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on 5 March 2017
I can confirm it is playable on a region 2 dvd player.
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on 22 November 2013
Don't down the review because of the prices buy it on amazon.com(use version) will ship to uk no problem and much cheaper too. or try ebay but make sure its the proper dvd not a knock off nigel quality

Its a great Series im 10 episodes away from finishing the series and its brilliant it takes the progression of the end of season 3 or digimon tamers (spoiler alert) where digimon and humans merge together. Season four continues down that road and the kids are saving the digital world again (i know how many more times can it be saved maybe to big for one harddrive i guess) and are collection digimon spirits with their latest digivices so they can become those digimon. So they don't have digimon partners as such they just become spiritually connected to them and theres 10 to 20 different spirits included extra spirits called beast spirits which are slightly more powerful than the human spirits.

I admit you might get a bit bored at the start because it has to get going and takes a while to get the whole team and everyone digivolving but its worth the wait.

Plus if you liked the all the other seasons this season is a must to watch even if you go no further after this season.

I must say its got similar elements of the first and third seasons of digimon. like the first season its mainly based in the digital world with the leader getting an accidental trip back to the human world mid season for one episode hense why the stories are similar if you know what i mean.

But if your a fan you'll love this season cos when you hear the voices of the digimon you'll be like thats not gomamon's voice from first season, i swear that digimon sounds like myotismon, and the two really good digimon who lead them to the digiworld are megaforms of angemon and angewoman.

Oh and you'll like this, at the beginning/end of each episodes wrap ups are narrated by the person who played Rika in Season 3 and it sounds like rika is watching it with you just like the guy who played Davis in season 2 narrated season 3. which i think is a nice touch so you don't feel too alienated in a new season that doesn't really connect to the previous season atall apart from theres ofcourse digimon involved

To WRAP UP not the best season i think everyone still loves the first season il agree with that or the biomerging arch bit in series 3 but trust me this season is worth every penny, its worth buying a multiregion dvd/blu ray player (because there isnt a region 2 pal version sorry) to watch properly instead of buying rubbish knockoffs on ebay recorded of the tele or if you can't afford buying this then find somewhere that streams it online and sit back with some popcorn because its good stuff

the product is really well made with a booklet but try not to look at it unless you forget the childrens digimon names believe me its easy to forget the names the dont pronounce them clearly, but dont look or peak because it spoils what the digimon evolve into and other characters in the story that don't arrive till later, if you want to find out by watching then don't read the little booklet til you've finished watching the series it even if its tempting
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on 26 July 2014
Excellent product fast delivery
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on 20 November 2012
Granted I have never watched this series of digimon but when I saw the price I had to comment. This is just insane £2000+ for a DVD boxset? you could buy a car or two new computers for that price.

No idea how sellers can get away with jacking there prices up like that.

I actually feel legitimately SORRY for anyone who is stupid enough to buy this.
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on 7 June 2013
Honestly, there is absolutely no reason to pay this much money...I mean, over £1700??? Seriously? Only a moron would pay that price...I wouldnt even buy it if I were a millionaire.

Although the series is great, I'd rather pay £30-£40 for it, not £1700....
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