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on 26 May 2014
THis is a remarkable revelation. As the son of the British Military Attache in Finland 1966 - 68 I thought I understood better than most what was going on. We were aware that the KGB and GRU had oppos in FInland and that some were Right At The Top ... but it was fascinating to see JUST HOW deeply things were planned and carried out. As for other places ... I have also read The Mitrokhin Archives and Gordievsky, Grigorenko and other books by analysts who come from outside the former USSR ... But THIS book is a revelation because he was right in the middle of the planning and execution of the disinformaziya campaign and exposes its importance in analysing just about everything. The influence of Moscow behind the PLO, Arafat and terrorism helps ME to understand the situation in Israel far more than I did. In the light of the present ( May 2014 ) situation in the Ukraine ; it is especially interesting. I STRONGLY recommend this if you want to understand what's being planned and is happening behind the scenes.
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on 29 July 2013
A totally absorbing book, well written and enlightening. It reveals the extent of the power and darkness, eminating from the KGB, that has sought to destroy all that is good and humane throughout the world over many decades.
It fills in the gaps and answers many questions, pulling previous inexplicable events together to unmask the orchestrating of evil through lies, deceit and Disinformation from the very top.
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VINE VOICEon 9 February 2014
The author was the most senior ever Warsaw Pact intelligence official to defect, and even today lives in secret. He served as Romania's spy chief for decades, and in this capacity, regularly attended Eastern bloc summits and secret meetings where the Eastern Bloc's secret services plotted against the West. This means whatever he says must be taken much more seriously than other authors. Central to his book is the claim the KGB and their allies carefully manipulated information and planted stories as part of a campaign of "disinformation" to divide and conquer Western peoples.

Pacepa talks on how in the years after World War II, the Eastern Bloc eliminated opponents in Eastern Europe by using the intelligence services to fabricate evidence of Nazi collaboration against political targets. This would neutralise them, and open the way for more pliable, leftist figures to take their jobs.Pacepa then talks about Lee Harvey Oswald was a high-ranking spy, whose information about the U2 spy plane was instrumental in the Soviets learning how to shoot them down. Having worked as a radar operator in U2 bases, he was well placed. Pacepa then mentions how Oswald killed Kennedy; whilst Pacepa has no evidence Oswald killed Kennedy on the orders of the Eastern bloc, he does mention it was discussed. There was also some unusual stage managed denials by Eastern bloc leaders, which Pacepa believes was misdirection.

The Eastern bloc intelligence agencies were also blamed by Pacepa of creating the myth that the CIA killed Kennedy, a ludicrous claim that formed the basis of Oliver Stone's film JFK. In reality, Oswald was a cool, level headed operative, and his image as a weird loner was created by the Eastern bloc as a means of camouflaging his seniority in their movement. By creating the myth Oswald was a lone wolf, they could safely wash their hands of an asset whilst pinning the blame on their rival intelligence agency.

Finally, Pacepa talks about terrorism. He mentions how the KGB sponsored and trained terrorists all over the world, expecially those who attacked key US allies (terrorists like the Baader-Meinhof in West Germany, the Brigada Rossi in Italy and Palestinian anti-Israel groups). He argues this was done to weaken US allies and trigger political change that would be beneficial to the KGB line.

This book is an absolute must.
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on 5 February 2016
The title of this book is a 'Double Entendre'. Its both ABOUT Disinformation, and it IS Disinformation... though not entirely. The most effective Disinformation is when the Disinfo is skilfully woven like a tapestry into substantiated and verifiable info and his personal hyperbole re his adopted country and his primarily US readership. He wants Americans esp. the Patriotic sort to love him and believe him. Most of them will have either no idea of his reality or a very skewed idea. As a former KGB type operative in the WP, he has learned his trade very well. Yu have to know the deep background of his stories to work out when he's on track and when he's likely fabricating. eg. in 1972 he says Andropov developed a plan to make the Moslem world anti-Semitic by fabricating that the US and Israel were part of a World Conspiracy. The fact is Andropov had no need to waste his time dong this in 1972; the 6 day war had already had that effect far more effectively than Andropov could ever have managed. Andropov may have taken advantage of the sentiment after the 6 Day War, re Palestinians etc.. but he didn't need to create it. the KGB was nothing if not effective and economical in it use of resources. Be very wary of this book.
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on 11 December 2015
My early childhood was in Eastern Europe, grew up and finished my education in USA. Living on both sides I could never explain the vitriolic in Europe, now totally makes sense!
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on 22 December 2015
the book arrived in good condition, not happy with the contents though...
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on 13 April 2016
the best
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on 11 March 2014
Of course, this was true in the soviet era. But the soviet union is no more..I am more worried about the JEW run west and it aims for Global domination.One World Order is communism under a false name, If it happens 1984 will become a reality.As if it's not already!
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