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on 18 June 2015
Have played the X games for many years, starting with X2 The Threat, always a bit quirky and different but this has fallen too far from the tree.

Good points: The music is nice.

Bad points: Pretty much everything else.

Most of the problems with this game have already been covered but for me there are several key points. First why oh why did Egosoft abandon their tried and trusted galactic structure? The new arrangements just don't look, feel or play like you're in space at all - more like some sort of underwater world. The lane travel is plucked almost directly from Freelancer. The built in maps are next to useless at trying to identify some sort of structure as to where you need to go or how to get there. I know the premise of the story is that all the jump gates were destroyed but things presumably didn't change that radically.

You only have access to one player ship, appropriately named Albion "Skunk". You cannot go about doing direct trading any more either, need to drag along a separate freighter then work out how the heck you actually make money. A key factor in all previous X games has been copious trading opportunities and generic missions to build your cash up early on. In Rebirth it's very hard to find these missions - when they do pop up it's via a tiny icon, hard to spot in all the other on screen clutter. Of the one's I've actually found so far, roughly half have been unplayable due to a ridiculous time limit or other factor. The main campaign such as it is has to be supported financially by doing these missions so why did Egosoft not keep the tried and trusted means of entering a system, calling up a list of bases and looking to see which ones have work for you.

Or given the new interaction on space stations, why not have players head to the bar in Freelancer or Privateer style to choose missions from patrons or guild reps. On the subject of space stations, Egosoft seem to have wanted to do their own poor man's version of Mass Effect with their efforts in this direction - tip, leave it to Mass Effect.

Back in space, the Skunk provides an oddly restricted view and is pretty much useless at combat. Your primary laser weapon aims nowhere near the centre reticule so actually hitting an enemy is random at best. Meanwhile, attack drones can strip away your shields in seconds.

I bought Rebirth at Xmas 2014 but left off playing it until now, in the hope things might have got better. They haven't. I will probably try and see the main campaign out to justify paying the money but this about as far as I will go. There only seems to be one campaign anyway, unlike Terran Conflict which had several including The Hub which encouraged players to set up their own trading empire etc. In short, the original Privateer from 2003 managed better gameplay than this.

Just one star I'm afraid and that's only 'cos the music is nice...
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on 18 December 2013
I waited so long for this and it is absolutely dreadful. It's a beta product at best. Just do an internet search for reviews of it and you'll understand why.

No matter how much you like space style games, please save yourself some money and do not buy this.

At the moment, Egosoft is releasing a patch a week so that gives you some idea of the state that it's in.

It's a real shame since the other X games in the series have a loyal and happy following; I'm a first time player.

It looks great as a game but so many things aren't working or the menus are barely legible on a plasma/lcd TV or something bugs out, etc.

The irritating copilot has a full body spacesuit with a window cut out for her cleavage and every space station has a strip bar. Yes, it's the 1950s in space. There are a number of threads on the official forums expressing disappointment at this blatant objectification of women and even a mod which gives her a more appropriate suit. This isn't being prudish, it's just really lame and dated.
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on 13 August 2014
If you loved the previous X series you will truly HATE this! been a fan since X2 play is stilted, controls verging on impossible to use, tutorial limited, game uninspiring finally attempted to play this piece of rubbish 8 months after I bought it, and a year and 8 months after advertised paid in advance original release date 2 hours and £30 I won't get back. DO NOT BUY THIS after 8 months post release still unplayable and unlike the original X series no interest in doing so. Perhaps 'X Afterbirth' would be a better name for it?
The individuals who brought this to market should be ashamed but I know they are probably driving round in Mercs with my £30 in their back pockets. In any civilised society capital punishment would be too lenient, thanks for really sodding up a brilliant franchise perhaps they care but I am damn sure they don't.
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on 12 December 2013
I am a huge fan of the X series. I have spent far too many hours trading, building and exploring in these games. I was very excited to see the trailer for X-Rebirth. When it finally arrived, I was ready to start over. Each X game has, in my opinion, required quite a bit of learning and figuring out. But you could be sure that the reward would be there in the end.

Alas, this does not appear to be the case with Rebirth. I REALLY tried with this game. At first, I thought it must be me, being dim. But no. This game is just bad. I then tried EVEN HARDER to get into the game....but hunting around for random NPCs, waiting, opening small boxes and lockers and generally languishing around in identical-looking installations is just not fun. Now, I don't want to go back, I'd rather do something else. That is the exact opposite of how I felt playing X2 & X3....very disappointing.

