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on 10 February 2014
I bought this MFP as I had used the printer only version for almost two years without any issues at all and I am NOT disappointed..!!! Print quality is great, scans and copies really well too. Haven't used the fax yet but this feature was not important to me. Sits on the corner of my desk without looking over big and just does everything I ask of it quietly and efficiently. Dell toners are expensive but there are some great compatible toners available on Amazon for a fraction of the price which work just as well as the originals in my opinion. Also, the prints are not affected by moisture like they would be if you used an inkjet printer. If you need an excellent printer/copier/scanner/fax then you really must consider one of these!
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on 9 August 2014
Excellent "little" printer (it's actually fairly heavy), very economical with good results but beware of acceptable paper types. Great for every day printing use, but not so great at photographs due to lack of borderless printing.

I got sick of paying for cartridges and getting bad results when printing on inkjet printers leaving lines, stripes and just general sad looking printouts. So I opted for a good networked colour laser. I was deciding between a Samsung and this one and finally settled on this one due to the cartridge and running costs. I am a bit surprised and saddened however that the printer does not accept transparencies which I have a need for, I think it most likely will not accept exotic media like t-shirt transfers etc, but it doesn't stop it being an excellent little printer for every day use.

This is the networked (Ethernet) one, it does not have WiFi (C1765NF), there is a WiFi version but I considered it not worth paying the extra money to use WiFi since I have switches where I planned to put the printer anyway. I have so far printed using Mac OSX and Windows 7/8 without a problem and have scanned using both. Driver support is excellent and scanning works in OSX and Windows including the auto document feeder. Works under linux too, it also works using the mobile print app for Android very well.

Slightly annoying that it tends to lighten scanned/photocopied images, but you can choose to darken them slightly either via the printer interface or via the print driver, this makes it better in my opinion (I use the "Darker 1" setting) I have not tested the fax function (who needs fax in 2014 except lawyers?)

Pro's :

Super cheap running costs and replacement cartridges
Excellent print quality, glossy vivid images (once you darken them slightly)
Quick print time
Minimal noise
Feels strong and sturdy
Special document tray for labels/envelopes etc.


Takes a while to warm up when sleeping (most laser printers do anyway)
Beeps after it's printed, if you print a lot of documents it's a lot of beeping.
Won't take transparencies
Won't do borderless photo's
No duplexer

