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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 13 March 2017
The original and the best. Best plot, best scenario, best baddy. End of. Yippee ki-yay, MoFo!
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on 14 March 2017
Bought as gift
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on 23 April 2017
Very happy
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on 14 June 2016
Classic what more can you say
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 2 January 2017
Undoubtedly one of the best (if not the best) action movies ever made, this 1980s classic has it all – a great location, impressive cinematography, exhilarating gun battles, skilful editing and pacing, a well written script peppered with appropriate humour, a small pinch of sentimentality and quality performances by all concerned, in particular the two lead actors. Bruce Willis is on top form as maverick New York cop John McClane visiting his estranged wife in her place of work (the Nakatomi Plaza skyscraper in Los Angeles) at Christmas while Alan Rickman’s suave and ruthless terrorist Hans Gruber effortlessly goes toe-to-toe with the film’s hero. Indeed, despite being an action film it is the on-going battle of wits between these two which makes the movie such a delight – Willis is excellent mixing action and banter, barefoot and sporting a dirty white vest while a sneering urbane and impeccably dressed Rickman gives us a wonderful screen villain, delivering some marvellously witty lines as befits a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, my favourite being “I am going to count to three. There will not be a four.” The supporting actors are also good value and help to make this movie a perennial Christmas viewing favourite in our household. If you haven’t seen this film for a while I suggest that you put aside a couple of hours to watch it. If you haven’t watched it yet, boy, are you in for a treat!
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on 31 October 2003
This is the most bullet-ridden, blood stained, fire breathing movie of all time, it has all of the above mixed in with great one liners and superb characters. No questions it is THE best action movie of all time, and to prove it i need say only this...... i put a mark on the back of my long-owned precious die hard vhs case every time i watch it....currently at 143 no joke!...i love this movie with a passion it brings together every element needed for a classic, and this IS a classic
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on 29 December 2015
Yes it's that time year again when idiots flock to the supermarkets that are only closed for one day, and panic buy food and drink like it's the end of the world. I've seen this type of deranged behaviour and it's embarrassing. The isles and tills jam packed full of zombie like people all rushing to buy things they don't need or want. Like ducks foreskin pate or lard and strawberry flavoured cheese that nobody likes, only to be spread on fancy crackers with seeds that again, nobody likes because any sane person only eat Jacobs Cream Crackers.

And what's this bo*****s about "the big day". It's not a big f**king day at all. It's a day with absolutely nothing to do apart from eat a dry bird (and i dont mean a girl who has a dusty v*g) and then compost down with a belly full of food and veg smelling farts and drink. It really is the pits to me.

And another thing......I get bloody sick of boring people asking, "you all set for Christmas". I can't quite understood that comment because there is nothing to get set for unless you create your own problems. Like inviting too many people over, catering for vegatrtians, and deciding to go and pick more s**t up you don't need and getting into a queue at Tesco on Christmas Eve, in a scene that resembles a refugee camp. No thanks.

I hate with a passion, Christmas songs which are all fake and very boring. And the complalation CD's that come out year every year with same "ITSSSSSS CHRISTMAAAAAASSSSSS" terriable songs on but with a different CD sleeve. Give it rest because it's repetitive and not very amusing or original. And the Christmas adverts which are simply not a true reflection of what actually goes on. You see those depressing adverts with irritating families all gathered around a table laughing and joking and liking each other. And the snow flakes falling gently outside onto a perfect snow globe scene. More of a reality is that there will be domestic violence if some sort, and a whisky glass will be thrown at the wall in a drunken rage. It's does not snow anymore thank god, because of global warming, which is not all bad. I quite enjoy not getting stuck in pointless traffic caused by pathetic drivers who forget how to drive when it snows and cause everyone else eternal misery on the roads.

Christmas office parties are another unamusing event with everyone trying to get off with each other and then end up in tears. And the sad blokes going around with Christmas jumpers and Santa hats on. Yeah, really funny that!

Don't get me wrong, I like a good old knees up and a good drink with family and friends. I just don't see why anyone needs to do all the festive stuff for the sake if it. This year my wife and I have worked over Santa's birthday and postponed the whole bleeding lot til Boxing day. We did tuck into a nice moist roast duck and plenty of red wine and a cheese board but did not be subscribing to the soul destroying painful time that is Christmas day.

We did however, do our Christmas tradition of watching the most festive film ever, Die Hard. Which will be followed, over the next few weeks after with the four sequals. I recently added this limited edition set to my collection and it's a very nice product to have displayed in my entertainment room. It's well worth the price but I do suspect the value will go up soon so I'd grab one while you can.

Have a good new year readers. We will, because we won't be in a pub or crap party where everyone wants to shake your hand and hug you at midnight, and my phone will be off so I don't get woke up by the old text messages at 00:01hrs. Yes, I did say woke up, because I will be fast asleep way before the stroke of 2016.
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Bruce Willis' plays 'New-York' cop 'John McClane' who finds himself trapped in a '30 odd storey' building along with '30 hostages'
they are held by a gang of heavily armed gang led brilliantly by 'Alan Rickman' playing 'Hans Gruber' who are attempting a hi-tech robbery of 'Bonds'
This is the first in the series of 'Die-Hard' movies(arguably the best) which is jam-packed with some great action, it also has a refreshing element of humour.
i was a little dubious on how well the first one would transfer on to 'Blu-ray' i needn't of worried, both picture and sound were pretty good........a must buy on this format for action-film fans. (Hard to believe this was made as long ago as 1988)
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on 1 August 2013
I'm a big fan of the Die Hard films i already have all the films on DVD
when i found out about this all new Doco called Decoding Die Hard i knew i had to get it
but first i found out it was only available with the new 5 Disc blu-ray Legacy collection
and i didn't want to pay tons of money on this boxset just for the Bonus Disc
cause there is another Die Hard film in the works already to be released next year in cinemas
it's suppose to be the final Die Hard for the franchise,
Bruce willis is rumoured to be retiring from the Character after the final film
which i don't blame him, he's getting old that's for sure
so of course 20th century fox will re-release another Die Hard blu-ray boxset for next year's film

