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on 14 June 2017
Just a quick bit of product info:
This boxset; "Doctor Who - The Complete Fifth Series (standard) Box Set" BBCDVD3285 comes in two variants...
The first production run / pressings (in book terms 1st edition) was produced with Lenticular 3D covers. This was the version initially produced for sale. However once sold out - All subsequent pressings / productions (editions) have a standard NON-LENTICULAR cover.
Unlike books there is nothing to differentiate between different production runs of a DVD boxset. They both have the same EAN / same barcode and same bbcdvd ID number. There are however as I've said two different variants. (Two different versions - I deliberately have not used the term edition as the two versions are technically the same edition).
This is the case for this DVD Boxset and also "The Complete Second Series (standard) DVD Boxset" BBCDVD2122.
So....if you are after 1 in particular; check the listings carefully or seek clarification.
Everything else there is to know about this product is detailed in other reviews.
If your not fussy about what version you get ...there is also a more space efficient lower priced repackaged rereleased boxset listed separately.
Hope you enjoy if you decide to buy
Whatever edition or version you buy I thoroughly recommend.
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on 5 February 2014
I'm supposed to write a review, aren't I? But Nothing can be written about this Blu-Ray disks. Incredible High quality images and a 5.1 Surround sound, I can ask no more.
The product consists of 6 disks with all the episodes of the fifth season and you can also find the extra episodes (the ones which are set between the real episodes).
Nice covers, fast delivery (I'm in Italy and It only took 2 days to get here).
It's very cheap (fifteen pounds for six blu-ray disks....What are you waiting for?).
In my opinion Matt Smith (the Eleventh doctor, whose first appearance is in this season -if you don't consider the last scene of "The end of Time"-) gave the Doctor something new We were waiting for (David Tennant was brilliant too but Matt is incredible).


If you are still wondering whether to buy this product or not you are wasting your time as well.
No doubt I would buy it again If I had to.
Matt Smith is the best actor who played the Doctor (till now).
Fantastic Image quality (It's the magic of Blu-ray).
Impressive 5.1 Dolby Surround.
I'm totally chuffed to bits by it.
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on 5 April 2014
The combination of David Tennant as The Doctor with Russell T Davies as Head Writer was always going to be a hard act to follow, thus the arrival of Matt Smith and new 'Head Honcho' Steven Moffat deserved more than this series produced. Apart from the keen desire by Moffat to take this franchise into 'new territory' there was a decidedly strange interpretation of The Doctor that smacked of desperation on the part of Matt Smith and the producers 'to make an impact'.
Equally 'Amelia Pond' was certainly no 'Rose' to this new Doctor, and Karen Gillan's acting also smacked of inexperience, and that was apart from a series of often confusing story-lines that made this series difficult to interpret, let alone follow.
On a good note I was delighted to receive this in its 'original release packaging' and some of the extras made for a renewed interest in the series which I had largely discounted after first viewing on TV.
On balance I would recommend this box set to all purchasers who like British Sci-Fi and adventure!
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on 3 September 2012
Matt Smith's new Doctor had unsettled me to some extent. The paradigm shift was even more pronounced with Moffat replacing Davies, as the focus of the episodes became more interlinked in an abstract & complex way (nothing like the visual "BADWOLF" clues). I used to think that absolutely nobody can beat Rose (Sarah jane is beyond comparison and rather sui generis) as the Doctor's companion in these post-modern days, but I was pleasantly surprised by Amy Pond, and Rory, and the recurring presence of River Song, and ...... To cut the things short, this was a brilliant continuation of the rebooted Doctor Who, and Matt Smith was a revelation. Highly Recommended.
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on 2 August 2013
Well I think that the Complete Fifth Series of Doctor Who is a brilliant purchase to own because the audience sees the actor of
Matt Smith portraying the Eleventh Doctor. I mean he is funny charming witty and he likes getting into the habit of danger. The actress Karen Gillan is an OK companion for Amy Pond but I think that Matt Smith steals the show.
The guest stars that I like in the fifth series of Doctor Who are Ian McNiece as Britain's Prime Minister Winston Churchill Bill Paterson as Professor Edwin Bracewell Tony Curran as the artist Vincent Van Gogh Bill Nighy as a curator of a museum in episode ten James Corden as Craig Owens as seen in the eleventh episode titled 'The Lodger' and Arthur Darvill as Rory Williams.
So those are just my overall opinions. Thank you Amazon.co.uk and I would recommend the Blu-ray of Doctor Who to all age groups. Five stars all round!
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on 12 September 2013
When I first saw this series I wasn't too impressed. The new Doctor looked too young and the companion was too brash. So I was pleasantly suprised when I revisited the series after purchasing it, that I found it to be the second best series of the post 2005 series (the best being series 3). It's incredible series opener, the epic return of the weeping angels, the deeply layered dream episode, the wonderfully emotional ending to 'Cold Blood', the hidden brilliance of Vincent and the Doctor and the absolutely incredible two-part finale, which in my opinion is one of the best stories of Doctor Who ever. The only weakness of this series are the second and the third episodes, which although had fantastic ideas collapsed under the weight of their ambition.There's so much to love about this series, however the highlight is the intricately made story-arc that, from a retrospective view, was only the beggining...
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on 15 October 2017
I can't fault the series, but collectors and fans should take care as you might not receive the one in the photo. I really wanted this particular edition and took a long time to choose the right product so it would match the rest of my DVDs. Was disappointed when an ugly, irregularly shaped metal case showed up. Took it down to my local CEX and traded it in for the one I wanted.
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on 26 February 2016
Matt Smith's quirky, original and frankly exceptional performance as the Dr begins and ends with a bang in this series. From beginning to end I found myself either laughing or completely engrossed in the incredible, detailed storyline. The cameos, action scenes, the plot with Amy and the main story running through each episodes mini-stories is well written and serves to make this one of the best series ever. Well worth a watch, you'll find yourself in love with the Doctor Who universe all over again.
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on 15 April 2013
I never thought anyone would replace that other guy, ol' wossname, as The Doctor, but Matt Smith has easily erased him from the mind and memory. We loved his relationship with Pond, the ability of a man with two hearts to keep from falling in love with either heart, so that Amy could always be free to be true to her own heart and of course, Rory.

Who knew that ol' wossname (ok, I know it's David Tennant!) would be replaced by someone with a bow tie and a huge sense of fun and the ability to take The Doctor into new paths and still retain the skill to delight, frighten and make us laugh. Sometimes all at the same moment.

There's a place on the shelf next to the other complete series box sets for this one. And the next one. And the one after that.
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on 29 February 2016
For the Steelbook Version.
Content: A strong series considering the previous five year. A good start with the eleventh hour and a complicated finish. High point: The new Doctor's costume reveal. Low point: The new Dalek Paradigm, oh dear. And extra disc with cut down confidentials for the whovian at heart. Also two extra scenes in the TARDIS which are great.
Packaging: I admit I'm a sucker for a steelbook but this is a god one, a smooth slick design (The sticker on image is on cellophane wrapping). Six discs inside neatly packaged plus the information leaflet, which is nice, and the art cards which are disappointing and pointless.
So Series 4 stars, packaging for stars. Worth it for a limited edition box.
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