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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 27 December 2007
I picked this up after I was transfixed by the track Otremare which was used in the film This Is England. I'd read that most of the music by Einaudi sounds similar, yet each track is unique. I couldn't agree more. This is hughly addictive stuff. Mostly piano with the occasional string instrument thrown in, this makes for a great listen while pottering about or just winding down. I don't listen to a great deal of music like this generally so I can't really compare it to anything else or even claim to understand why I like it. But I do really like it.
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on 14 October 2008
just beautiful, some melodies are so simple but so moving, they make you cry, others just clear your mind and refresh your soul, I even use it for stress management and relaxation classes
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Ludovico Einaudi, Divenire

Ludovico Einaudi's latest CD release Divenire (`becoming') is a work which has spent considerable time being developed. Its origins are in the performance of a composition written for the festival `I suoni delle Dolomiti' (The Sounds of the Dolomites) in 2002.

`Since that experience I have done many other things, but have always thought that sooner or later I would develop the idea and expand it' says Einaudi.

Five years later we have the resulting Divenire, a work which brings together an orchestra (Royal Liverpool Philharmonic), cello (Marco Decimo), sound modifiers (Paulo Giudici) and of course piano by Einaudi himself. The work has been developed and introduced during his live performances, as Einaudi explains:

`...I was becoming bored with playing the same works in the same way...I began to play about with sequences I recorded at home, sound effects created on the computer...which I then included in my live performances...'

So the live performances enabled the evolution of what has become a beautifully crafted CD release. The music, which embraces elements of classical music, electronic sounds and Ludovico's own distinctive piano is difficult to categorise, as the composer himself admits:

`I wouldn't know. In some ways the classical music sections have something dead about them and are too tied to the past. I would prefer my niche among a varied selection, not pigeon-holed by a specific genre'.

The results however have been given various labels, such as ambient, contemporary, meditative, minimalistic, introspective and modern classical.

In my opinion this is Einaudi's best release to date, for the combination of the diverse sounds created by the piano, strings and various electronic elements work so well together that it is almost impossible not to be swept away by the deeply emotional melodies that the composer creates. The CD has been released to coincide with The Divenire Tour, during which most of the music here can be heard. The resulting sell-out tickets for these concerts is a reflection of Einaudi's ever increasing popularity, and this album I believe will firmly establish him as one of the leading contemporary composers.

It is difficult to single out my favourites from such an outstanding CD, but `Uno'(One), `Oltremare' (Overseas), and `Andare' (Go) will bring memories of seeing Einaudi, complete with string sextet and the electronic wizardry of Robert Lippok onstage during his Divenire Tour. A great CD, which I recommend to anyone wanting to experience, for want of a better label, contemporary classical music.
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on 4 April 2007
I have been a fan of Ludovico for the past couple of years and this album definately shows what a wonderful composer and pianist he is. I was lucky enough to see him in concert at the Barbican recently performing most of the songs from this album as well as from some from others, and live he sounds just as good if not better than on the CD. I think this shows he has true talent rather than some acts who re-record and re-sample over and over for their CD. I never get bored listening to it and find that it sounds better the louder it is :D Despite often having simple melodies, some of which are similar to previous works (which critics don't seem to like this album because of, but fans love it) I feel it is still original and a joy to listen to. Combining the piano with strings (the last song of the album doesn't even have any piano) is an excellent new addition to his works and adds an extra intensity to songs such as Primavera and L'origine Nascosta. The effective use of electronics and loops is also perfectly composed and sets the ambiant mood well. It's an album that I find myself listening to anywhere; while working, in the car, out and about or at night.

Divenire is one of the best albums i have ever heard and i would recommend it to anyone! And if you have the chance, see him live, he is unbelievable!
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on 18 April 2007
I can see why this CD is popular with fans but irritates critics. While not setting out to challenge, it does what it aims to very well, which is to entertain with sweetly melancholic and meditative music. It's quite elegantly simple and catchy - yet on the whole manages to stay away from the banal. It reminds me of the music of Enya or Windham Hill, but played mainly on piano. Thankfully the piano is sensitively and well-played, avoiding Richard Clayderman-style clunkiness. I enjoy this CD for background atmosphere and find it slowly growing on me despite, or perhaps because of, its deceptive simplicity.
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on 15 December 2006
I was lucky enough to be able to get this superb CD on import,and I think it is Excellent. It is a superb relaxing cd, something that is ideal to help you relax & unwind after a hard day.
The Cd is a wonderful blend of solo piano & orchestral strings & of different genres.

I was completely blown away with this album. I would not hesitate to get hold of it, you will not regret it, Good luck!!
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on 19 February 2009
Allow yourself to drift away and back again, and when you get back you will be refreshed and at peace with the world
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on 18 October 2009
I suppose I should start off this review by mentioning how I discovered this man's wonderful music. Admittedly, it's not how most would stumble upon such a supremely talented musician but I watched Hollyoaks Later.

Now lets ignore the fact that this is a trashy teenage girls show and focus upon the fact that, upon a main character's death, the song 'Ritornare' was played in the background. Despite not being fazed by the death, I couldn't help but notice the beautiful instrumental track. I eventually found this album having found myself strangely entranced by the piano-led music, which stirred emotions a show like Hollyoaks had no right to.

Now, this easily rates up there as one of my favourite albums. Whether it's to chill out with while reading a book or listen to well I'm out and about, I've yet to find an occasion which the magic of Divernire cannot adapt to.

The songs are, as I mentioned above, capable of evoking emotion and, in my eyes, that is the mark of a great album. I can't say I've heard anything else from Mr Einaudi's other albums or soundtracks, but I'll certainly be giving them a listen.

Highly rated.

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on 11 June 2009
As expected the title track, Divenire, is the most moving and most popular but there are other tracks that, given time are as good in their own right. Andare and Oltremare are good examples of this.
Like all of his other albums I have played this to death.
Einaudi's music is uncomplicated and easy to like and as such there is no greater introduction to classical music.
If you like this try his other stuff - The sound track to Doctor Zhirago, as well as I Giorni and Una Mattina are, in my option, great albums.
(Please note, the second bonus CD is rubbish!)
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on 19 October 2009
highly recommend this CD to classical music lovers/piano lovers, i have listened to this cd before dropping off to sleep and find it truly relaxing. My favourite track is Primavera, a true masterpiece, a beautiful haunting piano melody, the other tracks are wonderfully haunting, 0n the strengh of this cd, i have asked the family for his other cds for Christmas
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