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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars

on 30 July 2010
So when I saw this, my first thought was "I have to buy this." So I did. Upon getting it home I indulged in the awesomeness of these figures. Each Doctor is expertly articulated and can move their limbs in a variety of ways. Well, ten out of eleven can. Doctor No. 10 can't rotate his legs or arms, so beware of this fact. That however is only a minor niggle, as he still looks absolutly perfect and you shouldn't let that put you off buying this excellent set. The figures also come in a Tardis shaped box, which when opened up reveals details of each Doctor's personality.

Beware though, this set does come with small parts, which could go missing quite easily (I had a bit of a scare when, in removing Five from his packaging, his Sonic Screwdriver fell inbetween Ten's legs - a most curious place for it to land - and got lost inside his coat.)

When all is said and done, this product is exceptional, but I would recommend it more to collectors than young fans looking for toys to play with. So in conclusion: Get this set. This set is cool.
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on 8 October 2017
Brother was very pleased with these, excellent quality apparently.
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on 14 July 2010
For the first time ever, a full set of all 11 Doctors, this is definately a must buy for any serious Dr Who fan. The quality of these toys is amazing, and I suspect that there will probably be more adults than children buying them due to their amazing likenesses and high quality of detail. Although all the Doctors except the 8th have previously been released, this set is still essential as the versions of Doctors 1,2,3,4,6 and 7 are all in new outfits with modifications to the features (better than before) the 5th now has the celery which was a glaring omission previously, and thr 10th has the spiky hair he's most known for.
Here's a brief review of each figure:
William Hartnell: Decent likeness (needed more wrinkles though), outfit more resembles the "Five Doctors' look though, don't know if Hartnell wore this exact look himself. Still a very good figure though.
Patrick Troughton: Stunning likeness, probably the best of all. The outfit is from "The Three Doctors". Can't fault this figure.
Jon Pertwee: This is now the fourth Pertwee figure to be done and I think the best looking. Taken from the "Carnival of Monsters" story, the hair is whiter as it should be, the detail of the costume is flawless and the likeness is excellent. One of the best figures yet made.
Tom Baker: Now the third Tom Baker figure done, this is his "Seeds of Doom" look and looks very impressive. Personally I preferred the "Pyramids of Mars" figure (I just think the darker coat suits him better)but it's still a superbly made figure. All the detail is perfect, the only critiscism is the strange eyebrows that have been drawn on him when everyone knows Tom doesn't have any!
Peter Davison: Virtually identical to the previous version except we now have the celery on his lapel - yeah! A good likeness of Davison's face and good detail all round.
Colin Baker: For one of the least-prolific Doctors, Colin has had a surprising number of figures made (this is now the fourth). The costume is taken from the Vervoid segment of "Trial of a TimeLord" but his hair is not - it's too short and dark compared to the big blonde perm he should be sporting and the figure is also too slim! (Colin was much more rotund in that story) so it looses points for inaccurracy, and some of the paint work looks less than perfect (the stripes on the trousers are a little wobbly, it's still a decent figure but not one of my favourites.
Sylvester McCoy: taken from "Ghost Light" (minus hat) this is an excellent figure with great attention to detail and excellent likeness. Brilliant.
Paul McGann: first outing for the 8th Doctor (and probably the only one considering he only had one story and therefore one look) this is again very good with great detail although I think it only bears a passing resemblance to McGann.
Christopher Eccleston: This looks like the same version released before, and not one of the best due to his bland costume, strangely wide legs and the fact that the neck section is very obvious and makes him resemble Frankenstein's monster or something.
David Tennant: Almost the same as the last one (with blue suit, red trainers, long coat & glasses) but with the hair spiked up. The glasses look a bit silly but otherwise this is probably the best Tennant figure so far.
Matt Smith: Very good figure and reasonable likeness (could be better), the shinyness of the trousers look a bit wrong but overall it's a good depiction of the new Doctor.
So there you are, all 11 Doctors, all together - what more could you ask for?
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on 19 March 2011
All eleven incarnations of the Doctor, 5" tall (varying slightly according to the actors' height), each with either a sonic screwdriver or other personal item except for the Sixth Doctor, and in his case it's probably the coat. The First Doctor has a walking stick, the Second has a recorder, the Seventh has an umbrella.

The First and Second Doctors are wearing their costumes from The Three Doctors, the Third is wearing the green jacket with the brown cape, the Fourth is wearing the costume from the City of Death era complete with hat and scarf, the Sixth is wearing the Terror of the Vervoids costume, the Seventh is wearing his brown jacket with no hat, the Tenth has the blue suit with trenchcoat and glasses. The Fifth, Eighth, Ninth and Eleventh Doctors are all wearing their usual costumes.

A few minor niggles: the Fifth Doctor's sonic screwdriver and the Seventh's umbrella don't stay in their hands too well (at all, actually) so break out the blutac before getting them out of the box. The Eighth Doctor's hair is the wrong colour, almost black, although it looks fine in the photo, and he doesn't stand up too well unless you get his legs exactly right as one is minutely shorter than the other.

