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on 9 July 2017
The only reason I'm giving this a low score is because this my friends is a bootleg- it's so obvious the print doesn't even line up on the spine, looks like something some Chinese guy would try to sell you in a pub.
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on 25 January 2002
Being quite a manga fan I am able to safely say that I have sampled most of its genres within. From Samurai inspired ones such as Ninja scroll and sword for truth, to more psychological thrillers like Perfect blue. One style that has constantly been a success is the Mecha/futuristic sci-fi area, being a fan of such sagas as Zeoraima and Guyver I embraced Detonator Orgun with an open mind.
The plot itself is both complex and simplistic and takes a while to get started. Tomoru Shindo a young adult who is obsessed with an archaic sense of taste decides that the machine controlled world he belongs to being boring wishes for more action. With the arrival of Orgun he has his wish granted albeit in a much higher proportion than he could have ever expected.
What is good about this film is the combat scenes, from the city wide battle at the start to the awesome real time space war at the end you feel gripped during these scenes.
However the main weakness of this film is that it is way too long. Any film to last two and half hours successfully must have a diverse enough plot to grip but not bore and this is a problem for detonator orgun. The film has essentially the correct approach and has a solid plot involving a mysterious enemy intent on destroying all in its path and the way that Earth is a sitting duck to this new threat. However the plot simply does not survive without dipping into the realms of tedious and ridiculousness. The chants of Orgun by the commander of the enemy just gets annoying and the romantic plot of Tomoru and the woman scientist professor Kanzaki just seems wooden, typically love at first sight Mills and Boon trash.
However I feel that I am being over critical here. Should you persevere you shall find enjoyment here and what makes it good is that scientific language. Constant talk of compounds and such like adds that sense of realism. Also the animation is very effective as it can be both simnple outline and graphic detail together.
This is an anime that you should only consider if you are a real fan. It is definitely not the type of manga I say that all newcomers should rush out and buy. However you won't be totally disappointed should you buy it, better than most.
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on 3 May 2014
The first and second part are really good and the animation by AIC (Animation Studio) is really awesome and old school, though the third part is where it really fails when even the characters themselves don't really know what's going on, the makers of this must not have know how to end the story since each episode was coming out months apart, though you've gotta give them points for creativity since they really did think out of the box for this one. My opinion, buy it when it's cheap because it's not worth it especially since it doesn't have the original Japanese Language track because Manga Entertainment just threw the vhs tapes they had onto this dvd, sloppy release indeed.

Commentary by Johnathan Clements on First part only
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on 15 September 2006
Hi there,

A lot of folk who are into anime are more loyalalists than anything else. They've decided they 'love it to bits whatever and everyone else should too'. Some are deluded by the realisation that not all films are as good as Akira. However, to appreciate anime properly you should know a bit about where its come from. Each film, not just the genre.

Below are mixed reviews, some are more honest than others. The art work in Detonator Organ is very old. The concept art is still way beyond our western art in terms of mecha style though, because its all still so new to us as a whole. However, the background art work and general direction is very very old. Infact its 'Battle of the planets'esk. The story itself is a little slow but very good and by the time the film has finnished you should be very satisfied.

If you're into quirky 'save the planet from certain destruction' and 'mech' films, you will love this film. If you're an art and design style guru wanting to explore the glory of modern japanese animation, then look somewhere else. Try maybe 'steam boy' or 'metropolis' or if you're really wanting cutting edge, try 'spirits within'.
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on 14 April 2009
I rarely see films (even Manga) with such a diverse range of views.

Sure there's some Managa type mech/robot action, but I really don't think this film is up to much. The pacing is very poor, especially. The animation style is another issue, and one of the most subjective ones. And I'm in the minus camp. It really needed more work I'm afraid.

