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on 1 July 2009
First of all, I'd like to express my sympathy to any parent who, faced with hostile ex's (and/or their new partners) is even contemplating reading a book like this. I simply can not describe the personal feeling upon hearing your child speaking negatively about you in tonalities and inflections which clearly aren't theirs. If you are new and inexperienced to the subject of parental alienation, and your child has expressed symptoms, your natural reaction, after total and utter shock, will most probably be anger - this book will teach you how to deal with these negative emotions, and how to react positively (thereby not pushing the child away, and validating the ex's/ex's new partners poison).

This book was recommended to me by a member of FNF, and I can confirm that, at the moment, this is probably the best tool you can have against parental alienation. It will alleviate the feeling of helplessness and anger, and provide priceless tips and tools to counter the damaging effects on your child. If you are seeing the symptoms, no matter how minor and seemingly insignificant, get this book before it's too late.
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on 4 January 2017
This book helped me turn around the relationship with my little girl. Read this book once. Read it twice. Make your action plan. Execute the plan and restore your relationship with your child. Do not bother with any other books. You will waste your money like I did. It took 4 months to restore my relationship with a 6 yr old daughter. Do not lose hope. Keep to the strategies and over a number of months you will see your efforts pay dividends. I recently wrote a thank you note to the author for writing the only book that actually works to protect our children. Support this author and buy the book. I cannot put a price on the relationship with my daughter. I cannot put a price on being able to sleep better at night. I cannot put a price on happiness. This book costs less than 1 session with a therapist and can cure the cause rather than a therapist dealing with a symptom. I cannot recommend enough.
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on 14 December 2016
After months of feeling helpless and confused, I came across this book. I can only describe the effect of reading it as many light bulb moments. Dr Warshak put into words, analysed and described so accurately the various mind-games that my ex-husband has used to alienate our daughter, it was like a revelation to me.
This book helped me understand better the signs of alienation and encouraged me to keep strong and not give up. The many practical and easy to follow advices and techniques taught me how to counter-effect the alienation in my daughter, improve our communication and regain her affection and respect; it also helped me re-build my self-esteem and get back control of my life. I now feel like her mother again.
Alienation does not wait, the sooner you deal with it the better so if you are separating or feeling your children are turning against you, get this book quick and stop the poison of alienation spreading to your family.
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on 19 August 2017
Warshak is a prominent professor of psychology whose contributions to divorce issues are significant. If undergoing a divorce with children, I recommend reading his two major scientific articles on the topic of shared parenting. The first one is Social Science and Parenting Plans for Young Children: A Consensus Report, Richard A. Warshak, 2014. The other one is awaiting publication in the Journal of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers in fall 2017: Stemming the Tide of Misinformation: International Consensus on Shared Parenting and Overnighting.

Warshak's views appear well-balanced, non-dogmatic, practical, and profoundly honest and moral. He seeks what's good for parents and children both, how to make the most of a difficult situation, with a strong emphasis on the welfare of children in the present and future. He cites the fourty years of actual empirical studies as the basis for his insights. For a person who recognizes that fathers, too, generally share the same essential feelings for their children as mothers and can be equally, or more, capable parents as mothers, Warshak's references to actual studies are godsend.

Divorce Poison provides useful reminders and ideas on how to behave towards the other parent and children, and how to repair the damage done by a hostile parent's badmouthing. The target of badmouthing MUST react, he or she has to try to undo the damage, otherwise it is likely to hinder the relationship between the parent and the children in the future. The most important thing is to keep having as much contact with your children as possible. You need to keep interactions pleasant, not lose your temper, strenghten memories of good times by talking about them and verbalizing positive emotions that the children experience. You need to help your children find arguments against badmouthing, enabling the children themselves to see that the mischaracterizations are unfounded. It is of no help generally to simply tell your children that something is not true: you need to introduce facts and experiences that contradict the unjust claims. You should also encourage independent and critical thinking in your children. You should have your children around people who show respect to you, for them to notice that you are a worthwhile person in other people's eyes.
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on 21 November 2010
*Divorce Poison* is a must-read for all mums and dads who are suddenly rejected or treated with contempt by their children following a separation from the other parent. In his very readable book, Dr Warshak describes how to detect and identify parental alienation. He provides practical tips on how to protect yourself and your children from the pernicious influence of a vindictive ex. He explains how to deal with children who have been unreasonably rejecting a parent -- sometimes for years. This includes children of all ages, from young children through to adolescents and grown-up children, who refuse to see, or even communicate with, their rejected parent, because their other parent has subtly or overtly embarked on a campaign of denigration. *Divorce Poison* provides helpful advice for both sides in the parents' conflict, as well as for the extended family and for other important adults in the lives of alienated children. In addition, *Divorce Poison* contains important recommendations for judges, lawyers, court-appointed psychologists, custody evaluators and therapists. I would therefore recommend this book not only for personal, but also for professional use. The most important message of *Divorce Poison* to rejected parents is never to give up. This book provides hope and vindication when your world as a parent seems to be falling apart.
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on 11 October 2010
Dr. Warshak is the first person I've found to give practical instructions on how to deal with alienation. He covers the subject 360° starting with all of the possibilities which ARE NOT alienation then describing the techniques used to alienate us from our children and how to combat them. Don't delay! I like many got this information much too late and lost my child; now with Dr. Warshak's help I just MIGHT get her back. God bless you on your journey to reconnect with your children.
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on 11 December 2005
I was sceptical when I ordered this book - how could one book claim to cover the whole subject? As the child of divorced parents and also a divorced mother I thought I had all the answers - how wrong could I be? If I had to suggest just one book to all parents (even those not even contemplating divorce) this would have to be it. I have even convinced my solicitor to recommend it to all her divorce clients. The overwhelming impression is of wisdom and good sense. Not a hint of sexism or judgmentalism. Lots of practical suggestions which are workable and also excercises which proved illuminating. Convincingly written by a professional who clearly has the best interests of PEOPLE at heart, and not a personal axe to grind. Get it, you just can't regret it.
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on 1 October 2013
It only dealt with the American legal system, and I'm Irish. So I wasn't particularly interested in tons of American court cases, and all these sad stories of who won the custody battle, because they were better able to manipulate the judge. It didn't give me any reassurance for my current situation. On a positive note it did highlight some of the ways used to manipulate the children involved, which was good for my awareness.
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VINE VOICEon 12 June 2008
I got a copy of this book after having it recommended by a number of friends from FNF, it truly is the easiest read about parental alienation.

It simply and easily explains what PA is and how to spot it early, how to combat it and how to keep your child loving you despite a hostile ex.

Simply it is a must for separated parents who have hostile ex's.
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on 20 November 2009
Philip Larking summed it up didn't he? I can't repeat the poem here, but read "This be the verse" and you'll get it. The sad thing is that the abuse - yet it is child abuse - that is inflicted upon children by once sane parents continues unabated and is largely unrecognised. When it is recognised, it's years down the line and the Family Justice System tend to wash their hands of it as being "too difficult". Read this book and understand that the child on the front cover is being abused. It is child abuse an should be treated as such.

This book offers some strategies for coping with it, sadly the advice whilst good, is only really apposite before the abuse has set in.
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