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on 30 August 2017
I got pushed into this series by a friend who recommended it to me, rather enthusiastically I might add. I was hooked straight away; creepy, tense, gory with a cleverly executed tone of macabre humour, that had me sniggering at things you wouldn’t usually, I was gripped and- before I knew it- I had binged the entire boxset in a matter weeks.
Not only that but when I had finished the boxset- and desperate for a further fix of thrills- I even ordered the full set of Jeff Lindsay’s books that the series is based on. Again I was not disappointed, they contained all the elements that I had loved from the series (most of all the dark humour) while being different enough that I didn’t feel like I was just running over the exact same story again (which excited me because it was like getting a whole new series with all the characters that I had grown so fond of).
Now I find myself, like my friend before me, not being able to recommend this series (and the books) highly enough!
Also, I might add, that if, like me, you find yourself desperately craving more when finishing everything ‘Dexter’ I have also stumbled upon another book in the Kindle store that you might appreciate too. It’s titled ‘The Buzz’: The Problems with Being a Serial Killer’ by the author M. P. d’Andilly. That’s about a killer too. It’s a different concept but has a similar sort of sarcastic/twisted humout to it in parts that I think fans of ‘Dexter’ will appreciate (I did).
I hope this review is helpful for you all.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 30 August 2017
Dexter Morgan is a thirty something blood spatter analyst working with the forensic department in Miami. A critical incident in his early childhood haunts him and he’s described as psychopathic. He’s an excellent forensic analyst, but frustrated with the inability of Miami Police to bring murderers to justice, he meticulously plans and dispenses his own form of retribution to killers.
Constantly seeking to understand his own motivations, this is also the story of a damaged individual desperate to come to terms with his mindset while being able to avoid detection by living a normal life. Frustratingly for Dexter, it appears that just about everybody he encounters is also, in their own way, pretty damaged.

I usually read crime fiction, so a boxed set was a bit of a departure for me – but I did enjoy the series – it’s not complicated to watch, the storylines are intriguing, usually fast and pacy, including loads of cliffhangers, the acting is believable with some great characters.
Dexter’s sister Debra, a Miami Cop, makes Gordon Ramsay’s language sound mild. There is a lot of effing and blinding (mainly from Debra), and some rather bloody scenes – but while the macabre bits are gruesome, I didn’t find them unwatchable – the storyline doesn’t concentrate soley on making the viewer feel sick, but I couldn’t recommend this to those of a very sensitive disposition.

This beautifully presented boxed set contains the complete series 1 - 8 of Dexter – each series is comprises 4 CDs, each CD contains 4 episodes, the episodes are around 40 minutes long, so there’s many, many hours of ‘binge watching’ here. If you don’t binge, the beginning of each episode gives a quick resume of what’s been happening in the series as a quick reminder, although I found the repetitive intros to each episode a bit tedious – I got the allegories the first time.
What I would have liked, is more of the forensic science, there is some, but that's not what the series concentrates on.
Well worth getting if you enjoy crime thrillers and don’t mind lots of fake blood.
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on 13 January 2018
This is a simple review
On a well known streaming service I have seen most of the best Breaking Bad, 24, Band of Brothers and of course Dexter
Well my parents are quite set in their ways and have not embraced the Internet so I purchased Dexter for my father on my recommendation that it is certainly amongst the best Box Sets I have ever seen
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on 17 May 2018
This boxset certainly is a trip. It took me several episodes to get into it but, inevitably, I ended up hooked. Having said that, I never warmed to Dexter himself. Psychopaths are a separate species of hominid to the rest of us. There's something inhuman, almost reptilian, about them. And Dexter is more like a lizard than a man. It was the other characters that I ended up liking. C.S. Lee is fantastic as Masuka, the sleazy, wise-cracking pathologist. Yvonne Strzechowski is scintillatingly sexy as Hannah, the ultimate femme fatale. But the standout performance by a country mile is Jennifer Carpenter in the role of Debra, Dexter's long suffering tomboy sister. She is superb in the part. When she turns on the emotion, she does it so convincingly that it often becomes almost unbearable to watch. Its well worth getting the boxset for her performance alone - especially in seasons 7 and 8. She brings Debra's character vividly to life.

Each season sees new twists and characters being introduced and that helps to keep things fresh. The last episode, in particular, lingers in your mind for a weirdly long time afterwards. 2 things I won't miss about 'Dexter' - the god awful signature music and Dexter's constant navel-gazing monologues. Dear me, he does go on a bit though. 2 things I will miss - Debra f*****g Morgan and the incredibly gorgeous Hannah.
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VINE VOICEon 22 January 2018
Dexter at its peak was an incredible TV series, though many people thought the quality fell towards the end of it's run of 8 series. Series 4 with John Lithgow as Dexter's nemesis the Trinity Killer stands alongside any modern classic (Sopranos, Breaking Bad etc).

This set is boxed well with the 33 discs split into two hard cases in the one outer box, the discs snapped into place in holders so they don't move about. Picture quality is good (not overly compressed) and there are a range of diverting extras across each series - a mix of interviews, behind the scenes and even interactive quizzes based on the events of that season.
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on 30 March 2018
This was recommend to me by a friend.
I reached episode 8 before I realised I was hooked.
So far, I find it VERY entertaining, as do most reviews.
I find it very interesting that there are some seriously accurate and interesting observations in Dexter's thinking regarding psychopathy and sociopathy.
Insightfully written.
I struggle sometimes to ignore the stretched artistic licence regarding Dexter's good luck (i.e. everyone else must be fast asleep whenever he goes about his gruesome business). There again- we are all getting good at this!
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on 21 September 2017
Change of Director hurt the series a bit (for me). Over-all I really like this series. Hall got the job , as they liked him so much they stopped screen-tests (so I am told). I can understand why he is great in the roll. The gal who acts his sister is great too. Look out for the Police Sergeant who knows Dex is up to something - & says so with a lot of swearing - great stuff.
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on 8 January 2018
Definitely nice to have in your collection and a nice design concept. Nonetheless, the product quality is not exactly ideal - the wooden box is actually a cardboard covered in a sticker and the slots for the disc are of very cheap plastic. The art book is pretty interesting though, well designed and of good quality.

Video and audio quality are OK - often you can see halos of pixel around lamps in dark scenes and sound can get distorted, but overall both are sharp and detailed.

I enjoyed season 1 to 7 but season 8 ruins the whole show for me. Character change behaviour, random things happen just to bring character from situation A to situation B, and so on. Real shame!

Finally, please be aware that if you purchase the German version, you will get the German version: all information on the packaging and on the season sleeves are in German - BUT the discs are the same through all editions and include the original language.
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on 10 March 2017
Favourtie box set of all time, if you like american box sets with a real edge this is for you.

A series with a twist with amazing characters and actors.

Also the case for this boxset looks awesome on the shelf.
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on 11 January 2015
Didn't really know what to expect and it took me a good few episodes to get into. Each series is usually about someone the Miami Police Department are trying to catch with a few other incidents in between. Dexter is a blood spatter analyst for the MPD and therefore works on their cases and also has access to several websites where he gains a lot of information about murderers who get away with their crimes. These are the people he likes to "wipe out" in his ritualistic manner. Apart from current cases he also has others that he has been looking into for some time. He keeps himself very busy and spends a lot of time trying to pacify his girlfriend as he makes excuses to survey/murder or get rid of bodies. His character is not funny at all, but we hear him talking in his head, which is quite amusing. Its growing on me - just as well as I bought the whole lot !!
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