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3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 7 July 2014
I will admit straight up that I have not read this book. Amazon suggested it to me in my inbox. And I'm quite drunk. I'll give him five stars for applying something that honestly speaking is the curse of the modern workplace and applying it to one's domestic arrangements. I'm sure for some people running your life like a corporate entity is a novel approach that will avoid divorce, marriage counselling. I can see a really great spin off series. HR for families. Health & Safety for Families. Not getting caught in bed with your wifes best friend conflict resolution for families. All good stuff. I mean, seriously, I'd love to sit in my living room with a flip chart, some coloured pens and a microsoft project management suite outlining our future together to replace our nightly arguments over why I drink too much stella and peed in the kettle. Its important stuff this. Seriously, for people who work in big PLC's and married Catherine from Accounts I think this is the answer you've been looking for. Unfortunately my missus's idea of a mission statement involves drunken arguments at 3am, frequent thrown shoes and threats of divorce. All said and done adding a 9am powerpoint briefing on our future roadmap together is going to not go down as well as Stephen would perhaps envisage.
But I will give him 5 stars despite all this, because it just goes to show, some of us are destined to be Apple, steered by visionaries like Steven Jobs, for the rest of us, its Amstrad and grumpy Alan Sugar and no amount of corporate help is going to save us from a messy divorce, taking our kids to McDonalds on a Saturday and life in a grotty bedsit while our wife drives the X5 to pilates lessons. I'm not bitter, honestly, If we'd maybe read this book sooner our mission statement would have simply been MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.
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on 7 July 2014
This is my first review for an Amazon kindle book and thats saying a lot since I have over 200 Kindle e books some of which I love and some of which I dont,but I have never felt the need to take the time to sit down and actually write a review.
This is divided into an Introduction and six chapters.

In the introduction he starts off with 3 steps

Step One-Explore what your family is all about
Step two -Write the family mission statement
Step three-To stay on course

Now that should give you a flavour of how in depth the book is...

Still I dive inside the book hoping against hope that I would be proved wrong and that this would uncover some gems..
After all who has not heard about the great Mr Covey, who hasn't??
The only poor souls who haven't are those that are either half naked fakirs wandering up some Himalayan trail who don't have e readers or born in the last century or are dead or don't care.

Chapter 1-Why a Mission Statement-summary about 3 pages- gives instances of poor family dynamics then concludes -"Developing our family mission statement has given our family direction, more patient with each other, have fun together...happier now than we have ever been".

My orange marker pen is still in my hand poised above my flipchart waiting to note any gem of wisdom that might drop out of this book.....

None yet and I refill my cheap glass with cheap Cava wine and dive into the next chapter

Chapter 2-"Think of a destination-Requires Involvement"-
And then goes on to waffle on for the rest of the chapter on involvement.

The last line states-"Therefore take charge of the first creation or someone or something else will".

Chapter 3-Ground Rules-
a)Step one -Explore what your family is all about
b)Step two:write your family mission statement and
c)Step 3-Stay on course and then talks about writing thoughts down and having meaningful discussions and avoiding misunderstandings.

At this stage,a distinct sense of unease grips me-for I have reached the midpoint of this book and have not yet read anything worth reading yet!

Plus my orange marker pen starts to dry up,having not been used so far..

Chapter 4-Explore what your family is all about.
Ie What are the things that are important to us as a family,highest priority goals,talents,what is life asking of us,what is expected of us etc
Then an example of a family who supposedly had these mission statements whose children memorized them as they read them out each year!
Then more waffle about the destination bit already covered in Chapter 2.

Chapter 5-Writing the Mission Statement
Write out your mission statement, buy into it deeply.
4 criteria of a mission statement-should be timeless, deal with ends and means, deal with all the basic activities of your family life and deal with the four dimensions of our nature!

His summary at the end states that the family mission statement has 4 parts ie a)home characteristics b)effect on the individuals c)real purpose and a lofty d)identify the ultimate source of power that makes it all possible!

Are you still with me dear reader,as I hope you are,for I am truly lost by this time.

Still the title of the next chapter is apt at this stage..

Chapter 6-Keep yourself on course

Some waffle on staying the course and of course these 3 valuable sentences of pure wisdom!
a)Don't rush a family mission statement
b)Don't announce a family mission statement
c)Don't ignore a family mission statement

Wow, what a stroke of genius , identifying all these!!
I have kept myself on course on reading this book and ended up with a considerable amount of pseudo babble distilled into 6 chapters.

All gas and no crap!
Or should it be the other way around??

Im past caring now...More swigs from my cheap Cava bottle...

Still having made this far,I have got to stay the course, crawl across the finish line and complete the Grand Finale Conclusion.

And so I arrive at the Grand Finale Conclusion-
Which just happened to be a page recommending the value of long term thinking which is again what was mentioned in Chapter 6 and Chapter 2!

I was left in a sense of disbelief after reading this book!
Has the author reached a phase of Writers block and feels the need to keep churning out books to maintain the attention of the reading public?
This is a no idea book and all the ideas can be condensed on a half sheet of paper!

Thankfully I bought this book during a 24 hour sale at a cost of £1,but I don't see its value even at this cheapie level.All I can say is that I feel sorry for those customers who have spent the full amount!

To Mr Covey -your books are great value or have been great value ,but when you start running out of good ideas, please don't churn out something just to add to the numbers and to please the crowd as they will only cheapen the value of your previous offerings!

This book truly scrapes the bottom of the barrel!

Please Mr Covey,refund me the grand amount of £8 for the cheap Cava I had to consume to keep me on course to complete this book.
Thank you..
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on 29 July 2014
This is well written and oozes the ethical approach to life of it's author who lived his life and left a legacy which was his life's work. The ideas in the book are basic and worthwhile but many of the families I have worked with over the years would just fail to do the work.
I would not hesitate to recomend it but to carry out the work is not easy, be prepared to be resilient if you hope to use this book to improve everyone's lives of those you love!
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on 7 July 2014
Surely there can be no better way to wring the fun out of family life than by developing a mission statement for it.
'Passionate about the breakfast routine'.
'Delivering argument solutions'.
'Proud to be related to each other'.
Ugh, what a grim cross between management-speak nonsense and new-age twaddle.
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on 1 January 2014
A fantastic insight in such a short read. Very good practical tips to get you started and keep you on track.
Can't wait to get started!
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on 18 October 2014
Great service and product!
I'm quite satisfied - the product got to me on time and it met my expectations. I will shop with the seller again.
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on 7 July 2014
Couldn't help but join in the game of reviewing without having read it. I love the contrast between the British sarcasm/cynicism and the American reviews, who actually seem to think this is useful!
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on 6 September 2014
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