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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 5 August 2003
i bought this book whilst on holiday because i'd run out of reading material. a friend had recommended eddings so i bought it. i was a bit dubious at first - a new author and all that. but after reading the first chapter i couldn't put the book down. i was so wrapped up in the story that once i'd finished i went out and bought The Shining Ones and The Hidden City. i am now a fan of eddings and have bought nearly all his books in the space of a few weeks.
Sir Sparhawk, Ehlana et al are so realistic that i sometimes feel like popping over for a cuppa. and the understated humour that runs through the trilogy made me "happy as pigs in mud" - to coin a phrase. the characters within these books are absolutely essential and not just for the story. the way eddings writes them makes them integral parts of a well oiled machine.
excellent reading material
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on 22 March 2015
David Eddings is one of my favourite authors. The Belgariad was the first fantasy series I ever read at the tender age of 10 ( I was a precious reader from an early age) and I was immediately hooked on the genre. Moving on to the Sparhawk series I immediately loved the slightly more mature characters still mixed with the classical whimsical story telling that Eddings spins so well. The Tamuli is the second Sparhawk trilogy and Domes of Fire sets the scene for another wonderful tale. We see the return of many loved characters and meet the new and interesting population of another empire. The book is packed with the battles, plots and character interactions that you expect, and like a cosy blanket on a winter's night you are happy to snuggle into it and drift away. While some of the characters are cliche, the charm and best tradition of fireside storytelling makes them endearing and life long friends. Now in my 30s I still love these books as much as I did when I was a child. When I pick them up I know that I will loose track of entire days as I follow my best loved heroes into classic battles against villains and dark gods. If you have never read this before (where have you been?) you are in for a treat, and you will want to get the next 2 books now because you won't want to wait once you reach the end because Sparhawk is about to get his freak on ;)
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on 29 January 2014
I'm a big fantasy fan and I bought this download based on the number of 5 star ratings it had received and my previous good experience of Eddings' work. I gave the story and it's characters every chance to catch my imagination having read 80% of the book. Just did not happen. It wasn't that the author departed from the standard mixture of dark and not quite so dark characters. The main characters talk like American high school kids. I liked that idea I'm up for something new. Rather there were just to little plot and such plot as there was had so many glaring holes that the normal suspension of disbelief required to enjoy this type of novel was not enough. I'm a man of mature years and I accept that maybe this book just wasn't written with people like me in mind. In which case fair enough. If you like fantasy for teenagers then buy this download. If you are a serious fantasy fan then my opinion is that it is done better elsewhere including some of this authors other work.
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on 28 January 2015
Classic reading and it's free. Gotta love Kindle! I am no longer able to read "real" books due to a lung condition (dust, mould etc) so Kindle has allowed me to re read some old favourites. Eddings was and is one of the best fantasy authors. Story lines to keep you gripped and you go back for.
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on 18 October 2015
Imagine my horror when I found that during our last move this book has been lost 😡😡😡😡😡. I love David Eddings & have read & reread his books countless times. It was on the rereading cycle that I discovered this book was missing. As I was going on a trip I decided to download it onto my iPad. Although it means that the trilogy is now broken I think I may download the other 2 so they are all together. If you are an Eddings fan then you will know he is at one of his best n the sarcasm, wit etc. Sparhawk is as always a brilliant hero,& all his companions are with him. But you must read the other 2 to finish the ride. I am on the next one now & enjoying it AGAIN.
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on 9 October 2013
By the time he got onto The Tamuli Eddings seesm to have been running out of ideas. The stories start to get a bit repetitive, with too many things reminding you of the much better Belgariad/Malloreon series anmd The Eleneium trilogy of which this is a continuation, and to some extent a repeat.
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on 23 May 2014
I cut my teeth on the Belgarion and all the following adventures of Belgarath & co. I introduced my children to them, and like me they graduated to the Sparhawk series as well. This book was missing from my collection so had to have it.
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on 17 June 2013
Let's be honest, Eddings takes an idea and then uses it again and again and again. Whereas other authors might be seen as flogging a dead horse, Eddings is still able to keep it fresh becuase he makes his adventures engaging and his characters likeable. You don't want his stories to end and you actually feel as if you are riding along with Sparhawk and company.
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on 23 April 2012
I love all the books written by David Eddings and Leah. They are well written and give one a feel good factor. The characters one feels beocme friends, and I look forward to renewing that friendship over and over again. Now they are on kindle itn is eve easier and I am greadually replacing my library. Please write more. Tricia
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on 27 October 2012
I ordered this book as I had mislaid it from the many david eddings books that I have. I am currently rereading all of his books having 1st read them many years ago. Book 1 of the tamuli is an excellent read as are all of his books. Anyone who is a fan of david eddings will enjoy this book & be eager to move on to book 2 to find out more of the adventures of sparhawk.
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