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on 13 September 2011
A few years ago a very nice person who was parked next to my car reversed out of the parking bay and left me with a nice 5 inch scallop shell dent right on the rim of my wheel arch. The dent at it's deepest was around 4mm. I took my car to a few of my local body repair shops and got quotes from £150 to £200 to repair the dent and re-spray the wing and door (my car is quite old so they needed to spray the door to blend into the old paintwork). I did not like the idea of a re-spray as they never really turn out very good on an old car and my car is in "like new" condition apart from said damage so I decided to look for another solution to the problem.

Having read the reviews about the Ding King I thought I would have nothing to lose for £[]+ but had some reservations about sticking hot glue to the paintwork. The kit arrived in just a few days and seemed well made and of good quality so I thought I would give it a shot. I followed the instructions to the letter (I will give my tips shortly) and I must say I am very impressed with the end result.

Before the repair the dent was easily visible from a distance and at any angle, it also looked much worse when the sun caught it. After using the Ding King I no longer have a dent and there is absolutely no visible evidence that the was dent, even when I look very closely at the area where the dent was. The only reason why I would not give the Ding King a 5 star rating is that when I run my finger tips over the area where the dent used to be I can feel a very very slight unevenness in the surface, but trust me I cannot see it.

I must point out that it does state that you should not expect the repair to be 100% perfect on the instructions. If I rated it by percent I would say that it was at least 85 to 90% out of 100%

So here are my tips which I think will give you the best results:

1. If you have a really deep dent or a dent with a crease - Don't use the Ding King, it might improve the dent but it definately won't get rid of a crease and therefore you will be disappointed.

2. Thoroughly clean the affected area with the solution that is included in the kit before, between and after every application.

3. Let the gun warm up for a minimum 5 to 10 minutes before applying the glue.

4. Decide exactly where you are going to place the glue pad and ensure that you are generous with the glue so that it squeezes over the edge of the glue pad when you put it on the car. This will give you a bit of a lip that you can pull the glue off if sticks to the car instead of staying on the pad.

5. Hold the glue pad as close as possible to the area you are going to stick it to then apply the glue and stick it to the car. Try to do this as quickly as possible as the glue goes off almost instantly.

6. Hold the glue pad in place for at least 20 seconds pressing firmly all the time then leave it for a minimum of 5 minutes to properly set the glue.

7. Carefully place the bridge over the glue pad and then start tightening very slowly. Do not panic and try and pull the pad off if it seems like it is not going to come off. It will eventually break away (sometimes with a bit of a bang)and the glue should be still on the pad. If the glue has stuck to the car, don't worry, just get your fingernail under it and gently pull it back. It is scary but should not cause any damage. I would not advise leaving the glue on the car for a lengthy time as I suspect the glue will continue to set and may be more of a problem to remove later on.

8. Don't try to fix the dent in one go. Patience is the key. I took around 7 or 8 attempts following the process I have outlined above to get the finish I was looking for.

Finally, I saw a previous reviewers tip which was to heat the glue pad with a hot air gun before applying the glue to increase the bond. I would not recommend this as the glue might become to hot and could damage your paintwork. Just be patient. The glue came away from the pad and stayed on my car about 3 times but I carefully pulled it off and there was no damage.

I hope this review helps you decide if this is the right product for you and my tips help you get the best result.
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on 7 October 2009
Well, if you follow the instructions properly, it works just as it says.
I pulled a crease out of a 3 month old VW Beetle and, just as the instructions
say, you can still see a mark, but it is hardly visible. I then used it to pull out
a dent in my daughters Nissan Micra door, and again it pulled it almost out.
It certainly improved the looks of the car, if you want it perfect, you need a bodyshop.
Take care with using it, and it works fine. I have just ordered more glue sticks for
my Mother in Laws car!
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on 7 July 2010
I was looking for a product to pull out a crease in my car and having tried unsuccessfully with a suction dent puller thought I would give this a go. Having read mixed reviews for this product I did not hold my hopes very high but thought it was worth a go.

The kit was delivered quickly with good instructions. I followed the instructions to the letter and managed to pull out a 6 inch crease from my car; the results are by no means like new or to a body shop standard but the crease has reduced and is less noticeable.

