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3.1 out of 5 stars
3.1 out of 5 stars
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This 1972 cannibal movie [aka: Man From Deep River, aka: Sacrifice] focuses on a British photographer, John Bradley, who kills a man in ‘self defence’ and heads off into the Thai rainforest where he is captured by a cannibal tribe. With limited options, can he survive?
Perhaps best known for popularizing the Italian cinema cannibal genre this starts like a dodgy travelog with bad dubbing, a comical English accent, actors and actresses that look like they’ve stepped out from a porno movie, and no subtitles for the natives [which is actually a good thing]. The plot and dialogue are both weak, unrealistic and often farcical, [lose a *] and in reality this is a pale imitation of ’A man Called Horse’ or ‘Dances with Wolves’ [lose a *].
The single disc offers play, scenes access and features [trailer, image gallery, directors filmography, production notes, other attractions (17 ‘click n play’ film trailers –but not all play]. Worth a look if you want to know what kicked off the cannibal sub genre, but it’s more tragi-drama or love story than horror, although there are a few scenes of mutilation and gore. It was banned due to the real animal slaughters that took place, the remainder was uncut. There is some full frontal nudity, a ritualised sex scene [non explicit], two other short sex scenes and a single cannibalistic scene but no swearing, so gore fans will be disappointed and animal lovers will cringe. A *** but mainly for it’s novelty and historical importance.
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on 9 March 2015
A photographer travels to the east and gets captured by a native tribe. Months later he integrates within the tribe, marries and protects the village.

The granddaddy of the Italian cannibal genre is actually much different than your standard cannibal piece. The cannibal stuff is actually limited to a very small section at the end of the film, and is just a very minor plot point, its done by and to extra's. The main aspect of this is not horror in fact this isn't really a horror movie at all although horrific acts happen, the main thrust of the film is the integration within the tribe and the romance between the two leads. The movie is not as violent as you might expect, there is some and it is bloody (if I can say enjoyably so,) the dart scene is great, the most shocking aspect is the animal deaths - the monkey death is quite shocking. The romance between Rassimov & Lai is unexpectedly sweet and sad although watchers of this kind of film may be a little bored by it. The main story is handled well with enough happening to keep you interested, just don't expect another Cannibal Holocaust/Ferox and you wont be disappointed. A video nasty with a bit of heart. 3.5/5
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on 16 August 2009
"Man from Deep River" is a gorgeous looking, rather lyrical and at times even thoughtful (if rather sluggish) voyage of discovery into the jungle, with a heavy romantic angle to boot, that still manages to deliver the rather less than thoughtful and lyrical scenes of graphic violence and exploitation.
Though the animal deaths will be a step too far for many.

But its also an historically important film from an Exploitation point of view that (although owing a debt to various earlier films) offered up many fascinating, controversial and unique for the time elements.
Many of these elements would later be resurrected (as the film started its slow but popular 2 year trek across the globe) to form the basis for the excellent "Jungle Holocaust", which would itself spawn the rest of that infamous group of extreme 'Cannibal' movies that still remain as controversial today as they were when they first slashed across cinema screens.

It's not the best of the Cannibal bunch for sure, though certainly not the worst, but it is perhaps the most vital.
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on 22 February 2005
This is the movie that started it all.Made way back in 1972 this movie created a genre that lasted over a decade and included such gruesome yarns as Cannibal Holocaust and Eaten Alive.This is the first of the italian cannibal movies.
Ivan Rassimov plays an English photographer on holiday in Thailand.When accidently he kills a guy in a bar brawl he hires a boat and a guide and heads off upriver.He is soon captured by a local tribe and subjected to tourture but in a strange twist they accept him as one of their own.
Directed by Umberto Lenzi who later went on to direct Cannibal Ferox.MFDR is alot tamer than what was to come in the late 70s but that doesent mean its not nasty and contains sick scenes of animal butchery which were then common place in every other cannibal movie after.The scenes involving canniblism are still pretty strong too making this gruelling experience.
Its very well made though,with georgous scope photography and effective soundtrack.Well worth a look for italian horror fans and video nasty collectors.Shiek Shows region 1 only disc is uncut and features a good anamorphic transfer in 2.35:1 and extras include a short interview with director Lenzi.The UK disc from Hard Gore is cut by 3mins 45sec and is titled Deep River Savages.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 6 September 2013
This movie was originally released in 1972 under the title, "SACRIFICE." Ivan Rassimov plays a Swedish John Bradly (Sven) who gores to Thailand as a photographer along with his blond gf. (Like bringing sand to the beach.) They attend a kick-box tournament with the Thai crowd going wide as if it was the WWF. She gets bored and leaves. He gets drunk and in a bar fight, kills a man, then flees to the jungles between Burma and Thailand were he is captured by a sadistic tribe, who eventually make him one of them. The acting was fairly decent. The plot was one we have seen many times. There is a lot of animal violence in addition to people violence. While this film is recognized as the first cannibal horror film, it lacks much of the "horror" cannibalism and gore of later films.

sex, rape, full frontal Thai nudity, cannibalism, blood
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on 5 May 2012
In Thailand British photographer John Bradley accidentally kills a man in self defence and while he flees the country he is captured by a primitive tribe who think he is a fish god because he was wearing a scuba diving outfit. During his time with the tribe they slowly begin to respect him and after a harsh three day ritual he finally becomes a member.

Although this is seen as the first official Italian made cannibal movie, there isn't really much cannibalism in the movie except for one small scene near the end of the film.

Ivan Rassimov is okay as John Bradley and his character who is in Thailand with his wife doesn't give a second though about her after she leaves while he is watching a Thai boxing match and when he flees the country which I thought was a bit strange. There is also support from Me Me Lai as Rassimov's love interest who as expected spends a lot of the film naked.

The film is pretty violent even by today's standards (although not as bad the Cannibal Holocaust), we have peoples tongues been cut out, a dead woman has her breast cut off then its eaten so its not really for the faint hearted but the most shocking and cruel scenes are the ones to do with the animals. In scene we see a mongoose fights a toothless Cobra and its pretty obvious who is going to win that one and a small crocodile has a knife stabs in the back of its neck and then has its insides cut out while it is still alive, there's also a part where a monkey has the top of his head cut off and a goat has its throat slit which are all hard to watch.

Overall a decent film but not one of director Umberto Lenzi's best.

DVD Quality is good and in widescreen
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on 21 November 2012
movie has dated a bit nowadays, but still worth a watch, from an era that pissed off the censors, one of the better 'nasties'
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on 20 November 2009
For the easily offended only. Get the US region 1, the Shriek show UK region 0 is cut,
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on 29 April 2006
RCE (Region Coding Enhancement) encoding is an idiotic idea which means that even if you have a multi-region DVD player it won't work you must have a region 1 (only) player its stupid 1 star for the crappy dvd encoding
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Enjoyable seen worse why it was on the banned list I don't know
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