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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 20 May 2014
This is a five star album.

However, the sound quality on this new 2014 double album re-master is not a patch on the original CD version.

The definition has been compressed almost out of existence.

It's a great pity that increasingly vinyl re-masters and a number of new releases for that matter, are being produced from highly compressed, bass heavy files.
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on 29 May 2014
Great album but the £79 box set is a rip off. You get the 3cd version which can be bought separately, poor sounding double vinyl complete with poor quality packaging, a so called exclusive 7" single which has 2 tracks already on the 3cd version, a rebranded cheap and nasty bag for life and loads of other tat literally thrown into the box. The 2014 remaster of the album is awful but i would recommend the 3cd deluxe set for the extra tracks (the japan version has 2 bonus tracks that arent even in the super deluxe boxset!)
Just avoid the super deluxe set at all costs.
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on 19 September 2004
10 years has certainly gone quick hasn't it eh? And how better to celebrate it than with a DVD release of the best album of that particular year.
When you pop Disc 1 into your DVD player the album starts playing straightaway.
You now have the interactive options at your fingertips.
All you have to decide is whether to push "UP", "DOWN", "LEFT" or "RIGHT" on your DVD remote.
You will then be treated to either documentary, live or video for that particular track.
Or if you want press "MENU" and you can choose what to view individually.
Also for certain videos you can select "ANGLE", and be treated to another version (promo).
If I may suggest something, I would put the disc in and press "UP" and watch the "documentary" all the way through. (much easier, and flows better.
"Disc Two" involves a number of featurettes, but can be viewed continuously if need be.
I loved this DVD as you can listen to the album as a kind of Bootleg album as well if you so wished.
Anyway here is the tracklisting if you're interested.
1. Rock 'N' Roll Star (from 'Top Of The Pops', September 1994)
2. Shakermaker from ('Naked City', June 1994)
3. Live Forever (from Glastonbury, June 1994)
4. Up In The Sky (from Chicago Metro, October 1994)
5. Columbia (from Hammersmith Palais, December 1994)
6. Supersonic (from 'The Word', March 1994)
7. Bring It On Down (from Gleneagles, February 1994)
8. Cigarettes And Alcohol (from Southampton Guildhall, November 1994)
9. Digsy's Dinner (from Buckley Tivoli, August 1994)
10. Slide Away (from New York Wetlands, July 1994)
11. Married With Children (from Los Angeles Whiskey A Go Go, September 1994)
12. Sad Song (from 'Later With Jools Holland', December 1994)
The featurettes on the second disc could have been longer but this is not the story of oasis after all, just their debut album. The main interviewee here is Noel, in fact Liam is not on here that much but he only grunts when asked questions anyway. His singing is what he does best anyway.
The group re-visit the shoot where Definitely Maybe was photographed, the booklet is nice work as is the sleeve.
A must for all Oasis fans.
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on 5 September 2006
Once every so often, a debut album comes along that is so self-assured, so complete in its own self-belief that it takes you along with it. It doesn't even need to be the most accomplished or the most profound.

"Definitely Maybe" sounds like it's very good and it knows it.

From the opening noise of "Rock And Roll Star", it's not shy. Here we discovered the best rock and roll vocalist for a generation and his brother who had an instinctive songwriting ability.

Never mind the short-fall of the others. The drumming is rudimentary, the bass is buried and the rhytmn guitar is workmanlike. But that doesn't seem to matter. They all fall into line behind the force of the songs.

"Live Forever" is brash and emotive and beautiful and definite. "Supersonic" is all arrogant swagger and attitude and sounds perfect. "Bring It On Down" is corrosive punk which works despite some of the worst drumming on a great album ever to have happened. "Slide Away" is stunning and moving. Yeah alright "Digsy's Dinner" is just ok and "Married With Children" might not cut the mustard but they're not bad enough to detract from the quality of this album.