I prepared the car and puller surface using the supplied solution and allowed it to dry. Then after 5 minutes of heating the glue applied it to the puller, then stuck it to the middle of the crease, pushing firmly for 60 seconds. After 5 minutes I connected the pulling device and tightened the wing nut, the glue held fully and did not come off allowing the crease to be pulled. When I had done I had to rock the puller to get it off of the car, this left some glue on the bodywork. I repeated this 3 times and managed to pull most of the crease out, although as said above it's not totally invisible. It's probably more suited to round dents.

The hard part for me was removing the glue from the car body. The kit comes with a scraper which I used but found this not very good. In the end I poured hot water over the glue and used the scraper to remove the large bits. If you scrape too much the glue will smear in to a thin coating on the body of the car - After some trial and error this thin coating can be removed with nail polish remover rubbed in hard with a cotton cloth, with some elbow grease the glue was totally removed. If you follow this advice be sure that the nail polish remover will not damage your car paint before using - saying that is was fine on mine.

In between applications the glue can stick to the puller, again I used hot water to soften and remove this. If you don't the puller surface will not be even and will therefore not grip as well.

This kit is worth buying but be prepared to put some work in cleaning your car afterwards.
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on 19 November 2010
I pulled 2 dents in my roof roof panel above the door that Dent Master said were impossible to remove and a friend who works as an assessor for a well know Insurance Company also said was impossible. They're now both barely visible (only at the right angle in the right light), reduced from a 50p sized (elbow bone sized) imprint that was fairly deep.

The Ding King removed them both!!

Those people who have problems do so in my opinion simply because they fail to clean the car properly before using the Ding King. With a clean surface the adhesion is very strong.

When I received mine the green cleaning liquid had eveaporated so I used t-cut and isopropoyl acohol to clean the car instead. This may be the way to go.

Ding King IS brilliant, you just have to make sure you clean everything properly 1st. Thas where most people fail.

Start off by forgetting the green solution. Instead clean the dent with T-cut and the plastic pulling end with Isopropyl Alcohol. This will now ensure the glue sticks properly, to both surfaces. The most common complaint with Ding King is that the glue doesn't stick - its entirely down to surface prep. If they're not clean and grease free then the glue will seperate off each respective surface very easily and not pull the dent.

Apply the glue to the plastic end then straight to the centre of the dent and make sure you hold it there with pressure for several minutes until its had time to set. Allow sufficient time. Another mistake is to pull before the glue's had time to set properly.

Then pull the ding. You should find with the cleaned paintwork the glue will stick much better than before and the dent will pull - it may take several attempts to get it out though.

AN ALTERNAIVE SUPER STRENGTH METHOD (READ WARNINGS BEFORE USING AS ITS AT YOUR RISK)- way to increase the grip further is to warm the plastic end with the hot air gun before applying it to pre-warmed paintwork (also warmed with the hot air gun - warm the paintwork 1st then the plastic pulling end). THEN HOLD TIGHT ONTO THE PAINTWORK AND ALLOW TO SET. This usually results in a VERY STRONG BOND, many times stronger than before and with the plastic end pulling off but leaving the glue behind.

NOTE HERE: the bond is so strong that any paint defect may result in seperation of the paint from the car! So use with caution! THIS IS ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK AS THE BOND CREATED IS VERY STRONG INDEED USING THIS METHOD.Its more than capable of flexing the whole of a pre-stressed thick metal panel, so again you have been warned. It worked well for me but is capable of pulling paint if the paint is not strongly adhered. Again I stress its at your own risk.

You may find the glue using this super method, is left behind on the paint and is now very difficult to peal off. The way to overcome this is to heat the residue SLIGHTLY with the hot air gun, you don't want to melt it, just warm it slightly to soften it. A second or twos heat is all thats needed. It should now peal from the edge using a finger nail. However, even after this, there will still be a residue film left on the car though with this super strength method. I found that this will T cut off quite easily with just a light wipe(you won't get it off any other way!).

You should find that with several pulls you can pull the dent out entirely minus any metal deformation (stretching) which is irreversible.
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on 14 December 2010
Wow! What a superb Gadgett. Does exactly what it says on the tin. I used the Gem to remove several dents in a Large motorcycle petrol tank, with Great results. One of the dents was the size of a Orange and about 40mm deep at the centre. However, I still managed to pull it out.
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on 23 July 2010
After leaving my 10 week old high performance car in the town centre one weekend evening, I woke to find some clown had used my bonnet for a drunken acrobatic stunt, and left a nice foot print and crease on the raised detail line that I though would never come out.


