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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 21 June 2011
Series 5, Steven Moffat admitted, was Doctor Who: The Dark Fairytale; and it was. By the end of Series 5, Amelia Pond, the girl who waited, had waited long enough and was now traveling with The Doctor as a happily married woman with her husband and parents and the universe as it should be back into place. However, come Series 6... the nightmare begins.

Doctor Who has always been at its best when it isn't afraid to scare and Series 6 is definitely full of those moments. There are The Silence who are so terrifying you'll never remember them, the Ganger's who can steal your life or mutate into horrifying monsters and the never ending corridors inside a time machine that can't wait to kill you. In fact, Series 6 of Doctor Who is possibly the scariest the series has been since it returned in 2005.

Not only does Steven Moffat's second series deliver on the fear factor front, it also begins to unravel the bigger mysteries that have been haunting the mythos of the show since 2008 as we finally find out WHO River Song really is. Whilst giving us answers, the series also poses even more questions, with a major character being killed off within seconds of the first episode.

One of the series's major strong point is its design and tone, creating believable junkyard planets, asteroid army bases, futuristic acid monasteries and 16th century Pirate ships. The series has never looked more atmospheric and rich. Another triumph is the return of The Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, who continues to be astonishingly brilliant in the lead role. This year see's a Tardis team who are all keeping secrets from one another - who all know they really should have moved on by now.

In terms of the actual DVD content, unusually for early releases, contains 5.1 surround sound and special features. They also contain the entire first half of the season so whilst I'd suggest waiting for the entire two halves box set which is bound to be released later in the year, if you can't wait to get your hands on this half of the series, this DVD isn't a complete let down.

Series 6 is Moffat on top form with only 'The Curse of the Black Spot' being an arguable weak point in a set of episodes which see Doctor Who at its best!
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on 31 March 2013
Adventures across time and space with the time-travelling hero. Doctor Who Series 6 has been broadcasted 23rd April 2011 and finishes in 1st October 2011.

Disc 1:
The Impossible Astronaut: Amy, Rory and River mourn the Doctor, but are soon plunged into an adventure.
Day of the Moon: The Doctor fights an alien invasion dating back to the beginnings of human civilisation.
The Curse of the Black Spot: There's terror on the high seas, as the Doctor is stranded on a pirate ship.
The Doctor's Wife: By following a Time Lord distress signal, the Doctor endangers Amy, Rory and the TARDIS.

Includes a monster file about the Silence!

Disc 2:
The Rebel Flesh: A solar tsunami liberates doppelgangers from their human 'originals'.
The Almost People: The Doctor must convince terrified factory workers to trust their doppelgangers.
A Good Man goes to War: The Doctor assembles an alien army to fight the Battle of Demons Run.

23 April - 04 June 2011
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on 25 October 2011
The first part of series 6 is mostly featured by the best series opener ever. The Doctor's team comes to America in order to fight the Silence, River is back and most paramount revelations are eventually (and at long last!) revealed. Otherwise "The Curse of the Black Spot" might be the adventure that most fans would like to forget (with Amy's improbable sword fight against the pirates and the ridiculous nth death of Rory. In spite of thoe tiny mistakes the other episodes are quite good, if we talk about scripts, above all "The Doctor's Wife". The scriptwriter's originality gives us a brand new look of the relationship between the Doctor and his beloved spaceship. Episodes 5 and 6 are not so exceptional, still more enjoyable than episode 3. "A Good Man Goes To War" (episode 777 of the whole series) was as amazing as the two first episodes, despite the fact that the Doc didn't really fight like a soldier. This first part is essential for the series with an unforgettable beginning and an astonishing mid-series finale. It was generally good compared to series 5 and Tennant's era, few mistakes as episode 3 are made every year so we won't blame them for that, even though I confess there is a large difference of quality of the scripts with the last 6 episodes. To conclude, as I said in my part 2 DVD's review, don't buy that box if you didn't purchase the Christmas Carol DVD separately, I advise you to choose the complete series 6 box. Otherwise you are likely to be disappointed by the lack of special features (which are almost non-existent, except the little "monster files"). But the price is definitely not a problem.
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on 5 June 2011
I follow Doctor Who every saturday and this new season is just BRILLIANT, even better than the one before. The only episode I disliked was the 3rd one...but for the others: great plot, very good actors and nice environments + this British humour I like so much !! So much funnier than American or French humours. Doctor Who is a monument, and I hope I won't be deceived by the second part (But how could it be possible regarding the story). I'll definitively watch it again when it will be broadcast on french TV, and I'll buy the dvds too.
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on 27 July 2011
I love Series 6 so far; it's a brilliant collection of episodes. I do think Moffat may be creating some continuity issues here and there, but on the other hand, the jury's still out -- this was only the first half, after all. I shall not delve into the brilliance of the series in general and individual episodes in particular though; other reviewers have done so with ample eloquence.

