very frustrating. If you have time to keep playing you will master all the movement and even the the last boss is easy to be killed, even without gems.

Now I am waiting for the next sequel of this mad game.

Good luck.
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on 31 March 2010
Donkey Kong: Jungle Climber is a very good platform game that uses the DS's D-pad controls to great effect because when you are climbing with Donkey Kong the L and R shoulder buttons are used for grabbing like you are using your hands. The story is a bit nuts with an alien who looks like a banana called Xananab and King K. Rool is up to no good again. The first world haves you climbing a mountain where there is a massive banana floating above it which happens to be the aliens spaceship. Diddy Kong teams up with Donkey Kong and can be used as a cannon ball to hit far away enemies. The rolling canon barrels from the old Donkey Kong Country games on the Super Nintendo are still here and are a real blast to use. There are lots of hard to reach items to find on each level and if you collect all the Oil Barrels then you get to visit Funky Kong. Cranky Kong has returned too and is still giving us hints on our journey through this most excellent platformer.
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on 7 November 2013
Both my 5 year old and 7 year old enjoy playing this game. Although the controls are difficult to begin with they got the hang of it after a while. They are both fans of Super Mario so this seems to be a similar - but not the same - type of thing.
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on 8 December 2011
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on 8 January 2008
If you love platform games then this is a classic, Ive not completed it yet, its entertaining the graphics and controlling moves are cool. Over all great game (:
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on 7 February 2012
I brought this for my husband for christmas, and he loves it, our daughter also plays it so between them they both help each other out in trying to get through the different stages. They say it is a lot of fun.
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