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on 29 May 2012
This is a good first novel in a trilogy comprising elements of various SF tropes
imminent planetary apocalypse,
Immortals amongst us
Exotic new technologies enabling space flight.

The main storyline alternates between a modern day timeline where a billionaire philanthropist struggles to bring various technologies to fruition. Organisations and individuals scheme to infiltrate his technology hothouse where he has recruited various extraordinary minds. They seek to complete a new technology that will provide free energy and cheap spaceflight.

A second timeline starts with Caligulas invasion on Britain in 42 ad and follows two longlived individuals to the modern day.

As the book progresses it becomes obvious a serious threat to all life on earth is occuring which leads to a reace to salvage everything possible.

Whats good about the book.

The multiple timelines give a good background and its nicely paced.
The follow through of technology to space flight is a nice heartwarmer.
The main characters are interesting if slightly too good to be true.

There are multiple subplots in the way of the good guys -
An immortal evil genius.
And a sudden imminent collapse of the biosphere.
Neither is terribly convincing. The immortal bad guy seems to be more a greedy sob than a particularly stellar threat.
The biospheric threat is more interesting but seems to have appeared out of nowhere.
The technologies invented seem wildly underused -

The main threat is a virus that contaminates all plant life.
One of the technologies is esseentially a teleporter that cant kills any lifeform passiong through it.
One of the biggest problems is the good guys cant figure out how to sterilise material of the virus.

Apart from relying on the old technological maguffin as an initial premise its an interesting read.
The pace picks up remarkably towards the end of the book and new plot threads develop.

Its a very engaging blend of various SF elements woven together into a very interesting tapestry.
Ill be interested to see where it goes.
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on 1 July 2012
Definately worth a read. Some of the storyline seems to have come out of the blue which leads me to believe that there may have neen more to the story before final editing, but this may also have been due to the fragmented fashion in which I read the book. Some very good sci-fi/technology ideas in the book. I bought this book as price was good, I thoroughly enjoyed it so will be buying book 2 now. Thank you Michelle for such a pleasant read.
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on 3 May 2014
Great concept. It had all the structure. Good characters if a little shallow. Loads of content. Just needed some more meat on the bones to make it brilliant. Hopefully the detail and suspense will improve with more experience of writing. Am still looking forward to the next instalment.
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on 2 June 2014
A book full of novel ideas with a fresh approach to the end of the world scenario. Many of the ideas seem highly plausible, even possible. Well worth the read.
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