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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 13 July 2013
This release has finally been confirmed to feature the Genesis of the Daleks from the Tom Baker era and Stolen Earth/Journey's End from the David Tennant Era. Both stories are the first and (so far) last to feature Davros. The Genesis of the Daleks is rightly regarded as being one of the best stories in the entire 50 year history of Dr Who and features in many fans top 10 lists. The Stolen Earth did make me punch the sky in delight when Davros made his first appearance in the new series, but Journey's End ended up an overblown story with Davros merely a pawn in a bigger game. 5 stars for Genesis, and 3 for the Tennant two parter - overall, 4 stars, and a bargain price to boot!
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on 26 August 2013
These releases have the 2 stories Davros first story "Genesis of the Daleks" and the last Davros story to date "Stolen Earth/Journey's End"

These releases come under the Davros umbrella, the first story Genesis, is the beginning of the Daleks,the timelords request the Doctor to go to Skaro and either destroy the Daleks or make them less aggressive force, Michael Wisher in my opinion Davros and no-one upto Stolen earth has portrayed Davros quite so well, i think everyone is aware of the story, and is regarded as one of the best Doctor Who stories ever.

Stolen Earth/Journey's End, Davros now played by Julian Bleach, who is second only to Wisher in his portrayl of Davros, this story sees all the Doctor's companions brought together, with 2 doctors and a half doctor half human, what is good is that both stories feature Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith) and is referenced by Davros as being at the beginning in Genesis she will now witness the end if Journey's end.

Both stories are great in my opinion, and are great as a release for someone who is new to Doctor Who, or has yet to purchase with either of these stories

Neither of the stories have any extras, commentaries which are available on individual or recent releases of these stories, so if your an extras fan, this is not really for you,but if like me your only real interest is the stories, then this "vanilla versions" are ideal for you.

Other monster releases include

The Daleks
The Cybermen
The Silurians
The Master
The Sontarans

All releases have linking stories, and are all the "vanilla releases" with no extras
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on 27 January 2016
I got this because i thought they had Remastered the picture on Genesis of the Daleks and it would look better than the DVD which i got in 2006 and to me it Definately is a better picture than the previous one that i bought and it is Sarah Jane's first and last story with Davros. Both Great Stories and Great Actor's playing the Doctor. Highly Recommended.
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on 22 July 2013
I have no idea where `KK' gets his/her information. According to the BBC these `Monster Collections' are specially themed sets to represent the most popular opponents of the Doctor. Each DVD will feature a story from the original run of Doctor Who (usually the first appearance of the monster) and from its return since 2005 (ie. Old Who and New Who as it is sometimes termed).

They are to be presented in sleeved cases in much the same design as `The Cybermen Collection' and `The Dalek Collection' that were released in 2009. This looks as if this will give them a collectible appearance.

This DVD includes:

GENESIS OF THE DALEKS (5/5) - Undoubtedly one of the finest Doctor Who stories ever, Terry Nation's best script and one of the best villain performances of all time from Michael Wisher. It features some of the best scenes in Doctor Who and every interaction between Davros and the Fourth Doctor is sublime.

THE STOLEN EARTH/JOURNEY'S END (5/5) - a triumphant return for Davros. After a twenty year absence Davros gives Doctor Who the title of most watched programme of the week for the first time ever. Not only does this story feature the return of Davros but it also features a Dalek Supreme for the first time since the series returned. With all appearances from the friends and companions of the Tenth Doctor this is a great representation of David Tennant and Russell T. Davies' era.

As yet there is no mention of special features. It would seem a shame if there weren't any.

As previously released stories they are clearly intended to be collector's items especially for the fiftieth anniversary.
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on 3 July 2015
more than fantastic
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on 7 November 2014
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on 8 September 2014
Very happy with product
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on 26 April 2013
Genesis of the Daleks: The Time Lords foresee Daleks conquering the Universe. Can their genesis be averted?

Part 1: The Time Lords send the Doctor to Skaro shortly before the creation of the Daleks.
Part 2: In the Thal dome, Sarah is forced to load a war rocket with radioactive explosives.
Part 3: The Doctor informs the Kaleds of Davros's experiments, but Davros takes drastic action.
Part 4: The Kaled dome is destroyed by the Thals' rocket but Daleks appear and a massacre begins.
Part 5: Davros interrogates the Doctor, forcing him to reveal the future of the Daleks.
Part 6: The Kaled elite move to prevent the development of the Daleks but is it already too late?

08 Mar - 12 Apr 1975

Destiny of the Daleks: The TARDIS lands on the apparently abandoned planet Skaro. But the Daleks have returned!

Part 1: On Skaro the Doctor and Romana discover that someone is digging beneath the surface.
Part 2: The captured Romana is interrogated by the Daleks whilst the Doctor meets the Movellans.
Part 3: Davros has awoken from his centuries-long slumber and is taken prisoner by the Doctor.
Part 4: The Daleks need Davros to break the stalemate in their war with the Movellans.

01 - 22 Sep 1979

Resurrection of the Daleks: The Daleks plan to replace the High Council of the Time Lords with duplicates.

Part 1: Davros is held captive aboard a prison in space but the Daleks launch a rescue attempt.
Part 2: The survivors of the prison station fight the Daleks.

08 - 15 Sep 1984

Revelation of the Daleks: Davros now calls himself the Great Healer but is really turning humans into Daleks.

Part 1: Tranquil Repose isn't the simple funeral home it appears to be - it is run by Davros.
Part 2: Davros plans to create an army of Daleks loyal to him but the Daleks have other plans.

23 - 30 Mar 1985

Remembrance of the Daleks: The Doctor and Ace are caught up in a battle between two factions of Daleks.

Part 1: The Doctor's past begins to catch up with him at the Totter's Lane junkyard.
Part 2: Renegade Daleks battle Imperial Daleks for control of the Hand of Omega.
Part 3: The Doctor discovers why the Daleks want a stellar manipulator.
Part 4: The streets of East London shake under a civil war being fought between the Daleks.

05 - 26 Oct 1988
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