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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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I thought that Doctor Who: The Last Voyage would be the last bbc audio story featuring the tenth doctor, but this one then slipped into the schedules at rather short notice.

This follows a slightly different format to the previous releases in this range because ir's only one disc long rather than two, featuring two episodes that run for roughly thirty five minutes each.

And it's formatted slightly differently also, because it's presented - via a short announcement at the beginning - as being a recording found on a sunken vessel. Which turns out to have been made by the Doctor. The Doctor tells the tale of how he arrived on a pirate radio vessel in the 1960's, on the trail of a living weapon called the hush. This kills anything that issues a sound.

David Tennant thus reads the whole thing in character, but as before also provides voices for the supporting characters.

This follows the classic doctor who format of an isolated place coming under attack from alien menace. The Doctor works alongside a liverpudlian girl called Layla to find the hush. She's quite an appealing character, having a lot of common sense and a determined attitude.

The whole setting is very convincing really feeling like it's set in the sixties, thanks not least to references of audio technology of the time. And what will follow.

Once you get past all the set up in part one you do then find yourself waiting for something to happen as the Doctor and Layla are searching the boat for their quarry. But then a very good cliffhanger provides the jolt the story requires.

It gets even better in part two, though, as it uses the format of audio to it's full effect. This would be a hard story to do on tv. There's a subtle air of menace to part two, which makes it just the kind of thing to listen to on long winter evenings with the curtains drawn and the lights down low. And there are a few good surprises and plot developments you won't see coming along the way.

It does also go nicely against cliche at the end. The Doctor saying something a little different to what he usually does when he resolves things.

Do also be sure to play the cd to the very end of the final track.

Short and sweet and one more tenth doctor story. Well worth a listen.
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on 8 March 2010
Unlike the other Doctor Who audio books which are just that, books, this one is rather different. It is read by David Tennant of course and he does do it ever so well, but its also read by the Doctor. The best way to describe it is just like someone reading a journal. Up until the end of course.

I would recomend it, not as long as the other books, only 1 hour 10 minutes run time but I did laugh a little and yes there are things that you can see coming. Still a great one.
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on 14 March 2010
Well this latest Doctor Who audio book was an unexpected surprise,
1 - because it was an extra story snuck in about the tenth Doctor and
2 (or b) - because it was an extra story told by the tenth Doctor himself, and I don't just mean it was David Tennant reading but the tenth Doctor himself reading it!

It was an unusual idea by James Goss to create the idea of an old recording found at the bottom of the sea in the wreck of a 1960's pirate radio ship and if you are listening to this recording as the Doctor says... 'then one of us is going to die!'

The characters are voiced well by David Tennant as always and I really felt that I got to know the Doctor's newly found friend 'Layla' with her fun attitude to life, quirky sense of humour and a real feeling for the excitement and adventure that life has to offer this young woman in the swinging sixties. When the Doctor tells her he's chasing down an alien and he travels in time and space, she just thinks that's 'cool'. I could imagine her running off with the Doctor in the Tardis...

I'm still trying to decide whether it's better to have David Tennant as himself telling a story with the Doctor thrown in during the dialogue or to have the Doctor tell it in his own words. I think that's for you to decide when you listen to the story but either way it's a great concept and I can't see why (even though the tenth Doctor's time has come to an end on screen) his audio adventures can't continue in the future and maybe told by David Tennant himself as he's pretty good at it!

The only slight downside is the length of the story - much shorter than the others. I think it could have been a longer story and not just for the sake of it. How did the Doctor come to be chasing this alien weapon in the first place? And what about the only other two characters in the story. I wanted to know more about them. For these reasons I've taken off a star but it's still well worth buying if you're a fan of Who.
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on 16 February 2010
I recommend this book, honestly. It's just that ...

Having paid the full pre-order price for this audiobook I was very disappointed on receipt to find that it is only half the length of the usual Doctor Who audio offering - and even more so to find on coming on line to post this review that the price has been nearly halved already.

That said, it's a good story and, as ever, well read by the estimable Mr T, who does some lovely Merseyside accents. It's just a shame that the running time gives no time for plot subtleties and you can see each development coming for miles. The effect was like reading a short story in the Doctor Who annual when you had anticipated one of the better novelisations.

Four stars, as despite the excellence of the reading I was disconcerted by the fact that the bass balance appeared to have been turned up on DT's voice to emphasise the notion that this was a restored analogue recording - this became quite offputting after a while.
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on 28 May 2011
I got this product a few days ago and was so amazed by the spin James Goss used. Having the Tenth doctor read the story rather than David Tennant's own voice was pure genius. It brought the story to life. The very last moment of the last track was pure genius too and the whole thing was made so well if you believed in everything you heard if it sounded genuine then you would believe this. The voice varies as it would do if the recording was real, and it cuts out which is also what would happen. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I don't get other people's reviews about not developing the characters or it could have been longer, could have told us why the doctor was chasing the hush, because; 1. It is from the doctor's eyes and ears and so he can't say much about them, 2. The recording is just a warning about the hush, not about the hush in general, 3. If it was longer then it would suggest that layla was asleep for a long time, she was only asleep for a few hours, it wouldn't seem genuine enough. I will now leave you with one thing. If you are reading this, then one of us is going to die.
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on 10 December 2012
David Tennant has, once again, scored a home run with this audio recording. While it is not my favorite DW story of all the ones he's read, David's tremendous talent with character voices and his impeccable timing as he reads make this audio book a must-have for any Doctor Who fan. If you haven't checked out the other audio books David has recorded, you really should (and I mean all of them, not just the Doctor Who stories).
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on 5 April 2010
What can I say? Told by David Tennant's doctor himself, this story contains a warning for the listener at the start and at the end...

Spooky overtones, this single disk story is well constructed and VERY well read by our beloved Mr Tennant himself, it is set on a pirate radio ship where the crew start to mysteriously by one...can the doctor work out what is going on in time to avoid becoming a victim himself?

A good addition to the doctor who audio collection!
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on 8 July 2010
Lots of praise for the final original audio story for David Tennant's Tenth Doctor in these reviews, however I wasn't so sure; I found Tennant's verbal tics more irksome than ever and after seeing Matt Smith make the role his own so comprehensively it seems somehow wrong to hear Tennant's portrayal again. I have no problem with audio stories featuring previous incarnations of the Time Lord, however I think I need a bit more time to have elapsed before I'm ready to hear DT's constant pop culture references and adoring endorsements of the indomitability of the human race again.

The story is split into two episodes over one disc; the first half introduces the situation and the alien menace 'The Hush', which put me in mind of 2007 TV serial 'Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead', with its invisible threat lurking in the shadows. The second episode is more in the style of classic Doctor Who 'base under siege' stories; The Doctor fighting to contain The Hush and seeing his companions on the pirate radio ship being relentlessly picked off, one by one.

With the potential to be a haunting and atmospheric audio swansong for the Tenth Doctor, this is in fact a bit of a damp squib, and although it picks up somewhat by the second half I would definitely rate it as an indifferent entry in the usually excellent BBC range.
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on 15 December 2010
Another great audio book that can be enjoyed by ten year olds up. I think any younger it might be a bit scary but that could be Im easliy scared. Im 44 and love listerning to these when Im not 100% or just as a change from all the boring stuff in life. A brilliant story told by THE doctor himself David Tennant.
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on 2 May 2013
i love doctor who but i bought it because David Tennant reads it.he has a perfect speaking voice 4 audio books,and his accent is awesome and a plus he is my favorite doctor'would recommend 2 all ages and David Tennant fans.
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