The glue does work, and it is a bit scary to use at first as you always think, has it bonded too much, and will I make it worse. But this kit is fine, it's not perfect to the original finish but it pulled the crease out and the two dents along the bonnet detail line. You could hardly see the mark, and only notice it when you point it out or look really hard.

Just a tip, the glue is really sticky, only use a small pea size amount per application, leave it to dry for the full 5 mins in the correct ambient temperature. When the puller pops off it does leave a blob of glue on the paint, use the plastic scraper, although not amazing it wont damage the car because it's plastic. I used Auto Glym Tar & Glue remover to wipe it clean and get rid of the glue between applications, but any generic glue remover will do.

You will have to apply the dent king several times to remove the dent but with patience and precision you will have it out. It took me two hours on a Saturday morning but it was a difficult area and I am a perfectionist. My girlfriend and my neighbours were amazed and I had a small audience that morning as they all saw me glueing my car and were thinking I was going mad, but amazed at what it did.

Try it, you have nothing to loose and it's CHEAP too!
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on 24 February 2014
i don't understand why people have given this a bad review !!
i had a few dinks from those idiots in the supermarket car parks who insist on parking so close to your car you can't open your door but they use your door as a stop for theres !!
anyway my car is black metallic as you can imagine they showed up really bad more so when it was polished and waxed so i booked the local dent master but i missed my appointment, rather than rearrange i saw this on here read the reviews and watched a few you tube clips, being a bit handy with most things i took the plunge an went for this and this is how i removed the dents very easy and within an hour, 4 in total.
cleaned the area with solvent cleaner (upvc solvent cleaner from my every day job) cleaned the tabs as well with same cleaner.
i let the gun heat up for 5 minutes, i used my heat gun to warm the pads and the area 5 minutes 20 seconds,i then put glue on pad an put it on area, left them for 6 minutes an put the plunger on as it got really tight i wiggled it gently up an down until i could see the surrounding area moving then pulled back, yes its hard but it came off clean, i didn't need the scraper i used my thumb nail to remove the glue which was so easy, i cleaned area with Tcut and it was great, granted it wasn't 100% but so much better than it was, percentage wise 98% perfect, i had to do 2 dents twice the others came out first go ..
very happy and i saved a small fortune.
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on 30 November 2014
It's good, but it needed different shaped and different sized applicators. One size does not fit all. I actually over did it with one to many pulls and ended up taking the car to a professional, But I'll try it again. Just need to purchase more applicators.
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on 27 December 2013
Used this as a cheap way to repair a shallow dent about five inches by 4 in the top of my motorbike tank. Achieved close to perfection within about five 'pops'. Had read all the other reviews of the product and so was careful to load the face of the screwplate well with glue and to cover the four holes. Also, as the tension was taken up on the screw, I slowed right down to get maximum 'pull' before the screwplate popped off the surface and had to be cleaned and re-glued. The glue peels off the plate relatively easily and the whole job took only about 20 minutes. My only issues was that my kit did not contain three sizes of screwplate - rather than small, medium and large, I got two mediums and a large. This is why my dent was not completely cured - and also probably why the last two efforts resulted in paint loss on the surface of the tank. I was aware that it might and proceeded because the tank is being prepped for respraying anyway, but definitely something to be careful of. I tried to contact the seller so as to have this one tiny part sent to me, but Amazon's procedures did not allow it, so now I am having to send back the whole kit to receive a new one FOC. What a waste! I wouldn't do it except for the fact that the kit definitely works, and I might as well take out the last little ding with the correctly sized tool. Outstanding value for money and would use with care on my car too, but with great care to minimize the chance of paint removal. Hoping that the correct size tool will remove this risk. Will update.
UPDATE: Replacement kit was a different brand and did not contain a screwplate small enough to remove the final ding. Frustrating.
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on 19 January 2015
Its a clever idea and in theory sounds okay however my fears when ordering proved correct in use. The problem is that the adhesive is not strong enough to hold the pad when tightening the screw so the pad pops off before the Dent has been pulled. Of course I understand that using more powerful adhesive would result in damage to the paintwork, so this item has not been perfected. To stand a real chance of working there needs to be a method of bonding the pad to the body so it will not come off until you have pulled the dent enough.
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