so i did some internet searching and found out that the original Die Hard has been released as
a 2 Disc special edition with the Decoding Die hard Doco

so i just bought this 2 Disc edition just to watch the Die Hard Doco and i have no regrets
if i should have bought the 5 Disc legacy collection or not.
this all new Documentary definitely is new, all interviews are recently recorded last year i guess.

All the interviews are featurette's, so you can watch them seperatly all play all the featurette's
like a big Documentary which runs over 90min
this Doco is fantastic, all new interviews and new retrospectives with all
the Directors, Producers, writers, exect producers, only some of the actors/actress's from the series
are interviewed aswell, but sadly and very unfortunate no interviews with Bruce willis for some reason
one of the featurettes is about the Villans of Die Hard which has never been presented
interviews with Alan rickman, William sadler, Jeremy irons
also rare footage from the films some stuff that has been seen already and some footage that hasn't
Definitely better Documentary than the last one that was released back in 2007-2008
for the release of the 4th Die Hard

the blu-ray version of Die Hard i watched 2nd, watched most of it cause i have it on dvd anyway
the picture and audio quality is excellent, the quality has definitely been enhanced by blu-ray tech
but the 2007 DVD reissue i have is still excellent picture and audio anyway
but each to their own, it's matter of opinion.

so yes there are 2 options either buy the 5 Disc blu-ray collection that has the Bonus Documentary anyway
up to you what you want to spend you money on.
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VINE VOICEon 18 December 2010
Die Hard is not 'your typical action film'. No way. And anyone who would view it as such really ought to stick with Twilight and Narnia.

In the Sixties, author Roderick Thorp wrote a novel, The Detective, which was turned into a movie, starring Frank Sinatra in the title role of Joe Leland. A sequel, Nothing Lasts Forever, was written, in which Joe becomes trapped in the Claxxon Oil Corporation skyscraper after it is taken over by German terrorists and he has to rescue his daughter and grandchildren. Two decades later, the skyscraper becomes Nakatomi, the daughter becomes the wife, Leland becomes John McClane and the title becomes Die Hard.

To say that Die Hard sets new standards for action movies is like calling Bill Gates modestly wealthy. The movie was so innovative and groundbreaking that dozens of rip-offs followed - Passenger 57, Under Siege, Cliffhanger, Sudden Death, et al. Hostage/terrorist movies were all the rage in the early Nineties.

Very few came close, because Die Hard had so many strong points, not least of which was Alan Rickman's cold performance, as Hans Gruber - also the name of the villain in Our Man Flint - the classically educated, smartly dressed terrorist leader. This is not some hammy guy in a chain-mail shirt with a Freddy Mercury mustache. Gruber would have been well at home on Wall Street.

His plan is to break into the vault on the 30th floor of the Nakatomi Plaza and take away $640million in negotiable bearer bonds. When he and his 12 European henchmen round up the office workers, who are enjoying a Christmas Eve party, one man slips away unnoticed. He is John McClane, a New York cop who has come to LA to settle down with his estranged wife, Holly (Bonnie Bedelia). The odds are against him. But that's just the way he likes it.

The terrorists even have names. And we remember them. Most action movies these days have unidentified heavies, played by stunt men, who are lined up and knocked over.

In his battle to save his Holly, McClane is scorched, torched, beaten and blown up. He jumps off the roof and falls through air ducts. He uncovers deception and double-cross and picks broken glass out of his bare feet. No help comes from the naive and incompetent police, who are unable to get inside, and even less from the FBI.

McClane is not a supercop. He is an ordinary guy, who doesn't want a fight. When he is shot, he bleeds. He hurts. All he has are his pants, his vest, his gun - which runs out of ammo. This is the first realistic connection the audience has. When you don't want to be in McClane's position, it makes for much excitement.

John McTiernan, who's only previous mainstream movie was Predator, uses awesome photography and technical skills to give the film a truly polished and sophisticated look - it was nominated for four technical Academy Awards. He also allows for enough time for decent character development, most of which comes between McClane and a cop (Reginald Veljohnson) he makes friends with on a CB radio.

Die Hard manages to be heart-pounding and teeth-gritting every single time. It's lost some of it's respect in recent years as action films, post-1999, have tried endlessly to imitate The Matrix and use digital effects in place of real stunts (I'm pointing a big finger at Die Hard 4.0 [Blu-ray] [2007], which doesn't exist to me), which is a really big loss and signaled the beginning of the end of the true, tough guy action film.

If you are one of those many people who have only ever been able to watch it on TV then now is definitely the time to rediscover a cool, classic and creative action picture on Blu Ray. It looks brilliant in 2.35:1 1080p, and it retains most of the features from the DVD.
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