I had hoped that it might be possible to buy other ships and fly destroyers, etc, but I gather this is not the case. We're stuck with the Skunk. And I can't even see what it looks like from the outside? I'm sorry, but the coolest thing about X3 was finding the sexiest looking ships to zoom around the galaxy in. If i'm stuck in one ship forever, that's a huge turn-off.

How can Egosoft have gotten this so wrong? Haven't they heard of market research? This game should be called X-Still-berth....not X-Rebirth. Just don't buy it.
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on 13 February 2014
A highly disappointing and very unfinished product which definitely falls into the BTF (Bugged To Fornication) category.
I was eagerly awaiting this and, having a high end gaming rig, really looking forward to some visual splendour and excellent gameplay.
Oh how wrong I was! The main mission is bugged like a Swiss cheese has holes and did not work properly - pretty bloody poor for the main quest line to be broken right from the start - and the independent play (go & start your own space empire) was not any better with trade ships refusing to trade or just crashing the game. [Yes, I am running the latest drivers & OS updates, etc.]
There have been multiple patches since - Steam will auto-apply them if you allow it - but there are still more (a cargo fleet's worth, at least) required.
I do feel exceedingly ripped off that I have parted with money for a product which was quite clearly unfinished and definitely not fit for release! (Were all the beta-testers drunk when they played this?)
Don't take my word for it, just hit some of the forums for some far more explicit denunciations.
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on 19 December 2013
This game needs at least 6 months of slow-cooking in the oven before it even becomes playable! So many bugs that needs clearing Egosoft would be working on patches and fixes till sometime 2014. 8 patches been deployed after a month of release. That pretty much says it all about the game and it still very much broken. I think the many fans that was built from the previous X games are well and truly gone. Egosoft what have you done apart from now alienate your many many fans of your game. OR is someone now thinking of retiring from the sales of this game hah?!! :)

For anyone thinking of buying this game - DON'T!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD spend your money on something else. Buy your mom a nice x-mas jumper!! Look at this game again 6 months time. Check the forum before purchasing.

I sadly bought the game and not in my entire gaming life that I regretted playing a game from day one!!!

<SIGH>! Goodbye Egosoft!
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on 2 February 2014
I loved the previous X-series games, I pre-ordered this, a big mistake I should have waited for the reviews. The one star I have been forced to give this is way too generous. Minus 1000 stars more like it. I played for 1 hour, the game full of glitches, pathetic storyline. I did download a couple of patches and returned to it a couple of times since unwilling to admit I had wasted £30, but speaking as someone who used to own a Spectrum and some of the games available for it were horrendous I can say unequivocally this is the worst game I have ever played. Do not buy, avoid, run, keep running.
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on 14 December 2013
The next instalment to the X series, X rebirth. Alas it does not deserve the name "X"
I like many others have played though the X universe, from XBTF to AP. Each new instalment usually brought new game play to the table and was a very good time sink. (AP hours played 2204).

X rebirth frankly is not even a step backwards, its a step in a completely different direction, why? only Egosoft know the answer to this.

In the process of trying to recruit new players to the series, they seem to have forgotten what made the x games great. Shame on you Egosoft.

I am not sure if the modding community can or even will be able to help save this game, if they can I take my hat of to you guys n gals.

For now don't waste your money on this, you will be disappointed.
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on 26 February 2015
Rubbish. Complete and utter rubbish.
Don't purchase, if given for free return and ask for money back.

The patches that have been done on the game make it more stable, but the game play is rubbish. If you want to play the X franchise, purchase X beyond the frontier, X2 or X3 they are far superior to this.

In the transport lanes you can see other transporters flying however yours seem to always need fuel so they can jump to their locations. The ability to locate and purchase what you need to continue the story line etc is very difficult and if you try and purchase the fuel before you do certain missions you will lose it all after that mission is complete, so the game begs you to cheat just so you have fuel to move your transporters around.

Wanted to give it no stars but amazon does not allow
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on 17 January 2016
Was a wee bit late in being delivered which is just as well, as the reviews being given were all really negative.

So I was able to send it back before opening.

Managed to get a chance to play it later and was glad that I saved myself £40.
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