The one letdown however -- and it's a real stinker -- is the packaging.
Apart from a one minuscule Monster File behind-the-scenes featurette on each disc, there are absolutely no extras here.
At all.

Where are the video diaries? The Making Of's?
And not to mention, WHERE are the two Comic Relief specials, "Space" and "Time"?!?
Not in this box, that much is for certain...
The general dearth of special features is bad enough in this day and age, but the omission of those specials is utterly inexcusable!

One can only hope of course that all of these will appear in the Complete Series 6 Box Set ... just by chance of course making us fork up for the first seven episodes twice over ... I must say, it is more than a bit cheeky of the BBC to milk the fans of our hard earned dosh like this.
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on 25 August 2011
Series 5 was not perfect but I cannot say that I did not enjoy all of the episodes. Some were stunning (Time Of Angels/Flesh and Stone and The Lodger). Some not so (The Beast Below, and the Silurian 2 parter - shame that one). But all were well written and structured and a lot of fun. The finale, while slightly confusing and actually without an end, was not boring and some of the material was some of the best TV around at the moment.

They were able to replicate this for the beginning of series 6. The opening 2 parter was just breathtaking, especially for a DW fan. What was going on? Dead Doctor, regenerating pre-teen? Very exciting stuff. And then they showed The Curse of the Black Spot. Ooargh. While I actually enjoyed it, it still felt considerably close to an iota of 'meh' in comparison to the eruption of what had preceded it.

'The Doctor's Wife' was better and was sufficiently Gaiman-esque. But it also felt like we were stepping away from the matter at hand. When you do something as audacious as kill off the Doctor you cannot waft about as if it hasn't happened on pirate ships and living asteroids with a talking TARDIS, no matter how entertaining. Which is why it was so difficult to enjoy the The Rebel Flesh/Almost People 2 parter. Again, it was a perfectly passable story and escapade. It was set perfectly and directed brilliantly but it was not answering any questions about what the flip was going on! Except at the end. And that was when the show started getting interesting again.

The cliff-hanger to episode 6/7 should have been the one that we would have had to wait until September to conclude. It was far better than the Melody/River Song/Pond silliness that we had all guessed anyway. However, the mid-series finale was rather exuberant and brilliant. Very Star Wars in places it whizzed by so quickly that by the time Amy's baby became a splat of hot blu-tac on the space station cargo-bay floor, you are trying to catch up with what had happened.

While the ending was not perfect it definitely felt right. This is a set up for the last 6 episodes that appear (on the strength of the trailers) to be even more bonkers and completely fabulous. I do hope they all are. But at least the new Exec Producer has commented on the last episode of the series mentioning that it was 'satisfying'. I can live with satisfying, which was what did not happen in The Big Bang.

So, the Doctor (according to Doctor Who Magazine) is DEFINITELY going to die (this being his FINAL incarnation) and there's a time-headed Pond/Song on the loose with a possible regenerative tendency. Oh and Hitler, Craig Owens, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, deadly hotels and a killer astronaut. In a lake.

The first half was ok with moments of genius. The second half is looking to be some of the best....?
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on 1 June 2011
I have to say that, having seen episodes 1-6, this is quite probably the darkest, most intriguing series of Doctor Who for a very long time. It harks back to the gothic intensity of the early Tom Baker stories in the mid-70s when Robert Holmes was in the ascendant and there was much more integrity to the whole storyline and lots of links between each story.

