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on 27 February 2015
Outstanding product I use it in my garage at the bottom of the garden, gives out a very good heat
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on 10 November 2014
The 'Eco' function didn't work - radiator just turned itself off and went stone cold. (I think the Eco function is greenwash anyway - can't see how it's different from a thermostat.) Takes ages to get customer support from DeLonghi, they're not on Twitter and take five days to reply to your initial email. It's 2014, people! Once I got a reply, they were more helpful, suggesting things I could try or test - none of which worked. Then they said I should take it to a DeLonghi repair person an hour's round trip away. No chance. I'd not long had it, so I exchanged it instead. The next one worked OK for a few days, then the same thing happened. Also, this one was still giving off a vile smell, even after having been used several times over several days in accordance with the manufacturers' instructions (the first one didn't do this). I won't try this product, or manufacturer, again.
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on 18 September 2013
I already have two Dragon 3 radiators, the previous model in this series - a 2kw and a 3kw.

Things I found frustrating with the 3 series were the noise when clicking between levels and with the 3kw the very high demands in the electrics (it's so close to 13amp it can cause issues). I couldn't fault them on the climate control or the timer functions.

Needing a further one for a room, I noticed the series 4 was available. The highest capacity is this one at 2.5kw. The blurb claims 25% efficiency increase which in theory means it's the same as the old 3kw. Good news for 13amp fuses everywhere.

Differences between the models - the finish on the 4 is much better quality. It's actually white, has much higher quality wheels which finally actually roll and generally seems better finished. There is no remote control, but I can't even remember where My other ones are - shows how often I used them.

The control panel looks smarter however this is where the issues start - the timer is gone. You can no longer set A and B modes - so say early morning and late evening to take advantage of economy 7. You can now only choose to delay start or turn off after a duration and the heater doesn't remember the setting.

The series 3 always defaulted to using ECC - stepped power which raised or lowered depending on room and heating characteristics. On the 4 this is NOT on by default and is now called 'ECO' and requires pushing a button. It does remember this setting though between uses. I don't see the point of this change as by default you could inadvertently and unnecessarily have the heater running at full power. The maximum temp has reduced from 35 to 28. Again practical, yes, but I also suspect part of this slightly suspect attempt at making a massive heater some sort of environmental hero by doing nothing overly significant (with the exception of 25% efficiency gain).

Heating wise my initial impression is it's effective, though slightly optimistic, powering down before I feel the temperature has been reached. Easily rectified by setting the temperature higher so a minor niggle. Quick to heat up though still best to be run over a long period to get best value and performance. - which means the removal of the timer is a real shame.

The box makes a claim that the unit is silent - it's not, though softer, it still clicks when stepping up or down the power and in a silent room you would hear this. Quieter than the 3, but not silent. It also beeps at every button press which doesn't seem possible to disable, so not something you can quietly turn down or up in the middle of the night. The option may exist, but I baulk slightly at this not being straight forward.

It works, it effectively heats large rooms and it's quite stylish. I just wish though they'd taken the best bits from the 3 rather then offsetting the good with some minor steps backwards.

Recommended over the 3kw Dragon 3 just for the better amp draw and finish, however based on this model, I am not sure I would recommend the 4 series over the 3 in the smaller 2kw size.
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on 12 January 2015
All the De'Longhi radiators we've had have been great, but two things to be wary of:

1. You can't use this with an extension cable because it gets too hot and burns out the socket! We started using a four-bar extension cable with our previous one and suddenly discovered one of the pin holes in the socket had singe marks around it. We thought it was a faulty extension, threw it away, used a better one, and got singe marks all around the same pin hole on both the extension and in the wall! We thought the radiator was faulty (it was several years old) and, worried it was going to burn the house down, we chucked it. Bought this one and noticed the instructions state not to use it with an extension cable as it can cause this problem!! Depending on your situation, you need to make sure anyone who may use it/move it is aware of this issue. We've put a sticker on the plug.

2. When we bought this it was full price and therefore the most expensive 2.5kw De'Longhi radiator, but the digital timer on it is not as good as the old-fashioned manual 'peg wheel' type timer that e.g. the TRD4 1025T has! It describes the timer as "24-hour delay digital on/off timer" so I assumed it did the same as the the peg wheel in that I could set times when it would come on and go off during the day. This is not the case! You can set the time at which it comes on, OR set the time at which it goes off, but not both! We've had situations where the radiator has been merrily warming an empty room for hours as a result. This lack of simple functionality is not made clear in the description!! I would not buy this one again simply for this reason.
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on 4 February 2014
Firstly, this heater looks a lot better than my previous model.
Oh I cannot rmemeber the model number, but it was also a Delonghi.

But looks are not everything. I agree with the other 4 star review here. My previous model was a 2KW and did struggle to keep the room warm when it was cold outside.
Not this one. In fact, I had to turn it down as I was gettign too warm.
Love it. Bought it here for £99, so I was quite pleased with that.

I'm knocking off a star as the radiator is now driving me mad with it's annoying clicking.

Why not five stars?
It does not have a 24 hour timer. A function I constantly use.
It does have a delay timer for turning the unit on or off. But this has to be set every day.
A small price to pay, but a great heater
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on 4 March 2017
I bought this heater on 2 Jan 2017 and last night it died on me.
This is the message i get from amazon "This item is no longer eligible for return."
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on 6 October 2013
The web description says "Timer/Electronic control". The timer is not a 24 hour on/off timer like the Dragon 3., but simply a delayed action timer which has to be re-set every night for the following morning. Item returned.
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on 30 May 2014
I've had the heater for a few weeks it has a bad metallic smell when on high power that you can taste and makes a lot of noise at night. Very disappointing, don't purchase this heater for your bedroom.
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on 24 March 2014
Excellent quality product at a very competitive price. It was purchased as a back up to my central heating which always needed a boost in my living room at night in the winter months. It has achieved that purpose, and I am very pleased with it.
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on 18 December 2014
quality product, but still disappointed - having used a Dragon-3 for years (until it died) & made great use of its programming function, bought the Dragon-4 assuming "timer" meant the same thing ... it doesn't, and it's far less capable - single delayed stop or start, compared with Dragon-3's two programmable cycles repeated every day with no further intervention.
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