A statement of intent that still sounds essential.
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on 10 August 2000
Rarely do we come across albums of perfect splendour. We all know Definitely Maybe is one of the all time finest so what do we think when we get the opportunity to obtain a track which is not available on any B-side ? We jump on it. For me Sad Song is a glimpse into one of Noel Gallagher's finest musical moments. It's got everything in it that we know and want from him, including the familiar descending bass line that turns a classic song into an Oasis classic song. Why Sad Song has been hidden from us I'll never's a 'Live By The Sea' exclusive. The other extra track 'Cloudburst' stands alongside The Stone Roses 'Standing Here' as a top notch B-side the difference between the two ?
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on 17 June 2014
In my opinion, yes. The bass lines are more pronounced and clearer than the original, or perhaps it's because I'm listening on better equipment? Well, the album stands the test of time and drew me back to 20 years ago when I first purchased the album in HMV. Love the album, and the hidden gems with Oasis were always the B-sides, and it's good to see some of these coming through on the extra CDs, as well as some live performances. For any Oasis fan, it's a must-buy, for non-Oasis fans, give this a go to see what everyone was on about before the brothers got in the way.
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VINE VOICEon 8 October 2007
If you ask me, this is the first time I have felt that it might be worth buying an album DVD equivalent. The Definitely Maybe DVD includes, of course, all the songs, including videos and live performances of each song. The chances are you already own the album itself, so it's the visuals and the live performances you'll be interested in. And both are definitely worth while, although possibly not particularly in the long term - depends what sort of fan you are.

And if you are the sort of fan I am, then that may not be why you got this DVD at all - the key to Oasis (as many fans will know) is the combination between the music and the men. And in the interviews on this DVD, the men are in fine form. They are full of anecdotes, as you would be in recalling one of the most pivotal events in your life (and in modern music history). The brilliant stories of the recording studio on an island, which meant the lads had to leave the pub early to avoid being cut off, and tales of drug-stealing, tractor driving shenanigans with the Stone Roses are joyous, and hilarious, and will catch you up in the magic of the beginnings of Brit Pop. So will the stories from the technicians - dealing with Liam Gallagher for the first time, or pushing the volume up to the max so that Definitely Maybe was the loudest album on the juke box for the year after its release.

And for anyone that doesn't own the album, then remember that this is the classic oasis - raw, swaggering and brilliant. From the ripped off intros to Shakermaker and Cigarrettes and Alcohol to the wonderful solos and sweeping melodies of Live Forever and Slide Away, to the minimalist brilliance of Married With Children and Sad Song, this is a superb, superb album.

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on 25 October 2014
I hear what Fred says about the re-master not being as good as the 1994 original, when this album was recorded it was raw, meant to be played loud so you enjoyed it as it was recorded. So I feel the original still has it's place in the collection on top of all others, the re-master does a good job though on discs 2 and 3 with the demo's and B sides, you can listen to the song construction in it's element.

Placing Whatever on this was a surprize to me, Liam hated the track although I can't think why, played loud you can't get a better anthem maybe it was the fact that Rutles music creator Neil Innes sued Noel over the track using a riff from one of his Archeology tracks. So officially it's a Gallagher/Innes track after winning his court case against Noel which beggars belief after Innes copied so many Beatles riffs and effects without court action taken against himself. It was fantastic to hear the Whatever orchestration track which sounds excellent on it's own and gives you a challenge in singing the lyrics to it especially if you sound like a buffoon at the best of times!!!!

The live tracks I feel help with the new re-masters clearing some of the rhythm mayhem that Oasis provided at their concerts, again originals have their place so nothing to lose here. The Demo's have been a very welcome addition as these sound much better, the clarity improved so much it makes them playable as loud as you like without the back noise.

All in all, I love the set it is well worth the small amount of cash for the extra's offered. Regarding the original tracks I'm like Fred, I'll be playing the original master which can't be improved, don't put you off buying this re-master though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 13 September 2013
The debut album from Oasis (1994) is crammed full of well-known and highly respected singles such as 'Live Forever', 'Supersonic', 'Shakermaker' and 'Cigarettes And Alcohol'; although, for me, the sneer and swagger of Liam on the superb 'Rock 'n' Roll Star' (released in the USA) is my favourite track here. Along with 'Morning Glory' these are 'must have' Oasis albums and can easily be bought at a very competitive price. Highly recommended.
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on 1 April 2013
In the process of replacing albums that have either walked out of my house on their own or not returned when lent out, or when they were returned they weren't in the best of condition. Been buying second hand albums and so far I've been really pleased with what I've bought. No complaints. Wouldn't have replaced them if I had to pay full price so I'm very happy that Amazon has given me the opportunity to do this.
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