Matt Smith must be congratulated for creating a very complex Eleventh Doctor. You're never quite sure whether he's your best friend or trying to get information he KNOWS you're hiding from him! Karen and Arthur have given us a couple of great companions in Amy and Rory and what can you say about Alex Kingston? River Song is a triumph and I hope she appears in stories for many years to come.

I haven't a clue what will happen in the final episode "A Good Man Goes To War" but so far the series has been an utter triumph. Keep watching!
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on 5 June 2011
Series 6 part 1 is the best series of doctor who by far. It is dark, funny, sometimes quite tense and most of all very entertaining. After the two part beginning of the series (The Impossible Astronaut/Day of The Moon)i did not think that this series could get any better but it managed to exceed all my expectations for it.

The Impossible Astronaut (Part 1/2): The Doctor, Amy, Rory and River Song meet up in 1960s America and one of the four friends is killed within the first 20 mins. Also the President Richard Nixon is receiving disturbing calls from a scared child. This episode introduces "The Silence" who are mentioned through warnings during series 5. These are probably the scariest and creepiest enemy the doctor has faced since the "weeping angels". 9/10
The Day of The Moon (Part 2/2): The Doctor, Amy, Rory and River must try and defeat an enemy that are forgotten about as soon as they are not being looked at. This episode is also the first time that the "eye-patch lady" makes an appearance. The end of this episode leaves you wanting more. 10/10

The Curse of The Black Spot: The Doctor, Amy and Rory land on a 17th century ship controlled by pirates. Men on the ship are taken by the "Siren" if they bleed but all is not as it seems. 7/10

The Doctor's Wife: The Doctor receives a distress call and arrives on a junkyard planet. There are only four inhabitants on the planet but when the character of Idris was explained this was a nice surprise This is quite a dark episode but is also one of the strongest of the series. 10/10

The Rebel Flesh (Part 1/2): The Doctor arrives at a monastery and finds that people are creating clones of themselves called "the flesh" to mine. During a Solar storm the flesh disappear and have developed a mind of their own. 9/10
The Almost People (Part 2/2): The humans in the monastery must fight off the flesh and try to escape before they do. Jennifer is looking for revenge and is ,at the end, more than just a human clone. when this episode ends and you find out about Amy this is a real shocker. 9/10

A Good Man Goes To War (Part 1/2): The Doctor and Rory recruit an army to save Amy and her daughter Melody from Madam Kovarian("eye-patch lady"). This is the "Battle of Demons-Run" and the Doctors darkest hour. This episode is THE BEST episode of Doctor Who ever and I cannot wait to see the next episode. This episode also reveals the truth about River Song as we find out who she really is in the final seconds of the episode. The revelation about River Song is amazingly acted out and you will not see it coming. It is also a happy moment for The Doctor as well. When this episode ends you will want to watch the next straight away to see what happens next.......... but unfortunately you will have to wait. 11/10

The Doctor Will Return In Autumn 2011 in "LET'S KILL HITLER"!!!!!!
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on 29 May 2011
20 episodes in and this is better than RTD era immediately.
Only a brief time in present Earth (2011) then every other adventure is set during the 1960s, 17th century, outside the universe and in the 22nd century. Whereas in Series 1-2, most of the series is set during present day Earth.
This is definately a cinematic series and enjoyable.
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on 16 June 2011
This first half of Series Six is - in the words of the Ninth Doctor - "Fantastic!" The opening story is simply brilliant grabbing you from the outset and wonderfully taxing on the brain - I love it when I'm challenged and not treated like some gormless soap guzzling primetime zombie - thanks for not insulting our intelligences Mr Moffatt! This recent angle on Who story telling reminds me of Andrew Cartmel's last season where due to time restrictions etc they couldn't get all the scenes they wanted on screen so stories weren't clear immediately; complexity reigned and boy didn't that enahnce the narratives of Season 26! It semed like post modernism by design! But this isn't and it works a treat too. The story arc just keeps you hanging on and hopefully will lead to a satifying denouement in the Autumn. I'd love to know what Moffat's got planned for Series Seven as Seasn Six is going to be bloody tough to beat!
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