Overall I'm very satisfied with the printer, it works great in a home/small office environment but I feel it could use some modernising such as the borderless option. I have yet to replace any of the cartridges as Ive only printed about 500 pages but they are all still showing over 80% full :)
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on 29 May 2014
I did not get the wireless version as this sits in my home office close to a network switch. East to set up and the quality so far has been very good. consumable seem to be readily available and cheap so i order some of those also but not yet fitted so cannot comment on how the device will respond to them, positivly i hope ! The device could be considered noisy and a little slow to get the first page out but this is all relative. If you print a lot you might not want it on the same desk. Once it gets going its fast enough for me and much better than my inkjet (no more refilling .....).
The scanner works well and the images are fine for normal use
Negatives are relativly slow auto document feeder but this is not a deal breaker as i could only do 1 page at a time before and the paper input is around 150 pages, fine for me but some might want a bigger input capacity.
Overall for me a good upgrade into laser quality and speed with very few down sides
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on 12 July 2014
I am happy with this. The print quality could be better and you have to be careful when scanning to line up your documents carefully in the ADF tray.
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on 22 January 2014
Got sick and tired of the ferociously expensive ink cartridges for my Epson which then dried up, only 2 years old and a useless box of tricks already (SX600). I bought the Dell. (C1765NF) Worked first time, prints well, scans well, copies well with excellent type and graphics output and very passable photos.
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on 16 October 2014
Always been a fan of Epson's but like others become disillusioned with blocked heads etc when not regularly used. Every ink jet brand seems to have its fair share of 1 start reviews so decided it was time to go down the colour laser printer router and utlimately this model. Knowing wireless printers can be troublesome decided on the wired version to prevent any headaches down the road with unstable connections (usually when you desperately need to print something!)
Interestingly, I ordered this direct from ebuyer in the end as it was some £15 cheaper and they delivered it the very next day. Initial setup was very straightforward and the print quality is excellent for my needs.
The web interface is a little 'clunky' but does give you a lot of control over the defaults, turn off the job tone, alert tone, extend the sleep timer, populate the address book for scan to email etc.
For the price this MFP is a bargain and it is a very capable machine and being able to use non Dell cartridges is another tick in the box.
The only thing that was a bit of a challenge was getting the Scan to Email working due to the limited authentication options available when setting up the SMTP details in the E-Mail Alert section of the web interface. I tried setting the printer up use Gmail and then BT Internet mail servers but could get neither to work, direct from the printer, so have had to relay the emails using a mail server running locally on a PC but now working nicely to a Gmail account. The default email size limit is 2mb on the printer but you can adjust this up to 16mb, via the web interface, so should cover most scan to email jobs.
If you're in the market for a reasonably priced, good quality colour laser printer then you won't go far wrong with this one.
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on 13 April 2017
good print quality but after a while (only 900 pages printed) it stopped recognising cartridges and now says all cartridges are empty even tho i put two new ones on there.
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on 14 May 2014
I purchased this a few months ago as I got bored of replacing the expensive cartridges in my old HP inkjet every two weeks. I was away on business when it was delivered, but my parents who aren't very tech savy managed to set it up without issues. I mainly use it to scan documents, and the auto document feeder and scan-to-email features save so much time. The printer is only 600dpi, so it won't win any awards for photo printing but for business documents and basic posters it is fine.
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on 8 October 2014
Bought this as I was sick of the unreliability and huge running costs of ink jet printers. I must admit that I have always had a low opinion of Dell computers so this was a bit of a leap. I have been delighted with it. It is easy to use and just sits in a corner of the house networked to other computers through an Arcnet system. It prints really well and doesn't cockle the paper. Even colour photographs on ordinary typing paper come out better then many ink jets on special paper. I have had it for four months and haven't replaced the original supplied toners yet, the level gauges suggest that I won't need to for a while.
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on 4 May 2015
Now that I have it set-up and working, I am actually pretty happy with this printer.
- The prints are clear with good strong colours that you'd expect from a laser printer
- The scanner is perfectly adequate, albeit noticeably slower than what you would get on a professional 'office grade' copier
- I haven't used the fax because I live in the 21st century
- Assuming the additional compatible toner carts that I have purchased work ok, this is going to be a pretty cheap printer to run (~£20 per 750 pages)
- It looks like a printer from the 1990s, helped by the monocrome LCD display and push button controls
- At the time of writing I haven't managed to print from Android to it

Getting it set-up reminded me of printers of 10 years ago. Installing the printer part was ok, if tedious, installing the device drive/software on the supplied CD. This detected the printer on the network and installed the necessary drivers. This worked fine on 3 of 4 Windows PCs (a mix of 7 and 8.1) - but on one machine it simply wouldn't work. It claimed to install, but the test page wouldn't print. Manually adding the "Standard TCP/IP port" of the printer solved the problem - easy enough for someone who has worked most of their life in IT - but not sure that the average home user would have resolved this one without a long phone call to tech support. For my Mac I didn't bother with the CD (no CD drive) and downloaded the drivers direct from the Dell website, and this seemed to work fine.

Getting the scanner set-up how I wanted it was more of a challenge. I mostly scan documents, and basically I want to be able to walk up to the printer and simply scan to email, and/or scan to a shared location on the network - just like I do in the office - I don't really want to have to power up the PC, run scanner software, scan, save, etc. This is possible - but it took a bit of configuration that wasn't obviously documented. I found the easiest way to do this was via the web interface for the printer. First, find out the IP address of the printer (you can do this from the System > Admin Menu > Network > TCPIP > IPv4 menu on the printer) then browse to this on your computer - e.g. If prompted for a username/password - use username Admin and leave the password blank. You then need to go to Printer Server Setting > Print Server Settings > Email alerts and configure your SMTP server and 'reply address' - these settings are then used for scanning to email. Then go to the "Address Book" tab to configure email recipients. Also whilst in the "Address Book" tab you can configure an FTP server (under Server Address) to receive scan to server. As you can probably tell - the menu hierarchy is somewhere between unintuitive and completely random!!

I read several reviews about the printer getting stuck in a deep sleep power mode condition and not waking up when you try to print .... however I've not encountered this problem - even when I've been away for a couple of days and come back.

All things in balance - whilst it took a good hour of headscratching to get this set-up, now I have, I'm very happy with it - just need Dell to come up with print drivers for Android to cover all my needs.

UPDATE: Had this for nearly 6 months now and still very happy with it. The compatible toner cartridges from Amazon work just fine making it a very economical laser printer. Still no print drivers for Android though.
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