That said, this is a pretty fantabulous collection; wrong hair or not, it's great to be able to get the Eighth Doctor (one of my absolute favourites), and I understand this is the only place where he's available. The set has fun little quirks like the Fourth Doctor's scarf trailing on the floor, actually providing the figure with additional support. The figures are all pretty good detail for the size and seem to capture a little of the character. This set is good value for money, working out at less than £5 per figure - imagine how much it would cost to buy them individually!

Now, Character Options, pay attention: good job, but don't stop there. There are still loads of classic-series companions and villains to release yet!
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on 5 November 2010
If, like myself, you grew up watching Doctor Who in the 70s and suffered the dearth of palpable materials and playthings, this has to be the psychological compensator to beat all others. At long last, the 11 doctors presented in a flashy TARDIS style boxed set. The details are up to scratch aand the figures are fully poseable with sonic screwdrivers to boot. You can finally create all the mixed doctor scenes you've always wanted. I had my model TARDIS set up with Hartnell and Tennant arguing outside the blue doors for days! The great thing about these figures is the possibilities and the endless fun. Grab yourself a flight TARDIS for 15 pounds and you have a gift to end all gifts for children and older who fans alike. Don't miss this one if you really are Who fan!
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VINE VOICEon 4 January 2012
We got this for our son for Christmas as he's Dr Who mad, like most Year One kids are nowadays.

He already has quite a few of the figures including the last three doctors included in this set, but I thought it would be nice for him to see all the previous incarnations of the Doctor, especially his Dad's favourite, number four, Tom Baker. This has given him an appetite to see some of the earlier programmes, which to be honest I prefer to the over complicated plots the BBC insist on giving us now.

Highly recommended and a steal at this price.
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on 7 April 2014
Really, what's not to love about this set? 11 Doctors in one Tardis-styled box, and each of the characters so well modelled. Being an ageing Whovian myself, veteran of the very first episode, The Unearthly Child, broadcast in 1963, I have a genuine fondness for Doctors 1 and 2 as portrayed by the irascible William Hartnell and the irrepressible Patrick Troughton. Both are modelled beautifully here with loving attention to detail, even to the extent of providing the Troughton Doctor with his trademark recorder.
I was never a great fan of the John Pertwee Doctor. Not Pertwee's fault, I hasten to add, but all down to the production team's penny-pinching approach which led them to disable the Tardis and leave Doctor number 3 permanently stranded on Earth. This is the stupidest thing it is possible to do with a show where the central premise is being able to travel anywhere in time and space. That said, the Pertwee figure here is very good.
And then, of course, there's Tom Baker, still for many the definitive Doctor, unearthly, fiercely intelligent and very funny. The facial modelling here is spot on - faultless. My only quibble is with the decision to clothe him in a pale coat that was only worn in the series for a very short time.
Oddly enough, the three most recent Doctors are less well modelled then the earlier ones, with Christopher Eccleston the best and Matt Smith least resembling himself.
Each Doctor is equipped with a characteristic item, usually their personal sonic screwdriver. These are loose and tiny so do take care not to lose them.
Overall, a brilliant set with most of the Doctors exceptionally well rendered. You'll need a Tardis for them, of course, and the Flight Control Tardis is just right for the job.
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on 21 July 2011
My 12 year old son say's
"I Recommend You Get This Set As Soon As Possible. The Sonic Screwdrivers And Recorder Are Small. The Walking Stick And The Umbrella Are A Bit Bigger.
I Wish The 6th Doctor Came With Something. Overall I Think You Should Buy It. It Is A Great Toy Set!"
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on 29 July 2010
What a wonderful collector set. It's very expensive, especially in germany, to buy Doctor Who figures but this great set is very cheap, if you think about how many figures there are. I love it and even bought it twice :)
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on 30 December 2014
A figure set in excess of £100? If only I could get my TARDIS working again so I could travel back in time to when this was a lot cheaper!

But then, consider the high asking price for five inch Character Option figures these days, where a single figure can command as much as £30. Taken into consideration, £100 for a complete set of pre-50th anniversary Doctors is small potatoes in comparison and the value can only rise with the knowledge that this set has been discontinued (according to Forbidden Planet).

Upon delivery, there's no doubt that the right decision was made to purchase, even at such a late hour. Opening the doors of the TARDIS packaging reveals an array of high quality and detailed articulated figures that we've come to love and expect from the five inch range, which is sadly lacking from the newer 3.75 inch range.

The figures come with relevant accessories such as the First Doctor's walking stick, the Second Doctor's recorder, the Seventh's distinctive umbrella and a variety of detailed sonic screwdrivers used by each incarnation (except for Old Sixie).

It's clear from the packaging that this set is primarily aimed at collectors, with resealable doors that reveal potted biographies of each Doctor. Also, many of figures here are exclusive to the set, none more so than the Eighth Doctor, who makes his first appearance in figure form here in his classic Victorian style garb as seen in the 1996 movie.

An agonising decision lies with Whovians as to whether to liberate the figures from their packaging or to leave them mint as boxed, possibly as a future investment. Those taking the latter route may be relieved to know that one such enthusiast has posted an in-depth examination of the set on YouTube, sparing others the risk of an incomplete collection (http://youtu.be/3zoALIXg8CI).

Regardless of which, this is an enjoyable set that celebrates 50 years of television history and a much loved British brand that has stood the test of time. If there's one person who knows how to travel well through the years, it's the Doctor.
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