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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 3 March 2015
In the audio world, this was the jewel in the crown for the Doctor's 50th aniversary, the stories all stand on their own, yet all make one great big story, the acting was superb as always and the box the discs are held in is beautiful, there's a limited number of these and there increasing in price, so get yours while you can!
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on 8 December 2014
I wasn't enthusiastic about an audio book series featuring every doctor with the 3 figure price tag and likelihood that at least one of the stories would be difficult to get hold of but a friend gave me almost the whole set and I did track down the other 2 easily and it's quite a decent series. A collaboration between the now defunct Audio Go and Big Finish, it's very much as BF's Companions stories-narrated (except in 1 case) by a companion actor with another actor voicing another role for some dramatised scenes.

Hunters of Earth kicks it off with Carole Ann Ford who really rolls back the years when doing Susan's lines. Set prior to An Unearthly Child (an area of great interest to Big Finish lately) with the 1st Doctor huting parts to repair the Tardis while Susan tries to fit into the youth culture of the early 60's. It captures the Cold War and the austere quailty of the 60's before they were swinging very nicely.

Shadow of Death is an early high point in a Moonbase like tale (only without Cybermen) sticking the 2nd Doctor, Jamie and Zoe on a base with some hidden danger. Very atmospheric and Frazer Hines not only recreates Jamie but also Troughton's voice as well!

Vengeance of the Stones is a departure and very much Mike Yates' story as we learn how "Lt" Yates met the 3rd Doc & Brigadier and came to join UNIT. A good story and well voiced by Richard Franklyn. On a point of Anorak, Terror of the Autons makes it clear that Yates was around for the mopping up after Spearhead from Space, but then continuity blunders are a UNIT tradition!

Babblesphere send the 4th Doctor & 2nd Romana to a planet overrun with social media-not sharing even your most trivial thoughts is a crime! A good tale, I wonder if author Jonatahn Morris is perhaps no fan of Twitter?

Janet Fielding reads "Smoke & Mirrors" where the 5th Doctor, Tegan & Nyssa ( sorry bit mistake to revive the crowded Tardis lineup) meet up with Harry Houdini. I was no fan of author Nev Fountain's "Omega" but this is much better stuff with Houdini having a Churchillian relationship with the Doctor who he has met many times out of sequence (from the Doc's point of view). Tegan suspects that Harry H is not the friend the Dr believes him to be. Houdini is shown as someone who debunks mediums etc. not because he doesn't want to believe in the afterlife but because he has never seen any proof.

"Trouble in Paradise" offers another interesting take on a real person-a vainoglorious Christopher Columbus who for example on learning the Doctor may well be a greater explorer than he, considers killing him. Nice touch that Peri aware of Columbus' darker side,finds him disgusting. Great humour as the Dr and Peri are taken for possible medicine man types and have to play along.

"Shockwave" in an End of the World-like story where the Doctor and Ace arrive somewhere too late to save a planet but in time to save some refugees. Sophie Aldred makes Ace sound years younger than her narrating voice.

"Enemy Aliens" is a fast placed romp which would have made a greater TV movie for Paul McGann's Doctor than the one he got. Are there aliens in and around Victorian London and the music halls or is it more complicated than that? Rights issues no doubt preventing the return of Grace, Charley Pollard is brought back instead and India Fisher makes a fine job of narrating.

"Night of the Whisper" is the only one not narrated by a companion actor. Instead we have Nicholas Briggs but that's not where the problem lies, in fact Briggsy's work is 1st rate even gving us an authentically Eccelston-like 9th Doctor. No the problem is in a planet where a futuristic but grimy city is stalked by a masked avenger is Batman by way of Blade Runner. It's just not Dr Who!

"Death's Deal" marks a return for Catherine Tate in a good tale where the 10th Doctor and Donna go on an unwise expedition at the behest of the 11th Doctor who's very much the catalyst for the story.

The Matt Smith Doctor makes an appearance in all the stories from Hunters.. to Death's Deal asking for a favour or delivering a warning.

We finally find out why in "the Time Machine" as the most recent former Doctor becomes concerned about the existence of an a time machine long before there should be one on Earth. There are aliens behind it and it appears he may be too late to stop it. A major mistake here is recruiting Jenna Coleman for narration & then introducing a new one off companion Alice! Don't know why they did it and wish they hadn't. I can see no strong plot elements here that would not have worked for Clara. A good ending despite the dissappointment.

All the narrators have fun voicing the Matt Smith Doctor!

Good stories and with this set an extra disc of interviews.

Recommended for big fans, I'm not sure the more casual buyer of ancillary merchandise would get too much out of it! But fun to be had if you know your Who.
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on 13 December 2013
This is a beautiful looking box set and limited edition, and the contents doesn't disappoint! They are cleverly written stories, performed well and with a bonus disc of interviews. I'm on the Sixth Doctor story and have enjoyed every minute!
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on 10 February 2014
It's a lovely idea for a 50th anniversary release and there are some decent stories in here (Shockwave and Death's Deal particularly), but far more duds. The big problem for me is the final story, the one that all the others lead up to. I guess it was a little naive to think that it would live up to all that build-up and it didn't. A complete mess of a thing, utterly contrived, which turned most of the other stories in the series into little more than footnotes.

Overall, the stories are generally ok and the ending is a complete let-down. Definitely not worth 70 quid of anyone's money.
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on 11 January 2014
This was a present for our Doctor Who fans here. They love it - a story for each Doctor. Enjoy!
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on 13 August 2015
Just Dr Who perfection!
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on 16 December 2013
Why are you still showing stock unavailable on your website. It is available from big finish website. I had originally ordered it from you, but as you could not supply the item, I cancelled the order and purchased it from big finish, they have delivered it today in plenty of time for christmas
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