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on 24 July 2014
The perfect replacement for my dated pioneer vsx1015. Highly recommended!
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on 2 January 2014
I bought this recently as an upgrade to a Yamaha AX750 AV Amp - The Denon is leagues ahead in terms of sound quality, features and ease of use.

Sound quality is a great step up both for movies, TV and 2 channel music. All sound bigger, more dynamic and clearer - no doubt thanks to the "150w per channel". Movies now have more punch and there is much more bass through my front speakers (Monitor Audio Radius 90) so much so that I rarely use my Sub with this amp. Pure music sounds good as well but wont match even a "cheap" real hifi 2 channel system for separation. Still its good for an AV amp. I have the extra 6th and 7th channels bi-amped into the fronts (a simple setting on the amp) providing an even more powerful sound, or you can use these extra two channels as a second audio zone (usefully, you can assign a second source (i.e. radio) or the same source to play on your second set of speakers, which I never even thought of!).

Set up is fast using the mic, but mine required a bit of tweaking, which may depend on your furniture. The on screen display is really nice and simple to use.

The remote is a beaut, its simple and allows one-click direct access to each source, so if like me you are using this as a "switch" for all your HDMI sources, you can do this without fiddling through sub menus or arrows (unlike others). You can also directly change the sound processing modes with one click. I use this a fair amount say for switching to a music channel you can select music processing rather than Pro-Logic Cinema. And your last used favourite is automatically picked (i.e. 2 channel stereo or surround music).

The dynamic volume is really good if like me you always find yourself turning the volume up for speech and then down when there is an explosion or applause. The dynamic volume does this for you, just select a volume and forget about it. Very nice.

Banana plugs on the rear (no spring clip terminals) but no dedicated earth connection if your sub suffers from mains hum, though I think using a screw on the chassis should work ok? I no longer need this function. You also get a removable mains cable if you wish to "upgrade" yours (ahem!).
You also get a dimmable display for dark movie rooms and an uncluttered front panel.

Airplay and internet radio requires a wired connection, I am not using this myself.

In short, if this went pop tomorrow, i'd buy another one! It's perfect IMHO.
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on 10 November 2014
Brilliant amp.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 May 2014
At half the price of the RRP on the what hifi five star review I grabbed this little fella fast.
Since buying this it's been a frustrating experience(to say the least) getting it to sound rich and confident at the top end and bottom end of the frequency spectrum.
Its damping factor is non-existent!
I'm not a total hi-fi snob, but I do think this 'solution' is a real bodged job for the heart of a home cinema - ultimately after buying 8 very good speakers all I want now is to hear half decent HIFI sound and not the awful AND RIDICULOUS treble attenuation and overwhelming boominess of this unit.

The interface is not nice to use on the TV screen nor app- Audessey mic and setup will assume you want the amp turned up and down as and when something of any quality is attempting to be reproduced (like a poorly compressed band limited 1980's fm broadcast) and if you turn the amp on full with no input you'll hear noises, which for me is my first test of any amplifier for signal to noise ratio.
I should have known better.
Hearing bad loudly is still loud badness.
Individually calibrating the eq on EVERY speaker manually by ear can make this almost halfway acceptable for general use,but I did expect better from Denon.

The hours put into this painstaking process could be better saved by buying a better unit I feel.As you adjust each frequency band on the equaliser it actually audibly clicks through the speakers which just seems nasty and cheap.

Fine for use on a games console once in a while, but steer clear if you want to hear everything balanced clearly (as in a permanent home cinema that's used frequently) is my advice!
On multi-channel stereo this would probably suit a restaurant for background music more-so than a home theatre setup.

I'd seriously consider this unit for a leisure/hospitality business streaming internet radio at 128 k.

For me, there has to be a mismatch of components/boards inside this unit in pre & post processing and the final output stage does sound absolutely soulless to my ears and way too far from being harmonious when all channels are driven @6 ohms using identical full range speakers for all 7 amplified channels.
The unit can sometimes sound (quite randomly)out of phase by 80 - 110 degrees when speakers are correctly connected using the automated eq and volume features.

This phase shifting had me continually checking the polarity of all my speakers for the first week of ownership until the penny finally dropped.
I shall be tearing this thing down soon to ascertain why it performs the way it does and will share my findings.
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on 3 August 2013
Perfect sond and easy multi room set up with app contol and spotify built in, ticks all the boxes for us. Airplay not as straight forward, but works better with dnons app anyway.
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on 10 November 2014
I absolutely love this device! My last Denon home theatre amp lasted over ten years before it died and made me very sad, however this does everything the other one did plus a whole lot more! You need one in your life!
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on 12 August 2014
A warning for anyone looking to purchase this av unit. It seems there is a connectivity issue with Sky+HD boxes. If like me you do most of your viewing through sky then this isn't for you. The only solution I can find is to bypass the av unit and connect straight to my TV which kind of makes this product a bit pointless. I'm currently contacting denon, sky and about to try and contact home AV direct to see if they have a real solution - if not then I will be returning to buy something that works with the largest satellite broadcaster in the UK! Quite amazed that nobody mentions this problem until you go looking for it. Google 'denon HDCP sky+ HD error' if you want to prepare yourself. I will update when/if I get responses from everyone.
I give 2 stars because it works great for spotify, Apple TV and blu-ray and is easy to set-up, looks great - but that doesn't really matter if you watch a lot of Sky.
Oh, and the iPhone app worked at first but after firmware update it doesn't recognise the avr so is also a bit useless. Not my most inspired purchase, 2 days of trawling the web and leaning behind the TV trying every cable connection possible.

Update - Denon tech support is very good. They assure me the issue isn't the same as the one on the web and were able to provide a solution. In case it happens to you - Switch everything off at the mains and power on TV, amp then the Sky box, repeat order to bring out of standby.
So far this works although I wonder if I will have to repeat this if ever the power goes out or anything gets accidentally unplugged. Still, temperamental is better than useless and it may be mostly the Sky box being awkward. Maybe other brands have similar problems.
Up to 3 stars now I'd say. The iPhone app still won't auto find the amp but putting in the IP address works and is easy enough to find on the setup. I am also bothered by how long it takes to bring up the picture and sound when switching between inputs causing my TV to flash and flicker while it waits for a signal, not huge but a bit ugly.
For the price maybe there is enough quality here for these small problems to be manageable when the sound is so good.
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on 17 December 2014
Great! Does exactly what is says on the description (check Denon homepage - use comparison function to other X-products in same range).
The 2000 is the basic version, however has all important functions like 4k ready, airplay, etc. Do not see a reason why you should pay more for the higher X-product version.
Having lots of fun with the product
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on 25 August 2013
Does what it says on the can and much more, couldn't be easier to set up and configure,you can set each speaker up individually to suit your own preferences,only thing that worries me a bit is how hot it gets under the tv on the stand,but with 8 power amps it's to be expected I suppose,latter that evening saw American Express were using the same model in thier H.O. public display area. Can't fault it as yet.
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on 31 December 2015
Set up was easy using the accompanied microphone. Slightly disappointed with the sound but not a show stopper. I didn't realise that the yellow button on the remote dims the display so thought it wasn't working. A well made product which I've move to another room as I've since upgraded to the VSX-930-K
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