For the price it is now, you could maybe add a star on value. I wouldn't, as there are parts of the movie I just found too slow. Not "character/plot building". Just too slow.
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on 25 January 2001
ok so after the first few mins its clear there is lots of potencial to the film. but after that it starts off slow. but then you are treated to the first climpse of the complex story, and impresive mech warriors. after the start its racing toward a dramatic ending with lots of action all the way! there is a good plot and it is sure to keep you wanting more.
a great film, one worth a second look.
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on 29 August 2003
This film is a bit too long! I might have given it 5 stars if they squeezed it into an hour and a half.
The story is about a man that is somehow linked to a robot, but no-one including himself knows why. A team of other robots are destroying the earth, but end up being the same humans from the future. A psychic is the only one that can link up to her future self to try and stop the robots from destroying them, for if they destroy earth, they will be destroying their own past.
This film has an excellent idea that hasn't been tried before as far as I know. Lots of action and a little romance on the side. Quite futuristic as well. Quite exciting to see the story behind the robots from the future.
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on 19 March 2004
Detonator Orgun was originally released in Japan in 1992 as a 3 part OVA but is presented here as one continous film.
This is one of the best mecha series ever made. It is what I think is the epitomy of Japanese mecha animation, if I were to write a series it would be like Detonator Orgun. It works on every level, story, animation, feel, everything.
The story is brilliant and the way that the plot progesses is just excellent, giving lots of little clues along the way that then add up to some fantastic twists and revelations. The film has an edgy feel to it and can seem a little chilling as well with spot on music that brings a superb atmosphere of menace to the series.
The animation is absolutely top notch and the artwork faultless throughout. The mecha designs are very cool as well with some great battle scenes between the mechs.
This is right up there with Gundam (and I ADORE Gundam), absolutely fantastic, I whole heartedly recommend this to anyone who likes mecha or sci-fi anime. A must see!!
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on 26 August 2002
By that I mean that, for an Anime film dealing with giant Mechs and psychic powers, this is one peice of Manga that doesn't deal in religious mysticism as it reaches its climax. There's nothing wrong with that at all. It means the story lends itself better to narrative. Just don't expect too much of a message.
One of the ferrivorous appeals of Anime is that it's like watching your most ecstatic, high-pitched boyhood/girlhood fantasies come true. The kind of stories you made up in your head when you were a kid playing the SNES. They often take place in advanced, futuristic cities or in space, involve some kind of massive robot/starship/battle and always end in some kinetic, wayward frenzy. Orgun follows that pattern. The budget required to make it into a live action movie would alleviate the national debts of seven third-world countries.
The story commences in the year 2292. A young student named Tomaru lives in a hyper-clean futuristic city floating above the Earth's equator. Life holds little thrills for him as he explains to his friends. He is saddled with depression at the thought of leaving University to spend the rest of his life working a futile, empty existence. His only means of escape is via the use of a video-game like console that attaches to the head during sleep, giving one the ability to play games in one's dreams. But soon, something strange begins to happen. Tomaru's dreams start being invaded by visions of a giant robot that seems to know who he is and begs him, vaguely, to fight. Around the same time, the Earth's military forces are nearing completion of a project they began a year prior to the film's beginning, when they began to recieve a signal from an unknown and unexplored sector of the galaxy. The signal contained instructions for some kind of new technology and to the scientists working on the project, it looks for all the world like some kind of giant robot. Meanwhile, in deep space, something terrifying is approaching Earth...
Like I said, Anime is a place where the writer's imaginations can run riot which can be a lot of fun. The biggest plus to Detonator Orgun is its sheer thrill and excitement value, coupled with an epic sense of mystery and wonder. The battle sequences in Orgun are very well handled and never become boring.
The film falls down when it comes to character. Tomaru, the hero, is well developed and we get to understand a lot of him throughout the film. He is restless and sad, unhappy with the course of his life - he will provide plenty for Anime fans to relate to. Outside of him however, the characters are there merely to service the story. The genius scientist Dr. Kanzaki is labelled with all the explanatory dialogue and otherwise just provides someone to fall in love with Tomaru. Other characters drift in and out of the story with little relevance and those that had some potential to be interesting are left frustratingly undeveloped.
Character however is not the point here. This is the Anime equivalent of a thoughtful summer blockbuster. It's an old-school Mecha Anime that stays rooted in science-fiction and is rivetingly entertaining. A great primer for things like Neon Genesis Evangelion or Robotech.
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on 8 August 2009
yh sure u get a gd running timw for ur money but all it is




its far to long and confuseing i watched this couiple years ago took it bk 2 store next day
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